Beach Babe: 7 Seaside Approved Summer Hairstyles

Salty air, warm breezes, sandy toes and visions of blue that sink deep into the horizon. Basically — the recipe for a fantastic afternoon spent lounging around at your favorite waterside refuge. Summer is all about sunshine, beaches and, of course, perfect hair.

The sunshine is easy to find and the beach is only a matter of distance. Today, though, we’ve got you covered in the hair department. Here are seven seaside approved summer hairstyles that’ll turn you into a ravishing beach babe.

Asymmetrical Dutch Braid Updo

We adore Christina at the Hair Romance blog for several reasons. First of all, she’s like a wizard when it comes to crafting hair. What we’re truly impressed with, though, is that she embraces her hair’s natural texture on the regular. If you’ve got thick, curly or otherwise unruly hair, the thought of being near a beach may induce screams at “Home Alone Macaulay Culkin” levels. This stunning asymmetrical Dutch braid is the solution to all your humidity hair woes. Dutch Braid Summer Hairstyle

Pretty Beach Waves

Okay, so let’s say you can’t get anywhere close to a beach anytime soon. Not everyone’s blessed with shoreline proximity. All you have to do, dear readers, is fake it by bringing the beach to you. For example, we’re digging this “pretty beach waves” tutorial by blogger Alina at the Style by Alina blog. All you need is a little dry shampoo and a 1.5 inch curling iron and you’re on your way to super pretty beach waves. Pretty Beach Waves Summer Hairstyle

Rolled Updo With a Scarf

This easy peasy beach approved hairstyle works well on both dry and wet hair, which means you can toss your hair up in a pretty ‘do after romping around in the waves. The tutorial comes to you from Jenni with Confessions of a Hairstylist and takes no more than five minutes to recreate. Get all the important details in the video!

Short Hair Beach Waves Tutorial

Kasey of the popular StillGLAMORUS YouTube channel rocks a pixie bob, but that doesn’t stop her from getting those voluminous beachy waves all the long-haired ladies are sporting. She walks you through the hairstyle from beginning to end and has lots of tips to make sure your beach approved ‘do is nothing short of perfect.

Loose Boho Braid

We’re all about this loose braid tutorial by Amber of the Barefoot Blonde blog. It’s got a super laid back, boho vibe that’ll pair well with any swimsuit you throw on. To recreate the look, you’ll create a Dutch braid down the side of your face. Once you’re done, gently tug on each loop to loosen the braid and create more volume. You can leave it as is, or repeat on the other side and connect your braids when you’re finished. Summer Hairstyles Loose Braid Tutorial

Painted Seashell Hair Accessories

Put on your crafting pants and create some DIY painted seashell accessories. These are the perfect way to infuse a little bit of the beach into your coiffure, no matter where you are or how you’re wearing your hair. We think these painted seashells are lovely, but the non-painted versions would be just as pretty. Get the how-to at the Polka Dot Chair blog. painted seashells

Knotted Braid Side Pony

We’re getting some major Lauren Conrad vibes from this seaside hairstyle, detailed by Roxy at the Goldfish Kiss blog. It’s super casual and laid back, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a showstopper. This one will work well on both dry and wet hair, so don’t be afraid to lap up the waves, girlfriend. Oh, and bonus: if you do this when your hair is wet and take it out when it’s dry, you’ll rock some seriously pretty beach waves. Knotted Side Pony Summer Hairstyle Like these beachy babe summer hairstyles? Check out “Tip Top Shape: 7 Top Knots for Your Summer Shenanigans.”