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2017 Wedding and Bridal Hairstyles - Trends, Tutorials and Tips

Getting married soon and trying to find wedding hairstyles? We’re here to help! This section is dedicated to everything wedding and bridal hairstyles. We have all of the latest trends, tutorials, advice and tips!

  • Fall Wedding Hair Ideas - Boho Updo

    9 Fall Wedding Hair Ideas We Absolutely Adore

    Still searching for the perfect hairstyle for your fall wedding day? These gorgeous hair ideas will inspire you!
  • 5 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

    Channel your inner star with these beautiful, celebrity wedding hairstyles.
  • 20 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Black Hair

    TL;DR: Every bride will want one of these totally sick hairstyles, stat.
  • Wedding Worthy: 6 Summer Wedding Hairstyles

    Most weddings call for hair that's a little more finessed; hair that's as beautiful as it is effortless. While a few extra minutes spent perfecting your coiffure is expected for formal events, we're firm believers in not slaving away in front of a mirror over each and every single strand. Check out these six simple wedding-inspired hairstyles to get you through this wedding season.
  • Bride Hairstyles

    12 Bride Hairstyles Worth Wearing On Your Big Day

    Your wedding day will probably be the biggest day of your life. It's only natural for you to want to go all out on everything -- your dress, shoes, make-up, and hair. Luckily for you, we have a list of 12 absolutely stunning hairstyles that fit the bill for your big day!
  • 6 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

    Looking to rock a classic vintage look on your wedding day? Let’s get inspired by these # tasteful hairstyles you could’ve easily found back in the ol’ days!
  • Wedding Hair Ideas

    15 Wedding Hair Ideas Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

    Every bride has faced the dilemma of how to wear her hair on her special day. If you're one of those brides, fear not, because we've got you covered with this great list of 15 gorgeous hair ideas that will make you proud on your big day!
  • The Perfect Wedding Updo: The French Braided Crown

    Bring in the wedding season with this graceful French braided crown! It's a unique alternative to the regular wedding updo because it cuts down styling time without cutting down style. Check out how our master stylist brings this look to life in this easy to follow tutorial!
  • Tips for Growing Out Your Hair for Your Wedding

    Think Growing Out Your Hair For Your Wedding is Impossible? Think Again.

    Attention, all brides! If you want a long bridal ‘do, let this come to your rescue. We have 4 tried-and-true healthy ways to grow out your hair fast just before the big day!
  • Winter Wedding Hairstyles

    7 Beautifully Boho-Inspired Winter Wedding Hairstyles

    We seriously cannot get enough of those bohemian-inspired winter wedding hairstyles. (They’re just as lovely unique as they sound!)
  • Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

    Our 10 Favorite Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

    Attention, short-haired ladies: celebrate the big day in style with an absolutely adorable fancy-but-chic wedding hairstyle! We’ve got you covered with this collection of the best short wedding hairstyles we’ve ever seen!
  • 20 Wedding Hair Pieces We Absolutely Adore

    The bridal season is right around the corner, so the hairpieces are flying off of the shelves. Find your dream hairpiece and snag it before anyone else does!
  • Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

    The Prettiest Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles We’ve Ever Seen

    Still looking for the perfect hairdo for your big day? Look no further than this list of beautiful half up half down wedding hairstyles guaranteed to turn heads!
  • Bridal Hair Dos and Don'ts

    The Top 10 Bridal Hair Dos And Don’ts

    Is there anything worse than having a hair disaster on your wedding day? That's why you need to arm yourself with these valuable bridal hair dos and don'ts!
  • Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

    The Most Elegant Mother of the Bride Hairstyles You’ll Ever See

    It's a big day for you too mom, so you deserve to look like a million bucks! These hairstyles will do the trick and help you celebrate your daughter's wedding in style.
  • Wedding Updos

    10 Wedding Updos: Find the Perfect One For You

    This list does not disappoint. In fact, we bet this list will have you soliciting for wedding invitations just to have a reason to wear these gorgeous wedding updos!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    16 Beautiful Black Hairstyles For Weddings

    Weddings are a time for love, joy and gorgeous hair. Show off your elegant side with one of these wedding hairstyles!
  • DIY Wedding Hair Tutorial: A Beautifully Loose Updo

    Learn how to easily create your own beautifully unique updo for your special day in a just few simple steps. Yes, we said create your own!
  • How to Choose Your Bridesmaids’ Hairstyles

    Whether or not you decide you'll be determining the hairstyles of your bridesmaids is a pretty personal decision. Fortunately, we have a few ideas to help you navigate this tricky territory!
  • Tips to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Your Wedding Dress

    Not sure where to start in choosing your wedding hairstyle? Start with your dress! Here's how...
  • Adorned: Pretty Wedding Hair Accessories You’ll Love

    When it comes to hair accessories for your wedding day, the options are endless! We narrowed it down to a few super pretty bridal accessory trends to give you that extra sparkle when you head down the aisle.
  • Your Bridal Hair Trial: What You Need to Know

    Take a look at this quick guide to ensure your bridal hair trial is all you want (and need!) it to be.
  • 10 Beautiful Bridal Hair Accessory Ideas

    Show your personality and accentuate your wedding day hairstyle with one of these exquisitely creative hair accessory ideas.
  • Considering Hair Extensions for Your Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Considering getting hair extensions for your wedding? There are several options to explore! Here's how to ensure you end up the right kind.
  • Bridal Hairstyle

    How to Match Your Hairstyle to Your Wedding Dress

    You match your shoes and your jewelry to your wedding dress, shouldn't you match your hairstyle to it too? The answer is YES! Fortunately, matching is made easy with these great tips.
  • Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair: 10 Creative & Unique Wedding Styles

    You'll walk down the aisle with style and grace wearing one of these elegantly creative, long bridal hair looks.
  • Let Your Wedding Venue Cue Your Wedding Hairstyle

    Not sure what role the time of day or type of ceremony should play in deciding on your wedding hairstyle? We're here to help!
  • The 411 On Pre-Wedding Hair Treatments

    Have longer, stronger and healthier hair on your wedding day by thinking ahead and treating those tresses right.
  • You’re Engaged! Prepare Your Wedding Hair Plan NOW

    You're engaged! With so many fun things to think about and plan, don't leave your wedding hair off that growing to-do list.
  • Side Ponytail

    Wedding Hair Idea: The Elegant Side Ponytail

    For women wanting to let their hair down a little for their wedding, this hairstyle creates a beautiful look by pinning the hair into a unique side ponytail.
  • Expert Tips to Prep Your Hair for That Extra Special Day

    Getting your hair 'in shape' before your wedding is a MUST! Check out these easy tips to achieve the lustrous special occasion hair you've always wanted.