How to Style Your Hair into a Bow

Here’s a sweet little hairdo for girls of all ages. This look is super easy to recreate in just a few simple steps. The hairstyle works best on mid-length to long hair, but can be adapted for shorter hair too. The “hair” bow is perfect for a casual day out or for a night to remember.

Follow these simple steps to create an adorable hairdo: The Hair Bow!



1. Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold working hairspray. Brush hair to remove any tangles.

2. Smooth hair up into a high ponytail. Secure with a rubber band that matches your hair color. (A white rubber band is used here for demonstration only.)

3. Separate hair into three sections: two large strands with one small strand in the center.

4. Start your bow by taking the left side strand and backcombing the reverse side for fullness.

5. Tuck ends in and shape into place. Secure with a bobby pin.

6. Now, take right side strand and backcomb the reverse side for fullness. Tuck the ends in and shape into place. Secure with a bobby pin.

7. Next, take the small center strand and backcomb lightly. Make a small loop and roll hair back to create the center of your hair bow. Pin into place with a bobby pin and set your style with a hard hold hairspray.

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