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Hair Tutorials

Have you ever wondered how to do a hairstyle you’ve seen on our site or sites like Pinterest? Well, you’re in luck. This section is packed with fantastic hairstyle ideas and picture based, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve each hairstyle. Dive in and try something new this week!

  • Beach Waves

    Rock Amazing Beachy Waves Year Round With This Simple Tutorial

    There’s no need to wait until summer to get those luscious beachy waves you’ve always wanted. This sexy texture is trendy year round, so learn how to make waves with this handy tutorial!
  • Lavender-Infused Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment

    This DIY Lavender-Infused Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment Will Blow Your Mind

    Save your tresses with this mind-blowing DIY lavender-infused coconut hair treatment! It’s all natural and will do wonders for your hair.
  • Topsytail

    Let’s Master This Stacked Topsy Tail Braid Tutorial

    This topsy tail braid tutorial will blow your mind because it’s much easier than it looks. It’s a quite fun tutorial to try!
  • Sultry Hair How-To: The Snake Braid Tutorial

    This super easy tutorial will have you perfecting what is probably the most fun braid ever in no time!
  • HalfUpTopknot---thumb

    Let Loose and Try This Half Up Topknot Tutorial

    Here’s a cool look that will definitely net some positive comments: the half up topknot! If your hair needs a bit of flair, try this tutorial!
  • MilkmaidBraid

    Hairstyle Raid: The Milkmaid Braid With a Headband

    A milkmaid braid is an incredible way to wear your hair up. Follow these simple steps to master this classic updo with a chic wire headband!
  • Master-the-halfup-side2

    Master the Half Up Side Fishtail Braid in 3 Easy Steps

    This isn’t any ol’ fishtail braid tutorial. It’s actually quite an interesting hairdo you can easily pull off. Follow these super easy steps to master this eye-catching hairstyle!
  • DIY Coconut Oil

    DIY It: The Coconut Oil Hair Mask That Will Save Your Hair

    We love a good DIY hair product, and this coconut oil hair mask is no exception. Check out our easy tutorial and transform your locks today!
  • Fishtail Pony Feature

    A Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial for the Fashionista in You

    Here’s a fishtail ponytail tutorial that will have you acing it every single time!
  • Voluminous Waves

    Big Curls Don’t Lie: A Tutorial for Voluminous Waves

    If gorgeous waves and incredible volume are what you crave, then this ridiculously easy hair tutorial is for you!
  • Halfup Pony

    The Ultrachic Half Up Ponytail Everyone is Raving About

    So long, complicated updos! The half up pony is all the rage now. If you’re looking for a solid half up ponytail tutorial, we’ve got one right here.
  • Banana Mask Youtube

    An Easy 3-Ingredient Banana Hair Mask Tutorial

    It's time to turn on a little Copacabana and set this homemade hair mask to work on nourishing your summer-weary strands. You hair will thank you!
  • WhatYouNeed

    This Homemade Hair Conditioner Will Make You a Believer

    Learn to make your own homemade hair conditioner with this easy tutorial. It’s easier than you think!
  • fishtail-wrapped-bun-14

    The Perfect Fishtail Wrapped Bun Tutorial

    This fun tutorial will blow your mind because of how easy it is. It’s quite surprising because the end result is so ornate and stunning. Give it a try!
  • easy-blowout

    The Easiest Blowout Tutorial: How to Blow Dry Hair the Right Way

    When it comes to blow drying your hair, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Simply pointing the blow dryer at your scalp isn’t all there is to it. It turns out that there are some better techniques to make your hair come out smooth and bouncy! We have an expert tutorial on blow drying your hair the right way. Come check it out!
  • simple-knot-side-braid

    Learn to Master the Simple Knot Side Braid Here

    The knot side braid is probably the quickest way to take your hair from drab to fab. It’s the perfect hairdo to fix up when you’re running late. Learn how to master it here!
  • wovenlowponytail2

    The Amazingly Simple Woven Low Ponytail Tutorial

    Allow us to introduce the most stylish low ponytail we’ve ever seen: the woven low ponytail! Whether you’re hitting up happy hour with your girlfriends, lounging around the house, or even attending a wedding, this hairstyle’s got you covered.
  • Loose Waves Tutorial

