Hey, Shorty! 6 Hairstyles for Short Hair

Cropped locks are a gorgeous thing and, as such, we’d like to showcase some brilliant ways you short haired gals can finagle your tiny tresses.

It’s true that haircuts that end above the shoulders sort of get the short end of the stick (pun totally intended) when it comes to blogger and vlogger tutorials, but there are some fabulous how-to’s out there.

With a little assistance from our friends at blogs such as A Beauty Mess, The Beauty Department, Twist Me Pretty and a few others, we’ve rounded up some new looks for you to try ASAP. Or tomorrow. Or whenever you get a chance. XO, darlings!

1. Flat Iron Beach Waves for Short Hair

Red-headed AnnaRose over at the A Beautiful Mess blog has truly mastered the beach wave look. To create that tousled, just-spent-a-couple-hours-seaside visage, she uses a flat iron and curling iron.

AnnaRose says to start with clean and dry hair and then take 1-inch sections starting from the bottom. The trick is to bend your hair against the flat iron and to only crimp 3/4 of the shaft.

The remaining 1/4 is curled with a curling iron in the opposite direction. Get the entire scoop on the blog — there are lots of nuggets of info you don’t want to miss! BeachWaves

2. Soft Updo for Short Hair

Here’s a romantic updo that’s great for short to medium length hair. Abby of TwistMePretty walks you through the steps in her video tutorial and, despite the style looking complicated, it’s actually pretty simple to recreate.

You’ll start with a pompadour and then pull your hair half up. From there, you create the rest of the look by folding the hair certain ways. Follow Abby’s guidance and you’ll be golden. Soft Updo - Hairstyles for Short Hair

3. Three Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

We love the leading line on this xoVain article by Kelly: “News flash: Despite what all the magazines say, you don’t need long hair to be a beautiful bride.” #TRUTH!

While Kelly isn’t a bride, she does have some ideas for beautiful, bride-worthy hair, and we’re digging the chic results in a major way.

For example, this sweet parted ‘do with tiny buds incorporated into the bangs is so perfect for summer weddings. Which is your favorite look of the three? Three Wedding Short Hairstyle

4. French Twist for Short Hair

YouTube user and Latest-Hairstyles tutorial maven Kayley Melissa has got the lowdown on French twists for short hair.

In this video, she demonstrates the traditional French twist as well as a half-up French twist. Both are gorgeous and, as you’ll discover, a cinch to recreate on your own.

5. Knot Tie Updo for Short Hair

This “Knot Tie Updo” hair tutorial for short hair detailed at TheBeautyDepartment is a oh-so-sweet! It is a little bit more complicated than some of the other looks on our roundup, but we promise your efforts will be worthwhile.

Plus, the entire process is laid out very well on the blog and includes loads of pictures and lots of text. The whole look feels very forward-thinking and chic and is sure to earn you compliments for admirers! Knot Tie Updo

6. Messy Braided Updo for Short Hair

BeautyLish user Milana B. seriously knows how to rock her cropped locks. This tutorial that she posted on the beauty social networking site takes all of three minutes to watch.

We think this style is ideal for all sorts of settings — back to school, the office, errand running, casual evenings with friends, and more. You can dress it up a little more with glitzy accessories or leave it as is. Are you a fan of these short hairstyle tutorials? Take a gander at 5 Updos for Short Hair.