Exceptionally Elegant: 4 Ways to Do a Classy Bouffant

The word bouffant makes me giggle, but despite its silly name, this hairstyle is anything but. Consider the bouffant the sophisticated cousin to your modern, everyday bun. Whereas the bun suffices for errand running, casual soirees and beach side lounging, the bouffant is more befitting of a formal cocktail hour, black tie wedding or snazzy affair.

Unlike some formal updos, though, the bouffant is relatively fuss-free. So if you’re looking for a hairstyle that makes a head-turning impact when you walk into a room — and you prefer to skip all those laborious hours spent in the confines of your bathroom perfecting the ‘do — this is the elegant summer hairstyle for you.

As with any hairstyle, there’s more than one way to create a bouffant. Check out these four pretty looks for inspiration.

Back Bun Bouffant

This voluminous, back bun bouffant comes to you from BobbyGlam and boy is it a fabulous look. To get the sort of volume you see here, you will need some hair extensions. Other than that, all you need to do this ‘do are some hair elastics, a backcombing brush, bobby pins and hairspray. BobbyGlam walks you through the steps in her very helpful video tutorial.

back bun bouffant tutorial

Sleek, Modern Bouffant

Steph of Hair & Makeup By Steph actually did this tutorial for Latest-Hairstyles a few months ago, but I’m reviving it again because it’s just that good. This retro-inspired bouffant is similar to the “back bun bouffant” above, but this version is sleeker and, consequently, more modern looking. I love the idea of adding vintage hair accessories to this style — the glitzier, the better — if you’re heading to a wedding or formal event. Without the bedazzlements, this bouffant style would work in casual settings, too.

sleek bouffant tutorial

Brigitte Bardot Half Up Bouffant

Talk about enviable hair! Australian hairstylist Annika completed this style on Scene Models’ Rhiannon Tragear for Fashionising.com> and the end result just screams, “sexy sophistication.” The style involves a lot of teasing to create that volume (naturally) and then texturizing at the ends for a sort of “sex kitten” vibe. You can forgo the texture and opt for voluminous curls for a more refined look if you want to keep things more polished looking. The tutorial is extremely thorough and is accompanied by pictures, as well.

Brigitte Bardot hair tutorial

Vintage Bouffant Ponytail

Anytime I see a bouffant ponytail, I can’t help but think of Malibu Barbie. While you don’t have to go all Mattel on your coiffure, keeping Barbie’s buoyant locks in mind may help with your end result. Tony & Guy put together a video tutorial for a “vintage ponytail retro” hairstyle that, while not necessarily Barbie inspired, would certainly look good on the plastic leggy lady. The look can be completed in under 15 minutes and is perfect for all sorts of events.

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