‘The Big Poof’ with Headband Tutorial for Long (and Short!) Hair

Hi everyone! We’re Natalia and Christie with Ma Nouvelle Mode. Today we are bringing you a gorgeous hair look that can be easily done on short AND long hair! We call it ‘The Big Poof with Headband’ and you may recognize it as a hairstyle that the lovely Charlize Theron recently wore. Check it out!

updo with headband tutorial

Here is a video tutorial for the look!

What you need:

Teasing comb


Bobby pins

Headband of your choice


1. Start with slightly damp or dirty hair. If your hair is wet, blow dry it back so all of your hair is going in the same direction.

2. Section off and secure the front section of your hair so you can easily access the hair that needs to be backcombed.

3. Spray and backcomb one inch sections all around your head.

4. Release the front section of your hair, spray and backcomb it, then smooth it back. Continue smoothing only the top layer of hair all over your head, careful not to compromise any of the great volume you just created.

5. As you smooth, gather the ends of your hair (as if you were doing a half up half down look) and pin them into a bump at the back of your head.

6. Once secured, use your comb, hands and hairspray to continue smoothing and shaping your poof.

7. Now take the remaining hair that is down, pull it into a pony, twist it up and pin.

8. Tuck and pin the ends of the pony in to create a clean, French twist look.

9. Add your headband, then spray and smooth any flyaway hairs.

Short or long hair, the method to accomplish this look is exactly the same! The only difference would be what you do with your hair in the back. For long hair some great options are: A messy bun, a French twist or a curled ponytail.

Hope you will give this fun poof look a try!