    The Loose Waves Hair Tutorial Every Woman Must Try

    Waves should be easy, natural-looking, and not too complicated. This tutorial fits the bill, and that's why you should try it for some fab waves!
  • cottoncandybun

    Fun Hair How-To: The Cotton Candy Hair Bun

    What a sweet tutorial! This aptly-named bun not only looks almost exactly like cotton candy, but also helps channel your fun side. This tutorial is so simple, colorful, and fun…just like cotton candy!
  • Rosette Tutorial

    The Prettiest Pony: A Rosette Ponytail Tutorial

    It’s time to add a bit of flowery goodness to your hair…with your hair! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to pull it off flawlessly.
  • 6diyhairtreatmentsthatactuallywork-v4

    6 DIY Hair Treatments to Strengthen, Nourish and Revitalize

    Skip the salon and pamper your hair right at home! These inexpensive tricks you can do right in your kitchen will revitalize your tresses and leave you with gorgeous healthy hair.
  • noreasonzigzag

    7 Incredibly Chic Ways to Wear Bobby Pins

    Bobby pins aren’t just to hide. They’re also meant to spice up your tresses in their own glory. Come see what we mean!
  • DIY Avocado Hair Mask

    A DIY Avocado Hair Mask That Actually Works

    Search no more! We found the ultimate all-natural avocado hair mask tutorial. Try it out!
  • elegantbunwraptutorialfeature

    The Elegant Bun Wrap Tutorial That Will Transform Your Look

    This wrapped bun takes no more than five minutes to create, but it’s still far more special than your standard bun. Try this elegant bun wrap tutorial and let us know what you think!
  • Boho Braid Tutorial

    Master This Boho Braid Tutorial and Break Some Hearts

    Channel your inner boho gal with this handy tutorial!
  • Mermaid Braid Tutorial

    The Ultimate Mermaid Braid Tutorial for Beginners and Experts Alike

    This super easy tutorial will have you perfecting the mermaid braid in no time!
  • Double Bun Hair Tutorial

    The Perfect Double Bun Tutorial

    Whether you want to try a new look, cute up your style, or channel your inner Nicole Richie, this easy double bun tutorial's got you covered!
  • Amy Paffrath Hair Tutorial: The Perfect Summer Crown Braid

    Take a step inside the renowned Brambila Hair Salon in Santa Monica, California with this exclusive hair tutorial featuring VH1's Dating Naked's host, Amy Paffrath.
  • NYFW 2016 Hairstyles

    Runway to Real Way: 3 Hairstyles You Can Steal From NYFW 2016

    Want to know what’s in this season? Just check out the hairstyles at NYFW! If you missed them, don’t worry. We actually have a list of the best hairstyles and insider tips and secrets from stylists on recreating those looks. You’re welcome!
  • The Ultimate Katniss Braid Tutorial

    The Ultimate Katniss Braid Tutorial

    In honor of the upcoming release of Mockingjay Part 2, we've decided to put together the ultimate Katniss braid tutorial. Let's try it and see if you can wear the famous braid better than Katniss does!
  • An Airy, Romantic Ponytail Tutorial You Can’t Miss

    It’s easy to find yourself in a rut of the classic ponytail, but there are still many easy ways to change it up! Here’s a great tutorial on creating a romantic and runway-inspired ponytail that is sure to turn some heads.
  • The Summer-Perfect Boho Chic Updo You Have To Try

    The Summer-Perfect Boho Chic Updo You Have To Try

    Summer is here and boho is in! Try this boho chic updo for an effortless yet chic hair look.
  • 3 Pool Party Perfect Hairstyles That Make A Big Splash

    Perfect pool weather is upon us! What will your poolside hairstyle look like?
  • 6 Ways to Wake Up With Perfect Curls

    Looking for a way to wake up and start the day with your best (head of hair) forward? Here are six ways to do just that!
  • A Kate Middleton Hair Tutorial: Her Famous Half Up Hairstyle

    If you’ve ever swooned at the very sight of Kate Middleton’s classic half up hairstyle, then today’s your lucky day. We just so happen to have a super easy step-by-step tutorial on recreating the exact same hairdo right here!
  • The Two Minute Ponytail Tutorial

    The Two Minute Ponytail Tutorial That Will Save Your Day

    Many hairstyles take a while to create. Not this one! This stylish ponytail will take only two minutes out of your morning. Not too shabby, huh? Let’s try it out!
  • Festival Hair Tutorial: Leather Wrapped Braids

