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Learn To Recreate the Hottest Ponytail Spotted at NYFW

Like so many out there, I do enjoy watching fashion week coverage for the clothing. But you know what I really, really, really love even more? All the inspired hair, makeup and nails that accompany all those clothes.

There’s something about the way a face full of makeup and a head full of hair can transform a woman. Plus, while I may not be able to afford some of the clothes sailing down the catwalk (OK, I can’t afford any of them), what I can do is recreate some of the makeup and hair without sacrificing my budget.

Sometimes I’ll try to get as literal as possible, while other times I’ll simply use the pictures as a starting point for something more applicable in everyday life. For today’s hair tutorial, I’m doing the latter.

Kerastase Paris NYFW

This look was initially created by Akemi Tamaribuchi of Kerastase Paris for CG’s Fall 2014 NYFW collection. They called it a “low mullet textured pony.” While I love it in its current state, I fear that people may think I forgot to wash and brush my hair should I wear it out into the real world. For that reason, I decided to create something very similar, but with a softer, more polished vibe.

Get The Look:

NYFW Hair Tutorial: The Kinked, Teased Ponytail

Step 1: Brush out your hair and gather it into a low ponytail with a clear elastic. Reserve one tiny piece of hair outside of the ponytail. It’s important that your hair is really straight in order to create the juxtaposition between smoothness and all that texture.

Step 2: Braid that tiny section of hair.

Step 3: Wrap the braid around the elastic and secure. You can tuck it into the elastic or use bobby pins.

Step 4: Lightly coat your hair with a medium hold hairspray. This is important for holding curl and creating texture once we get to the teasing portion of this tutorial.

Step 5: Use a curling wand to curl 1-inch sections of your hair. The smaller the wand, the tighter the curl. I’m using the 19mm wand from the NuMe 4-Play Tourmaline-Infused set.

Step 6: Continue curling until all sections are curled. I honestly think this alone is a pretty look and you still have that abrupt change from straight to textured. Still, I decided to take this hairstyle one step further.

Step 7: Tease it out. You can tease as little or as much as you like. I used a rat tail comb, picked up one curled section of hair at a time and gently backcombed.

Step 8: Revel in a job well done!