The Secret to Getting Perfect Beachy Waves – The Quick and Cheap Way!

Tired of clicking on all those really intense hair tutorials, which require a ton of fancy products, that frankly, you don’t have the money to buy? Don’t worry girl, I got your back. As a 20-something gal myself, I know it’s not easy to justify splurging on every little single hair oil, crème and mist that come on the market.

So today, I present to you the easy (and cheap!) way to get those beachy waves like you’ve always wanted. And guess what? For my tutorial, you’ll only need a curling iron (preferably one without a clamp) and hairspray to achieve the look. It’s so easy peasy even you can do it, I swear!

It’s best to begin with dirty hair that you’ve previously straightened (such as the day before). This will eliminate ugly frizz without making your strands so stick straight that you can’t actually curl them. Catch my drift?

beachy waves hair tutorial

Step 1: Now, starting at the front of your head, take a one-inch strand of hair from either side, and wrap it around the barrel of your curling iron, away from your face. If you have a curling iron with a clip, DON’T use the clip, just wrap your hair around the barrel without clamping down on it. Make sure to start wrapping several inches down from your roots (as shown in the picture). You can also leave an inch or so of hair out at the bottom for straight ends.

Quick Tip: Want to turn your curling iron into a clipless curling wand? Here’s a short video to show you how!

Step 2: Hold for 4-5 seconds (or 5-10 if your hair is naturally very straight), and then release. Depending on the type of curling iron you own, you may need to hold for a longer or shorter amount of time. Do a test strand and adjust accordingly. Your wave should look loose, not tight.

Step 3: Continue curling the rest of your head. For a messier, more natural look, slightly mix up the size of each section. For instance, some should be larger than one inch, and some smaller. If you “over-curled your hair,” quickly glide a flat iron over it to smooth it out.

Step 4: Flip your head over and shake out your waves. Then use your fingers to comb through, scrunch and style your strands.

Step 5: Once you’ve achieved the wavy look you want, lightly spritz your hair with some hairspray and you’re ready to roll. I highly recommend John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray, especially for the ladies whose hair goes wild in humidity just like mine! It’s only $5.99 and will help control frizz while keeping your waves in place all day long, guaranteed.

Step 6: Woohoo, it’s time to celebrate because you’re all done!

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