    Our Top Pick for Festival Hair: Leather Wrapped Braids

    Heading to a festival sometime soon? If so, your festival experience won’t be complete without a head of leather wrapped braids. We’ll show you how to pull some off like a pro here!
  • 3 Hairstyles Anyone Can Do With a Short Bob Haircut

    Sometimes people stray from cutting their hair above their shoulders for fear of high maintenance styling, but shorter hair can be way more versatile that you think! Peep these three amazing ways to style the trendy short bob....
  • Let’s Try This Chain Braid Tutorial!

    Here’s an interesting braid you can do at home: the chain link braid! Learn everything you ever wanted to know about this intriguing braid here.
  • An Elegant French Twist Ponytail Tutorial Anyone Can Do

    An Elegant French Twist Ponytail Tutorial Anyone Can Do

    Set the bar high in the ponytail game with this elegant ponytail tutorial.
  • March Hair Dare: 31 Days, 31 New Styles

    Can you tease your hair up into a different fun and creative hairstyle every day for a month? If you’re up for the challenge, we have just the perfect collection of super cute spring hairstyles for you!
  • Get This Romantic Bouffant From Badgley Mischka NYFW FW 2015

    Get This Romantic Bouffant From Badgley Mischka NYFW FW 2015

    NYFW Fall/Winter 2015 is wrapping up, and my goodness have we loved the looks! For hair, it's been all about romantic simplicity. Learn how to recreate this stunning bouffant a la Badgley Mischka in five simple steps!
  • Master This Textured Twisted Half Updo in 3 Easy Steps

    Here’s the Twisted Half Updo Tutorial You’ve Been Waiting For

    Ah, half updos. We love ‘em! How about adding texture and a twist to one? Yes, please! This tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a fabulous textured twisted half updo.
  • An Infinity Braid Tutorial That’s Much Easier Than It Looks

    This infinity braid tutorial will blow your mind because the end result looks rather complex and intimidating, but it’s actually ridiculously easy to pull off and only takes minutes to create. It’s a quite fun tutorial to try!
  • Reverse Chignon Ponytail Tutorial

    5 Steps to the Perfect Reverse Chignon Ponytail

    Ladies, we found this amazing twist on the classic chignon ponytail, and we can’t wait to share it with you all! It’s one of the most remarkable hairstyles we’ve ever featured. Don’t miss the chance to recreate the look yourself!
  • The Super Quick, Half Up Half Down DIY Hairstyle You Must Try

    Tired of rushing through everyday life and rockin' the same old hairstyle every day? You'll be out the door in no time and looking fresh with this fab 'DIY Under Five' hair tutorial. It's too pretty not to try!
  • A Totally Chic Boho Braids Tutorial For You to Try

    Regardless of whether or not you have the boho trend thing down, you will find this tutorial irresistible! (Just take it from us – everyone’s rocking these braids here!)
  • The Prettiest Ponytail Tutorial You Must Try Today

    Take the blah out of your ponytail style with this easy tutorial for the perfect pretty pony look.
  • A Winter Wonderland of Hair: 6 Festive Hairstyles

    The weather outdoors may be frightful, but your hair? Oh, it's delightful! Get into the holiday spirit with these six festive hairstyle tutorials!
  • 6 Gorgeous Holiday Hair Tutorials Anyone Can Do!

    We've collaborated with the best of the best when it comes to beautiful and creative DIY hair blogging to bring you six great holiday hair tutorials to try. Check 'em out!
  • The Double Rosette Hairstyle Tutorial

    A Truly Stunning Hair Tutorial: The Double Rosette Hairstyle

    Ladies, we’re beyond thrilled to share with you an absolutely stunning hairstyle: the double rosette half up style! This is a surefire way to decorate your tresses without any use of hair accessories.
  • Faux Hairstyles

    Faux Sho: 6 Faux Hairstyles to Shake Things Up

    There comes a time in every woman's life when she just wants to throw up her hands and try something completely different with her hair. Whatever the case may be, you can totally fake it when it comes to your coiffure, and these easy hair tutorials show you how to do just that!
  • The Perfect Knotted Fishtail Chignon Tutorial

