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9 Gorgeous Chignon Ideas for Your Next Event

Whether you’re having a nice brunch at a posh establishment, gabbing over fizzy cocktails with girlfriends, filing paperwork at the office or even walking down the aisle, you can never go wrong with a chic chignon.  This hairstyle is as classy as it is simple, as sophisticated as it is lovely. And one thing’s for sure: the chignon will never go out of style — it’s eternally au courant. The word “chignon” has French origin and literally translates to “at the nape.” Chignon the hairstyle, though, has transformed beyond your standard neck-grazing bun. As you can gather from the chignon tutorials below, this hairstyle can lean to the side, be placed high or low and takes on many forms.

  • Twisted Chignon

    Twisted chignon hairstyle updo

    Charlane Yu / Instagram

    Style by Charlane Yu
    Bridal makeup and hair artist in Singapore

    How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

    This is a clean and simple chignon with delicate details at the back. Instead of a smooth bun, I literally added a twist in the hairstyle for texture, which I love. It looks better with highlighted hair as seen in the photo.

    Which products would you recommend to help create and maintain this look?

    I used a heated hair curler to add volume and texture at the bottom half of her hair, which enables the hair to hold better throughout the day. I then sprayed a generous amount of holding spray to smooth the top part and secure the bun with bobby pins.

    What type of person would this look work best for?

    This look is suitable for people with at least shoulder length hair. Shorter hair will have a smaller chignon bun, whereas longer hair will have a more voluminous look. This look is ideal for hair with some highlights to show the details at the back. It works for most face shapes (oval, round, square), with the exception of an oblong face shape. This is because a center parting tends to elongate the face even more. As the hairstyle is pretty neat, classy and not over the top, you can wear it to the office or to a special event like a wedding or cocktail party. 

    What’s your best tip for someone who’s considering this look?

    The chignon bun needs to be tightly secured using bobby pins. The style will not look nice if it is loose or messy. Make sure to spray the hair before and after pinning. Since all the hair is pinned at the back, the frontal face may seem a bit too bare. You can take out a few strands from each side of the face and curl them (like in the photo) to frame the face.

  • Bridesmaid Chignon

    bridesmaid chignon hair

    Robin Rodriguez / Instagram

    Style by Robin Rodriguez
    Hair Artist in Los Angeles, CA

    How would you describe this look and what’s your favorite thing about it?

    This look was designed for a bridesmaid in a wedding party. The woman had thick, waist-length hair and gave me the freedom to design any style I wanted as long as it was an updo. My favorite thing about this look is how smooth the braid is laid on the chignon.

    Which products would you recommend to help create and maintain this look?

    I used a very small amount of the Kenra Styling Gel for flyaways, a shine spray for that extra shine, and Kenra Finishing Spray for the final look. Oh and lots of bobby pins! 

    What type of person would this look work best for?

    This look is perfect for someone who wants a chic and classic hairstyle. This is a no fuss, no maintenance updo. The style works best for medium to long hair and straight to textured hair types. It is perfect for weddings, entertainment events, proms or a romantic evening out on the town. 

    What’s your best tip for someone who’s considering this look?

    This updo can be worn by all styles, face shapes and hair types. It can be modernized or styled in its classic formThe chignon is a classic simple updo for all!

  • High Twisted Chignon

    high twisted chignon tutorial

    The beautiful Kayley of Sidewalk Ready walks you through a tutorial for a super sleek, high chignon with a (literal) twist. This look is ideal for ultra formal events and requires no more than a hairbrush and comb, volumizer, ponytail holder, bobby pins and hair spray.

  • Side Swept Chignon

    side swept chignon tutorial

    This side swept chignon has made the Internet rounds, but we’d be remiss to leave it out of our “classy chignon” post as it’s absolutely gorgeous. This one’s brought to you by the Earthly goddess that is Martha Stewart, who breaks it down into easy steps from start to finish. She recommends the look for a wedding, but it’s appropriate for an array of events.

    side swept chignon tutorial
  • Loosely Curled Chignon

    curled chignon tutorial

    This loosely curled chignon by Paris-based Rubi of She Lets Her Hair Down has a soft and romantic vibe to it reminiscent of the Gibson girls era. You can check out the full tutorial on her blog, but essentially you section off hair, curl and then twist and pin into a delightfully feminine updo.

    curled chignon tutorial
  • Decorated Chignon

    decorated chignon

    Also from Rubi of She Lets Her Hair Down is this smoother, rolled version of a decorated chignon. If you’re feeling crafty, follow this tutorial for making the pretty, celestial adornments pictured here. Feel free to get creative and ornament this look however you prefer, as well. Think sparkly vintage barrettes, DIY seashell pins, etc.

  • Headband Chignon

    Lest we forget shorter haired women, we had to include this enchanting, headband version of the chignon. It works on both medium-short to medium length hair and all you need is an elastic headband and hair product to keep locks in place. The video tutorial from Lauren Conrad’s The Beauty Department breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps.

  • Braided Chignon

    braided chignon

    It’s no secret that braids are a definite hair do this days, so why not combine the classic chignon with the braid trend? To create this look, separate hair into two side sections and French braid both. Then, cross the braids over each other — arranging as you desire — and pin the braids together. Get the full tutorial at the Oh Happy Day blog.

  • French Twist Chignon

    What do you get when you combine the French twist with a chignon? A glamorous updo worth of compliments, that’s what. YouTube user Lilith Moon makes this impressive chignon easy-as-pie to re-create in this video tutorial.

    If 7 classy chignon styles still isn’t enough, check out this DIY retro-inspired chignon.