Swept Away: 6 Off to the Side Hairstyles

Want your hair off your neck, but don’t want to throw it all up in a ponytail, bun or updo? We feel you. Sometimes you just feel like wearing a down do — even in the middle of the blazing hot summer. Our suggestion? Wear your hair off to the side. Not only do off to the side hairstyles look darn good, they’ll keep your neck cool, to boot.

We’ve rounded up a list of side swept hairstyles from some of our favorite hair bloggers on the ‘net. May you have the prettiest of hair days forever, dear reader!

Side Sweep Double Braid Hairstyle

The lovely Christina over at Hair Romance has a knack for creating hairstyles that are as gorgeous as they are uncomplicated. This “Side Sweep Double Braid Hairstyle” has a very red carpet feel to it that would also work in casual settings. Plus, it’s something that just about anyone can recreate no matter their hair length or texture. Get all the how to details on the blog.

Side Sweep Double Braid

Messy Twist Side Style

Stephanie from Hair and Makeup By Steph is also very good at what she does, and this Messy Twist Hairstyle she’s devised is no exception. Steph says that this one is ideal for all those summer festivals you’ve got coming up, so plan accordingly. Oh, and while Stephanie has super long locks, you can still rock this one out even if you have a shorter mane. Don’t you just love that twisted effect? Gorgeous!

Messy Twist

Romantic, Textured Side Braid

Give us a second while we catch our breath. This romantic side braid is hands down awe-inspiring and breath taking, and it’s not even that complicated! OnceWed certainly knows how to impress when it comes to hairstyles, and — if you couldn’t tell — we are over-the-moon-in-love with this voluminous, ultra romantic look they’ve devised. To recreate this hairstyle, begin with a deep side part and then French braid, starting at the top. After securing, tug at the sides of the braid to replicate the kind of texture and volume this model’s got going on.

Romantic Loose Side Braid

Off-to-the-Side Updo

ASOS is killing it with this super casual “Side Up Do Hairstyle” that’s as carefree as it is enviable. The whole how-to is very self explanatory when you watch the video, and the style works on all hair types. We think this particular ‘do would look great with an accessory or two. Maybe a headscarf? A sparkly something? You decide!

Inside Out Braided Ponytail

Here’s another fab off to the side hairstyle that’s also low-key. This tutorial is by LuLu’s and features an inside out braid and wrapped pony tail, which  has that sort of milk-maid effect without being too cutesy. They say this look is perfect for everything from yoga class to the pool, and we definitely agree. If you’re not feeling the pony tail, try a side bun instead.

Inside Out Braid

Curly Boho Side Braid and Hat

Looking for a new way to wear that summer hat? Miss Juli from the Juli Williams blog has totally got you covered with her curly boho side braid. “I’ve been wanting to do a very relaxed and soft look for an any-day hairstyle,” she explains in her blog post. “So I decided to try a curly hair braid for this very straight-haired girl.” She tops the whole thing off with the cutest hat we ever saw.

Curly Boho Side Braid

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