    The Perfect Knotted Fishtail Chignon Tutorial

    If you want to amp up your stylishness today, let’s try a knotted fishtail chignon. This tutorial is so easy it'll blow your mind!
  • Holiday Hairstyles

    Merry, Merry: 6 Enchanting Holiday Hairstyles

    Read this to make sure your hair looks fabulous for the holiday season!
  • Bouffant Hairstyles

    Bouffant, Baby: 6 Bouffant Hairstyles for The Holidays

    Grab your best teasing comb and prepare your coiffure for a major hair moment. Bouffants are back, baby!
  • The Easiest Knotted Updo Tutorial You’ll Ever Try

    Whether you're battling a bad hair day or looking to rock a cute hairstyle, this knotted updo tutorial is just what you need!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Topsy Turvy: 5 Topsy Tail Hair Tutorials to Get You Dizzy

    Today's curated post features five different 'topsy turvy' hairstyles that are as easy to recreate as they are pretty to look at. Check them out!
  • Kick Your Pony Up A Notch: The Twisted Low Ponytail Tutorial

    A ponytail is probably the easiest hairstyle to create, but a twisted ponytail is a little trickier to pull off. This tutorial makes it look so easy a cavewoman could do it!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Earthy and Free: 7 Boho Hair Tutorials for Autumn

    Feeling a little earthy? Then channel your inner festival goddess with these boho-approved hairstyles!
  • The Side Fishtail Braid Tutorial

    The Side Fishtail Braid Tutorial Every Woman Needs

    Are you ready to get your braid on? This tutorial will show you everything you need to know to create the most perfect side fishtail braid ever!
  • Hat Hairstyles

    Hat Hair Affair: 6 Hat Hairstyles That Are Simply Fabulous

    Hats are a seriously underrated accessory, but if you ask us, they're starting to make a major comeback. But how does one pull off such an accessory? We've got six tutorials to show you how!
  • Lobster Tail Braid Hair Tutorial

    The Lobster Tail Braid Tutorial You’ve All Been Waiting For

    It’s finally here: the latest twist (literally) on the classic braid! This fantastic lobster tail braid is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. If you’re in the mood to step up your hair styling game, this is the perfect tutorial to use.
  • Everyday Glamour: 6 Stunning Hairstyles to Impress The Masses

    Craving a bit of subtle glamour in your life? Check out these six stunning hairstyles that will get you noticed!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Knot Your Average Hairdo: 5 Knotted Hairstyles You Must Try

    Ready to get knotty? Have a look at these awesome knotted hairstyles you can wear anywhere!
  • Hot Cross Bun Tutorial

    Wear It Anywhere: A Surprisingly Easy Hot Cross Bun Tutorial

    Hungry for a new hairdo? This will satisfy your craving! Spice up your look with this exquisite bun!
  • Go Big or Go Bigger: Voluminous Hairstyles That Defy Gravity

    Voluminous, shiny hair is a sign of health and well-being, so today we've rounded up hairstyles that feature big hair. Check them out!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Are You Down? 5 Gorgeous Down Hairstyles to Wear Anywhere

    Today we're highlighting five stunning down 'dos from hair bloggers who know their stuff. Check them out!
  • The 3 Minute Woven Updo Tutorial

    How to Create a Woven Updo in Three Minutes Flat

    Every woman has faced the dilemma of having to throw together a stunning hairstyle within a matter of minutes. The next time you’re in such a dilemma, this tutorial will come to the rescue!
  • Autumn Hairstyles

    It’s Fall, Y’all: 6 Autumn Hairstyles to Fall In Love With

    Break out your favorite cable knit sweaters, cozy scarves and boots and check out these six autumn appropriate hairstyles for fall!
  • Fall Hairstyles

    Snuggle Up: 7 Fall Hairstyles That Look Fab With Sweaters

    Whether you're in a cozy cardigan, chunky cable knit poncho, or an oversized sweater, these fabulous fall hairstyles should help pull your whole autumn look together!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Hair Royalty: Try These 5 Different Braided Crown Tutorials

    Learn how to create a bounty of different crown braids with these awesome tutorials!
  • Braidhawk Tutorial

    Do You Dare to Try This Braidhawk Tutorial?

