A Truly Stunning Hair Tutorial: The Double Rosette Hairstyle

I’m more of a “wear my hair down” kind of gal, but I often rock a half updo when I want to a) spice things up a bit or b) conceal dirty hair on day two or three of my wash cycle. The hardest part, though, is coming up with creative ways to wear a half up hairstyle. Oftentimes I’ll throw everything back and clip my hair up with a barrette, or I’ll do a weave or a bun. That’s kind of what you call a hair rut.

That said, today I wanted to give you guys something different. I’m calling this ‘do the “double rosette” half up hairstyle because, to me, it looks like two little rosettes resting on your head. It’s also unexpected in the sense that it looks like a normal ol’ half up hairdo from the front, but the back offers something different. Enough talking, let’s dig right in to this rosette hairstyle!

The Double Rosette Hairstyle Tutorial

Get The Look: A Double Rosette Hairstyle

Step 1: Curl Your Hair

I think a slightly wavy or curly texture suits this hairstyle well. It just adds a softness to the overall ‘do that makes it feel more romantic and, somehow, less fussy. I’m using my KISS Insta-Wave Automatic Curling Wand, which I’ve been obsessed with for a couple of months now. The video tutorial gives a quick rundown of how to use it if you want to see more.

Step 2: Ponytail

Next, gather a section of hair from the left side of your head and pull it back. You can grab some more hair along the way, too. Secure with a clear elastic just to the left-of-the-center of your head.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat the same exact thing on the other side of your head. Easy enough, no? If you want a bigger rosette, grab more hair. If you want something more delicate, grab a smaller amount of hair.

Step 4: Create Your Rosette

To create a rosette, simply twist the hair in your ponytail and start wrapping it around the base. Do so with a gently hand, and don’t worry about getting a perfect coil. Slightly messy buns give off more of a rosette vibe. Secure with two or three bobby pins.

Step 5: Repeat Again

Go ahead and create a rosette bun on the other side, now. Once you’re finished, you can add some strategically placed curls. I also recommend using a glossing serum on your hair for added shine.

Watch the Video:

So what do you think? Pretty? Easy? Let us know if you try this one out! We’d love to see your pictures, so make sure you reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube.

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