How to French Braid [and 12 Creative Ways to Rock It]

Hello everyone! It’s Melissa from My Soul is the Sky and I am here to share the simple steps to learning how to French braid. The French braid is a great styling technique to have in your beauty arsenal. It can be braided in so many different ways to create an assortment of creative and head-turning hairstyles. Once you learn how to do it, a French braid is great to wear when you want your hair up, but in a style more chic than the basic ponytail. Let’s get to braiding!

First, learn how to create a basic French braid here:

Now here are 12 fun ways to wear a French braid!

French Braid How To

1. Headband French Braid – Begin by parting the hair on the left side. French braid only the front portion of hair, following along the hairline and securing behind the ear with two criss-crossed hair pins.

2. Half-up Side French Braids – To achieve this style, part the hair on either the side or in the middle and French braid each side back until they meet in the middle. Secure with either a clear elastic band or hair pins.

3. Single French Braid – This is a classic French braid and is done by sectioning off the hair on the top of the head and braiding down towards the nape of the neck; securing the end with an elastic band.

4. Double French Braids – Start with a middle part down to the nape of the neck. Tie off the right side side. French braid the left side down to the nape of the neck; securing with an elastic band. Repeat the same process on the other side.

5. Double French Braids into a Bun – Complete hairstyle number 4. Criss-cross the tails horizontally so they form an X. Wrap them up and inwards, towards each other, tucking the hair under and pinning in place.

6. Diagonal French Braid – Start by parting the hair on the left side. French braid the hair down toward the right ear and then down towards the left side. Secure the hair with an elastic at the nape of the neck.

7. Diagonal French Braid into Side Braid – Complete hairstyle number 6. Continue braiding the hair down wrapping it over the left shoulder and securing with a clear elastic band at the ends.

8. Diagonal French Braid to Bun – Complete hairstyle number 6. When you reach the bottom of the left ear wrap the hair into a bun and secure in place with an elastic band.

9. Front French Braid – Complete hairstyle number one. When you reach the top of the ear, gently trail hair from the left side of the head across to the right side and secure into the braid. Continue working down until you reach the bottom and secure the end with an elastic band.

10. Head Braid – Begin the French braid behind the left ear braiding up along the hairline then moving down to the back of the head and finishing on the left side again. Wrap any excess braid behind the first braid and pin in place.

11. Mohawk French Braid to Bun – Section off a piece of hair from the front hairline. French braid along the top of the head. Gather the rest of the hair up into a high messy bun and secure with an elastic.

12. Upside Down French Braided Bun – Begin by flipping the head over and comb the hair down in the opposite direction. Take a section of hair at the nape of the neck and French braid toward the top of the head. Gather all the hair into an elastic and wrap into a messy bun.

Styling Tips:

– Work with hair that is a day or two old so your natural oils will help the style stay in place or mist hair with a texturizing spray.

– Spritz your hair with water before beginning the braid to create a sleeker looking style.

– Mist with hairspray before running out the door to ensure the style stays in place throughout the day.

I hope you’ve found this French braid tutorial helpful and all of these styling ideas inspirational! For even more hair and beauty fun, visit me at My Soul Is The Sky.