    Here's an adventurous braided hairdo for you to try. Just follow this tutorial and prepare to be amazed at how easy it is!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Turn Up The Romance: 6 Soft and Pretty Hair Tutorials

    The pretty hairstyles in this week's roundup are very feminine, ultra soft and look good on all sorts of hair types, lengths and colorings. Check 'em out!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Back to School Hairstyles: 6 Classroom-Approved Hair Tutorials

    We've found the prettiest, easiest, cool-girl back to school hairstyles that are perfect for a variety of lengths and textures. Check out the tutorials!
  • The Braid Wrapped Updo Tutorial

    A Surprisingly Easy Braid Wrapped Updo Tutorial

    Go all out (and stay cool) with this fabulously exotic updo! Master this tutorial and you'll turn heads everywhere you go.
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Hey, Shorty! 6 Hairstyles for Short Hair

    Cropped locks are a gorgeous thing and, as such, we'd like to showcase some brilliant ways you short haired gals can finagle your tiny tresses. Check out these six tutorials for fabulous hairstyles for short hair!
  • Knotted Updo Tutorial

    The Easiest Knotted Updo Tutorial Ever

    Psst… here’s a secret: knotted updos may look complicated, but they’re actually ridiculously easy! Want proof? Check out this tutorial!
  • Different Braids: 6 Ways to Elevate Your Braid Game

    In case you haven't noticed, this season it's all about different braids. Fishtail braids, regular braids, French braids, braided buns, milkmaid braids, braided updos. You get the picture. Take your braid to the next level with these six awesomely different braid tutorials!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Life’s a Beach: Beach Waves Done 5 Ways

    Want to have perfect beach waves? Check out these five tutorials that will make you the envy of the beach!
  • Side Fishtail Braid Tutorial

    Dramatic Hair Tutorial: The Embellished Spiral Fishtail Braid

    If there’s any fishtail braid hairstyle that will turn heads, it’s this one. Try this tutorial and let us know what you think!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Stop, Drop and Tuck: The Prettiest Tucked Hairstyle Tutorials

    Stop everything you're doing and get ready to tuck your hair into a beautiful piece of art!
  • The Double Wrap Topsy Tail Tutorial

    Upgrade Your Ponytail: The Double Wrap Topsy Tail Tutorial

    If there was an ‘it’ hairstyle for low-maintenance gals who like a bit of flair, this one would be it. Learn how to upgrade your ponytail to this fancier, more elegant version!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    7 Decade Hairstyles Inspired By Days Gone By

    Today we're sharing with you seven different hairstyles that were popular in their respective decades. Check out these retro looks here!
  • The Elegant Winding Bun Tutorial

    A Perfect Bun Tutorial to Try Today: The Elegant Winding Bun

    Can you master the winding bun? With this tutorial handy, your answer is yes!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Beach Babe: 7 Seaside Approved Summer Hairstyles

    Summer is all about sunshine, beaches and, of course, perfect hair. Check out these 7 seaside approved hairstyles that'll turn you into a ravishing beach babe!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Swept Away: 6 Off to the Side Hairstyles

    Sometimes you just feel like wearing your hair down, even in the middle of the blazing hot summer. Our suggestion? Wear your hair off to the side. Check out these six off-to-the-side hairstyle tutorials that will keep you cool and trendy!
  • Tip Top Shape: 7 Top Knots for Your Summer Shenanigans

    Ready to keep cool and look great this summer? Check out these ideas for seven super cute top knots!
  • The Best of Both Worlds: 7 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

    Can't decide if you'd rather wear your hair up or down? Don't worry. We've rounded up seven amazing half up half down hairstyles for you to try!
  • The Tri-Braid Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial

    [Hair Tutorial] The Tri-Braid Half Up Hairstyle

    Braids are 'in' and the weather is getting hot. This unique hairstyle is a MUST this season!
  • No Sweat: 6 Everyday Summer Updos That’ll Keep You Cool

    Are you and your hair ready for the impending summer heat? Fret not. We've come to the hair rescue! Check out these six everyday summer updos that'll keep you both cool AND chic.
  • Fun Bun Tutorial

    Throw Your Hair Into a Fun Bun: A Tutorial

    If there’s any hairstyle that makes you look chic at the gym, the office, or even on a bad hair day, it’s the fun bun. Throw your hair into a perfect one with this handy tutorial!
  • Splashy Hair: 5 Different Ways to Do a Waterfall Braid

