Stop, Drop and Tuck: The Prettiest Tucked Hairstyle Tutorials

If you’re on the prowl for an easy-peasy, oh-so-pretty updo that packs some serious pow, all you have to do is stop, drop and tuck. That’s right. Stop everything you’re doing and get ready to tuck your hair into a beautiful piece of art.

This week’s curated post features some truly lovely tucked updos from hair gurus such as Christina at Hair Romance, the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess, and our very own Missy Sue. Prepare those fingers, ladies.

Headband Tuck Tutorial

Perhaps the most popular way to “tuck” your hair these days is by way of your everyday headband. Lovely Bethany of the Treasures and Travels blog breaks this style down into five pictures and even includes a video tutorial to help fill in the gaps. The premise is pretty simple: place the elastic headband, gather hair into a ponytail, tuck the ends into the back of the headband, and then roll until you reach desired tightness.

Headband Tucked Hairstyle

Tuck and Cover Half Up Hairstyle

As you may already know, our very own Melissa Cook of the Missy Sue blog is all about easy, stunning hairstyles. A lady after our hearts. This particular tutorial is one of our favorites we’ve seen in a while because it marries a familiar idea with a splash of something new. Basically, you place your elastic headband around your head and then only wrap up part of the hair to create a half up, half down ‘do.

Tucked Hairstyle Tutorial

The Double Gibson Tuck

Oh, Emily. It’s as if this red-headed vixen of the Freckled Fox can do no wrong! Her Double Gibson Tuck hairstyle made its debut on her blog during the holidays, but it’s so versatile we think it looks good all year long. This double tuck requires a little more time than the other hairstyles on this list, but we promise your efforts will be worthwhile. Emily has loads of pictures on her blog and very detailed instructions. PS. We like the idea of wearing this one to a wedding or formal event.

Double Gibson Tucked Hairstyle

The Braided Chignon Tuck

This spin on the standard chignon is super dreamy, don’t you agree? Instead of using a headband to create that tucked effect, Katie from the A Beautiful Mess blog uses her own hair! To recreate, you essentially create two braids on either side of your head, secure them at the crown, and then tuck your hair into the draped braids. Ingenious, no?

Braided Chignon Tuck

Twist Tuck Bun for Curly Hair

Calling all you curly girls out there! We see you. Christina, the ever talented hair guru and blogger at Hair Romance, has created what she’s dubbed the “twist-tuck bun,” a tucked hairstyle developed with curly haired mavens in mind. It’s kind of like the tutorial above, but instead of braiding your hair, you twist it and then tuck your hair into the twisted sections. Holy gorgeous!

Twist Tuck Bun for Curly Hair

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