3 Updo Ideas For Short Hair

Who says you can’t wear your short hair ‘up’? Here’s three super fun updo tutorials for shorter hair to try…

braided with a quiff short hair

The front:

1. Make a crescent-shaped parting from brow to brow. Using pie sections, make barrel curls in same direction with 1-inch iron. Pin and allow to cool.

2. Brush out curls, backcomb together, then smooth into quiff with a cushion brush. SPRAY!

The rest:

1. Beginning behind one ear, french braid across to the other ear.

2. Switch directions, and braid diagonally down to nape. Tuck in any loose ends.

3. Secure with snazzy bobby pins (we used pink spiders). SPRAY!


There are so many fun accessories right now! They’re really great for hiding pins, creating a lot of neat options for short hair…

asymmetric bombshell short hair

1. Mist hair with a light hairspray (we like Aveda’s Witch Hazel).

2. Spiral curl all hair on one side in 1-inch sections using small rod iron.

3. On the part side, using bigger sections, use the iron to direct (not curl) hair back.

4. Using a cushion brush, smooth that side back to almost the center of head  and secure with criss-crossed bobby pins.

5. Using your fingers or a large tooth comb, gently backcomb curls to lift them off the head and create volume.

6. With a cushion brush, smooth in a few waves in the front. SPRAY! (with a stronger spray like Control Force)

7. Cover pins if needed – or wanted – with an accessory (we used a big purple flower).


short hair in a faux french twist

1. Leaving the fringe out, curl all hair towards the back using a 1-inch or larger iron

2. Backcomb, beginning in the front, then interlock all sections together (essentially one big nest).

3. Using a cushion brush, smooth over the top section.

4. Brush one side back, close to the head and secure in the back with criss-crossed bobby pins.

5. Repeat on the other side, smoothing as you go. When all is smooth, SPRAY!

6. Cover pins with an accessory (we used a large flower clip) to create a faux chignon silhouette.

*All styles used Aveda’s Control Force hairspray
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