It’s a Date: 5 Date Night Hair Ideas

Have a big date night coming up? Whether it’s with your best gal pals, a long time beau or a special someone with great potential, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re looking your best. The first place to start? Your date night hair, of course!

Below we’ve showed you 5 hairstyles from some of our favorite bloggers. Each is totally date night quality: sophisticated, thoughtful but nothing too “try hard-y.” We suggest thinking about what you’re going to wear and then pairing your hair and makeup accordingly. We know you’ll look beautiful whatever you do!

The Updated Twisted Sister

This updo, brought to you by Lauren Conrad’s The Beauty Department, is romantic and feminine and definitely worthy of your date night. The blog says this updated version is less accident prone than the former ‘do. It’s also more likely to stay in place, meaning you can move and dance around without worrying about the whole thing coming undone. We love the volume and glamor of this one.

Updated Twisted Sister Date Night Hairstyle

Soft Waves for Short Hair

Listen up, shorties! Kate from The Small Things Blog has got you covered when it comes to your upcoming date night hair with this super pretty, soft and wavy ‘do. This tutorial is for women with short to mid-length hair and uses a 3/4 inch Babyliss Prop curling iron at 75% heat. Heat tip: Kate says the decreased heat helps make the curls softer. If you want an even softer curl, turn down the iron more!

Messy French Twist

The French twist is an understated classic. You can update the look — or catapult it into more of a modern-day realm — by making it ever so slightly messy. Celine, who runs the ByCelina blog, shows you how. She said this hairstyle was a happy mistake that she’s since come to love. You simply start as you would with a French twist, then back comb before you pin everything into place.

Messy French Twist Date Night Hair Tutorial

Braided Messy Bun

This braided messy bun featured on the A Beautiful Mess blog looks a little complicated, but Katie Shelton breaks it down into really easy steps. In fact, once you watch the video, you’ll realize it’s a pretty simple hairstyle to do. It’s great for one of those low-key date nights. Think cozy lighting, a pretty dress and a glass of wine. All you need are some bobby pins, an elastic and comb.

Knotted Chignon

If you have a fancier date night coming up — say Valentine’s Day reservations somewhere special or a formal event — this regal knotted chignon may be the perfect option. The tutorial comes from OnceWed, where sophisticated ‘dos reign supreme, and isn’t terribly difficult to recreate. Tip: you can always add extensions to your hair for more length and volume, which’ll come in handy for this type of style.

Knotted Chignon Hairstyle

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