Autumn Hair: 6 Bonfire-Approved Hairstyles

Autumn is our favorite season because it’s the time of year you get to break out all those cozy and forgiving sweaters and nobody looks twice at you when you ditch the sky high heels for slouchy, snuggly boots. Not to mention, the hair!

You know how everyone looks for the best beach-y hairstyles during the summer months? Well we’re starting a thing, and it’s called bonfire hair. And no, it doesn’t just refer to that campy, smokey scent that gets stuck in your locks when you’re huddled around the fire pit. (We really do love that smell!)

So what exactly is bonfire hair? Bonfire hair is all about relaxed, carefree hair that never looks fussy or overworked (a major no-no for the bonfire). However, it still retains a sort of chic enviability that completes your entire look. Bonfire-approved hair is not restricted to actual bonfires, but if there’s any chance (even .05%) that you may be invited to a bonfire, these are the kinds of looks you should aim for! Bonfire hair is also approved for hay bale rides, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving and haunted houses. *wink*

Wrap Around Braid

We’re head over heels for this gorgeous wrap around braid that professional hair stylist Steph (of Hair and Makeup by Steph) recently detailed. The best part is that you can dress it up a little bit with your choice barrettes or clips. We even like the idea of spray painting some leaves gold and thoughtfully placing them throughout the braid! For the full tutorial, click here.

Wrap Around Braid For Long Hair

4 Step Side Ponytail

This four step ponytail has a bit of extra sass for good measure. We love it because it’s super simple to create, can be done on thick/curly/fine/straight hair and looks effortless while still retaining an element of finesse. The tutorial is done by Natalia of Ma Nouvelle Mode, who carefully explains how to create this hairstyle in addition to showing pictures.

4 Step Messy Side Ponytail

Spiral-esque Bun

Looking for a chic way to get hair out of your face while playing outdoors around the campfire? Try this gorgeous wraparound bun, which is ideal for long and thick locks. The tutorial comes from Martha Lynn Kale at the Camille Styles blog and she breaks it down for you it 8 pictures accompanied with explanation text. Love it!

How To Create A Spiral Bun

Bun Knot

The above bun tutorial is certainly gorgeous, but if your fingers aren’t as adept when it comes to hair, try this simpler version by Manuela of the Join the Mood blog. All you need is an elastic, some bobby pins and a little hairspray. Notice how she doesn’t pull her hair very tight, creating a very loose and casual updo.

How To Create A Bun Knot

Inside Out French Fishtail Braid

Okay, there are a lot of buzzwords in the name of this hairstyle, but don’t let that deter you. If you know how to create a fishtail braid already, you shouldn’t have any problem recreating this look by the fabulous YouTube user Lilith Moon (who recently went pink). This one doesn’t take much time to do and it looks both styled and uncomplicated.

Rope Braid Ponytail

This rope braid ponytail by Emily of The Freckled Fox can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re headed. For example, add some sparkly jewelry and perfected makeup and you’re ready to hit the town. Pair it with your favorite flannel shirt and a pair of pleather leggings or jeans and you’ve got a kickin’ bonfire getup. Bonus: Emily says this one takes less than five minutes to recreate.

Rope Braid Ponytail

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