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4 Online Sources For Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

There’s a reason they say planning a wedding takes a good 12 months–there are so many options and decisions to make, it can take awhile to sift through them all! Like any woman that’s newly-affianced, I headed straight to the grocery store to stock up on bridal magazines. Religiously. It’s like no matter what, I just couldn’t get enough. But a few months after the wedding-magazine-spell started to wear off, it became all about the Internet where photos are up 24/7 and I can access the latest and greatest up-to-the-minute trends.

Whether you think you’re set on your wedding hairstyle or still looking for some ideas, here are four fabulous online sources for wedding hairstyle inspiration.

wedding hairstyle inspiration guide

1. Pinterest

Pinterest.com should be at the top of the list for just about any bride; whether you are looking for new hairstyles or DIY centerpiece ideas, Pinterest is a bride’s visual dream come true. You can easily find lots of styles by searching under “Hair & Beauty” “Weddings & Events” “People” and “Women’s Apparel”, too. If your initial searches start to feel a bit overwhelming, start by following Latest-Hairstyles on Pinterest! We’ve got tons of beautiful photos that are sure to inspire you and well as a board dedicated just to bridal styles.

2. The Knot

Fashion magazines have plenty of great hairstyle ideas, but if you’re really wanting to see looks styled with veils, flowers and other bridal hair accessories, you’ll want to go to a wedding source like The Knot.com. They have photos of more than 200 wedding hairstyles you can explore segmented in half updos, updos and hair-down styles.

3. Wedding Wire

The Knot may be one of the most well-known wedding websites, but Wedding Wire is also a fantastic choice for inspiration on wedding hairstyles. You can search by style (half up, updos, down styles) and even by type of wedding too. Looking for hairstyles for that beach wedding or perhaps modern wedding hairstyles? There’s photo galleries for those and many more!

4. Latest-Hairstyles

Well, it wouldn’t be a list of places to find fabulous hairstyle ideas if we didn’t include Latest-Hairstyles now would it? Get inspired by our tutorials; check out our special Wedding section or try a fabulous celebrity hairstyle out. Whatever you may be looking for, we’re pretty sure we’ve got it covered for you.

Where do you go for wedding hairstyle inspiration??