Twisted Hairstyles: 6 Ways to Twist Your Hair into Something Beautiful

Wanna give the ol’ braided hair thing a rest for a little while? That’s cool. In place of your go-to plait, you can opt for twisted locks. Typically less time consuming (and just as pretty) twisted hairstyles work on all sorts of hair textures and lengths.

Today, we’re highlighting six different hairstyles that utilize a twist of some sort. They’re also all pretty simple and don’t require much finagling. We’ve included a variety here, as well. Some work for fancy events while others are ideal for everyday casual wear.

Messy Rolled, French Twist

Here’s an ultra fancy twisted hairstyle, courtesy of the forever elegant OnceWed. This look is ideal for formal events, but don’t limit yourself to weddings. Think upcoming soirees, holiday cocktail hours and evening dinners with a special someone. You’ll need bobby pins, a comb and some texturizing spray for the ends of your hair to give it that wispy, spun gold effect.

Messy French Twisted Hairstyles Tutorial

Twisted ’90s Braids

This hair tutorial from Holleigh at the Covetous Creatures blog definitely has a funk factor to it. She says, “[This hairstyle] is equally inspired by the hair twists well-known at any high school dance in the late ’90s, often accompanied by miniature butterfly clips; and by Juliette Lewis’ appearance in 1992, accompanied by Brad Pitt.” We’re pretty sure Gwen rocked a similar, look, as well. If you’re feeling adventurous, definitely try this modernized version of the ’90s favorite.

Twisted 90s Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

Pinned and Twisted

Oh, how we just adore Kate from The Small Things Blog. This hair genius is always coming up with new and amazing hairstyles that are as elegant as they are wearable. This recent video features a “pinned and twisted” look for straight or curly hair than can be done in less than five minutes. The end result is super classy and chic — ideal for everything from errand running to an office setting to a Saturday night out with the gals.

Twisted Ponytail in Curly Hair

ATTN: Curly hair ladies. This twisted hairstyle featured at Hair Romance is for you! Note that non-curly haired women can also wear this look, it’ll just be sleeker. We can see this hairstyle embellished with fall appropriate jewels or embellishments. Maybe gold leaf bobby pins or shimmery accents? The choice is all yours.

Romantic Twisted Hairstyles

Quick and Easy Half-Up Hair Twist

OK, this video turns two years old in December, but with 1.3 million views and a look that’s sure to earn your attention, we have to include it in this twisted hair roundup just in case some of you haven’t come across it before. The video tutorial’s by one of our favorite bloggers, CinthiaTruong, and pretty much anyone with shoulder length hair or longer can do it. Lots of twisting is required, but you’ll love the end result!

Twisted, Knotted Bun

McKenzie of the Girl Loves Glam blog shows you how to recreate her “Twist Knot Bun,” which she calls one of her favorite hairstyles! Like the other twisted hair tutorials in this curated post, this one’s super easy to do yourself. It only takes five minutes to do and doesn’t require expert fingers to get a look worthy of enviable stares! Get the full how-to on McKenzie’s blog!

Twisted Knotted Bun Hairstyles Tutorial

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