3 Updos Every Woman Should Know How To Do – #3 The Romantic French Twist

Hello there! My name is Reagan, I’m a hair blogger over at Hairdresser On Fire, and also a hairstylist at Whittemore House in NYC. I’m so excited to be here posting tutorials for three of my favorite updos! I’ll be splitting them up into a three-part series here at Latest-Hairstyles.com, and I hope you’ll enjoy them! These three updos are universally flattering and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

If you missed the first two tutorials, no worries! You can always go back and try The Braided Chignon and The Party Bun at any time.

Today’s hair tutorial is for The Romantic French Twist updo. This is “no fuss” updo meaning, don’t spend time smoothing every last hair. By leaving those little bits out, you will have a more whimsical effect. In my opinion, the whimsy is what makes this style so versatile. If you over-think it, you could end up looking aged and serious.

Let’s get started!

The French Twist hairstyle updo tutorial


1. You’ll want to start with your hair prepped. I used SachaJuan mousse and some Dry Texture spray from Oribe. Your product foundation is what will make your hair more workable and more…holdable. Yes, holdable.

2. Pull your hair up into a mid-height ponytail but do not secure it with a hair tie. While you hold your ponytail with one hand, form an “L” (or backwards L) with your other hand.

3. Here is where it gets tricky. When you reach behind your head, your “L” will turn upside down.  Grab the top of your ponytail with your upside down “L” hand, hooking it with your thumb.

4. With your pony hooked, twist and turn you hand back upwards, looping the ponytail around your thumb. This is what forms the twist!

5. Grab the looped pony with your other hand, and gently remove your thumb. Keeping the position of the twist, start stuffing the loose end of the pony inside it to create a cushion.

6. Pin into place with hairpins or bobbie pins.

7. & 8. Spritz a little perfume..dab a little rouge..have yourself a romantic time.
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This style isn’t difficult at all, it is just incredibly hard to explain. Just keep working at it and you will master the Romantic French Twist in no time!

*Photos by ShotbyJake.com