    Like the romantic, boho vibe of the waterfall braid? Check out these five tutorials that will get you ready for summer!
  • Double Braided Ponytail Tutorial

    Upgrade Your Braid: The Double Braided Ponytail Tutorial

    Master the double braided ponytail in four easy steps!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Summer’s Hottest Accessory: The Fabulous Fishtail Braid

    The fishtail braid is this summer's hottest accessory and will make you the belle of the beach, or anywhere for that matter! Check out these fishtail tutorials you can wear anywhere.
  • Twisted Side Ponytail Tutorial

    The Twisted Side Ponytail Even a Newbie Could Master

    No one likes to power through the day with a limp, lifeless ponytail. If this happens to you more often than you’d like to admit, then you need a cute ponytail you can fix up in a few seconds. This twisted side ponytail fits the bill!
  • Black Tie Approved: Trendy Updos for Your Spring and Summer Formal Occasions

    Whether you've got prom coming up or are planning for a spring and summer loaded with weddings and garden parties, everyone needs a few go-to updo tutorials in their hair arsenal. Check out these trendy DIY updos!
  • Low Braided Bun Tutorial

    How to Pull Off the Perfect Low Braided Bun: A Tutorial

    A hair bun screams “smart and playful” and braids scream “classy”. So what does a low braided bun scream? “Smart, playful, AND classy!” This hairstyle will have you turning heads everywhere you go!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Super Sweet: One-Stop-Shop Inspiration for Your Donut Bun

    After you read this, you may or may not be on the prowl for an ooey, gooey, sweet and delicious pastry. Whether or not you indulge in an edible donut, though, you'll definitely have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to using a HAIR donut!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Get Crafty: 6 DIY Hair Accessories to Embellish Your Coiffure

    It's time to put your crafting pants on, ladies! Today we're rounding up a slew of DIY projects for you to recreate at your leisure. Not just any ol' projects, though: DIY hair accessory projects. Those are the best kind, of course, though we may be biased.
  • Double Twisted Bun Tutorial

    The Super Simple Double Twisted Bun: A Tutorial

    How cute could a hair bun get? It actually doesn’t get much cuter than this double twisted bun!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Fast and Fabulous: 6 Hairstyles You Can Do In 5 Minutes or Less

    In a hurry? Check out these six easy hairstyles you can create in under five minutes!
  • How to Use a Curling Wand

    How to Use a Curling Wand Like a Pro

    The pros do it a certain way. Stylist Jenny Strebe spills the beans with this super handy tutorial!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Spring Forward: 6 Easy Spring Hairstyles

    To celebrate the changing seasons and the emergence of warmer weather (insert Kermit frog arm-waving happy dance), we've rounded up six easy spring hairstyles that are perfect for this season!
  • Go Short in Minutes: The Embellished Faux Bob Tutorial

    If you're tired of your long hair but don't want to chop it all off, a faux bob is just the thing you need. Add a bit of zest to your look with this embellished faux bob tutorial!
  • High Winds: 5 Ways to Get The Perfect Blowout

    No matter your hair length, hair texture or hair thickness, knowing how to successfully blow dry your hair is a must. Check out these tutorials on how to achieve the perfect blowout!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    6 Ways to Add Pizzazz To Your Ponytail

    Lately, ponytails are making a serious comeback. They were all over the New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter runway and style icons and celebs are donning them, as well. You can always go with a classic pony, but feel free to spruce things up a bit. We've rounded up a few ideas to add a little pizzazz to your pony. Check them out here!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    5 Stunning Braids You May Not Have Tried Before

    Ready for a little change? Step out of the box and check out these five stunning, non-conventional braid tutorials!
  • How to Rock a Tousled Rope Braid Bun Like a Goddess

    Rope braids are super easy to master, but a perfectly tousled one crafted into a gorgeous is pretty tricky to pull off. This tutorial’s got you covered!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    5 New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014 Hair Tutorials

    There were so many cool and exciting things happening on the runways at New York Fashion Week. Check out these five different runway-inpsired hairstyles that are easy enough for you to recreate yourself!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    It’s a Date: 5 Date Night Hair Ideas

    Have a big date night coming up? Check out these 5 date night hair ideas to help you look your best!
  • More 2014 Grammy Hair: And The Award For Best Hair Goes To…

