Let Your Wedding Venue Cue Your Wedding Hairstyle

Not sure where to start when looking for your perfect wedding hairstyle? The time of day for your wedding and your wedding venue actually may be part of the key!

Think of your wedding as a complete theme. You wouldn’t want someone in jeans, for example, showing up to your black-tie affair. Likewise, all of the components of your wedding should match, that includes matching your wedding dress and your wedding hairstyle to your venue and overall feel of the wedding. Sound confusing? Don’t fret. We’ll break it down for you.

The Brunch Wedding

Most brunch weddings are pretty casual in nature; they can be rustic, casual barbecues and tea parties, just to give a few ideas. But none of these call for stiff, formal styles. Leave the French Twist hairstyles at home and instead, embrace a more relaxed look. A half-up half-down wedding hairstyle is a great way to add a little bit of glam to your look without looking stuffy. Long hairstyles are also perfect for brunch weddings. The overall idea to keep in mind is to keep it natural, lovely and let simple shine!

Half Up Wedding Side Hairstyle Matched To Venue Half Up Wedding Hairstyle

The Beach Wedding

All too often I’ve seen the beach wedding with what can only be described as a “confused” feel. Big ball gowns by the water. Formal dresses on the beach. Heels sinking into the sand. It just doesn’t go. While it can be hard to pull an overall theme together, with a beach wedding just remember, it’s all about an easy, breezy look! That means loose, beachy waves that can catch in the wind or soft, braided hairstyles. A beach wedding is not the moment for a tight updo.

Wedding Braid Venue Hairstyle Wedding Braid Hairstyle Side View

The Evening Wedding

It used to be that an evening wedding denoted the utmost in formality, but ever since celebrities started hitting the red carpet with long locks and formal gowns, the rules have been broken! Long gone are the days of traditional sit down dinners; instead, guests are doing cocktail parties, buffets and casual affairs, too. Which means that for an evening wedding, almost anything goes.

Formal Twist Wedding Updo Hairstyle

Try and match your wedding hairstyle to your venue. Long hairstyles, half-up half-down styles and yes, updos can work for evening weddings. If your venue and wedding dress err on the casual side and you’re nervous an updo may be too much, add a bridal hair accessory which often adds just the right amount of glam.

Wedding Hair Accessory

Formal Evening Wedding

You don’t have to have an updo for a formal evening wedding, but you will want your hair to be a very pulled-together look. Leave any bohemian, braided or trendy hairstyles behind and instead, try out some traditional looks that will stand the test of time in your photos. Half-up half-down hairstyles and down hair styles with a bridal hair accessory for some glitz are good alternatives if you don’t want a formal updo.

Swept Wedding Updo Matched To Venue Swept Wedding Updo Side View width=