3 Hairstyles Anyone Can Do With a Short Bob Haircut

Hello again! It’s Sherri Belanger¬†back with three quick tutorials you will love. One of my favorite haircuts of all time is the bob. There are many variations of this haircut, and it’s a look that will never go out of style.

Sometimes people stray from cutting their hair above their shoulders for fear of high maintenance styling or not being able to just throw your hair up when you’re having a bad hair day. These are valid concerns, however shorter hair can be way more versatile that you think.

If you have a few bobby pins and a curling iron, you’re pretty much good to go! Here are three easy ways to style a trendy short bob haircut and look amazing.

bob haircut before

Look #1 – Curled

Short hair is beautiful when smooth and sleek, but my favorite look for this hair length is an effortless wavy texture. It’s so flirty and playful and can be dressed up or dressed down easily.

Short curled bob haircut

Here’s how to get the look:

  1. To get the most volume and oomph, work with your natural texture. Don’t waste your time blow drying your hair smooth to then add the curls. Let your hair air dry, even if it’s messy and frizzy, and use that as your foundation.
  2. Take a few sections around the top of your hair and wrap them around a curling iron. When you remove the curl, gently pull the hair down. This will help soften the curl and turn it into more of a wave. Don’t curl your whole head! Leave some of your natural texture within the curls you’re creating to keep this look more natural.
  3. Once finished, tousle your hair with your hands and fluff it up!
  4. For extra texture, spritz a little surf spray on your hair. I love Bumble & bumble’s surf spray.

Look #2 – Added Twist

If you get bored with wearing your hair all down, or if you hate when your hair falls into your face, this look is super cute and easy to create!

bob haircut twist

Here’s how to do it…

  1. Part your hair to the preferred side and twist the front fringe area away from your face.
  2. To secure the twisted hair, criss cross two bobby pins over it.
  3. Take some of your hair that is left out and let it fall over the bobby pins so you cannot see them. You can always create this same look with a braid too!

Look #3 – Pinned Up

Most short styles are nearly impossible to pull up into a ponytail so at times this can make you feel stuck when you want to wear an updo of some sort. Bobby pins are your solution, your savior and your best friend.

Short pinned bob
  1. With shorter hair, all you literally need to do is pull some hair back and pin it up. The messier the better! You’ll be surprised at how chic this can look.
  2. If you prefer all your hair out of your face, just pin up any bits of our place. I personally love when a few pieces of hair fall out like my model is showing here.

We have more short bob hairstyles, and medium ones too!