    Lots of glorious heads of hair sauntered down the red carpet and graced the stage at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Check out some of our favorite tutorials that will make you look like a rock star!
  • Floral Musings: 5 Flower-Infused Hairstyles

    We're so excited about the prospect of spring that we had to do a flower-inspired roundup of hairstyles. These hairstyles incorporate either real or faux flowers into your locks, so throw off your coat and check out these five flower-infused hairstyles!
  • Rihanna Curls Hair Tutorial

    The Best Rihanna Curls Tutorial You’ll See All Year

    If you have a head full of hair you don’t know what to do with, then Rihanna is just the person you need to see. She has perfect bouncy curls that are actually quite easy to recreate at home. Rihanna’s multiple appearances in public gave us a chance to really look at her tresses and put together a simple step-by-step tutorial. Check it out and master those perfect curls!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    That’s Amore: 6 Valentine’s Day Hairdos You’ll Fall in Love With

    Whether you've got super romantic plans with a dreamy someone, or want to spend a casual day with the girls, we've got six awesome Valentine's Day hairdos that you'll love!
  • Low Bun Tutorial

    Where The Low Bun Meets The Braided Headband: A Tutorial

    Allow us to introduce the chic low bun + braided headband hairdo. This delectable hairstyle has never been easier to recreate! Because we love it so much, we put together a super simple 5-step tutorial (with video) for you. Check it out here!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Bigger is Better: 7 Voluminous Hairstyles

    Ready to put lots of volume in your hair? Then check out these big, massive, giant hairstyle tutorials!
  • The Easiest French Knotted Bun Tutorial Ever

    When it comes to hair, the French know what’s up. They have gifted us with many beautiful hairstyles, including the French braid and the French twist. However, it doesn’t get any better than the French knotted bun. It’s a glamorous yet timeless hairstyle that works for almost every occasion. You can definitely make it happen with our awesome tutorial right here!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Wet Hair, Don’t Care: 7 Easy Hairstyles for Damp Hair

    No time--or energy--for your regular blowout? Check out these 'damp hairstyle' ideas we've rounded up for you. They work for damp and/or wet hair and may even earn you a compliment or two!
  • Sleek Ponytail Tutorial

    The Best Sleek Ponytail Tutorial You’ll Ever See

    Can you master the sleek ponytail? We can, and we’ll show you how! Find out how to create this classic hairstyle with our easy step-by-step tutorial here!
  • 5 Things to Do With a Three Strand Braid

    The three strand braid has a sort of inherent, old school charm to it that cannot be replaced with anything else. Not to mention, there are countless ways you can style it. Check out these five things you can do with a three strand braid!
  • Accent Braid Tutorial

    Revitalize Your Look: The Deconstructed Accent Braid Tutorial

    The braid we’re so crazy about? This deconstructed accent braid! We’ll show you the best way to create and rock this braid with our super easy tutorial!
  • how to style short hair

    How to Style Short Hair Like a Pro

    With short hair, it can be kind of hard to change up your look and style it in new and different ways. That being said, allow us to open you up to a whole array of new options you can choose from when you want to try something new with your short hair!
  • Magazine Hairstyle Feature

    Curls Just Wanna Have Fun: 6 Curly Hairstyles to Try Right Now

    One of our all time favorite ways to wear hair is curly. Learn a few new tricks for your go-to style, or try doing your hair a completely new way with these six curly hairstyle tutorials!
  • Ways to Style Hair With a Ribbon

    8 More Creative Ways to Style Hair With a Ribbon

    If you liked our extensive set of 15 tutorials on styling your hair with a ribbon, then you’re in for a treat! We managed to find eight more ways to rock a ribbon like nobody’s business.
  • Magazine Hairstyle Feature

    Carol of the Belles: 6 Chic Holiday Updos

    The holidays have officially arrived and you know what that means. It's time to up your hair game. If you plan on being the glimmering star atop the tree this year, check out these six chic holiday updos!
  • brocade braid

    A Super Easy Half Up, Half Down Brocade Braid Tutorial to Try

    The brocade braid is beautiful and totally unique. As complicated as it may look, it’s actually quite easy to pull off. Check out our step-by-step tutorial on the half up, half down brocade braid hairstyle here!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Learnin’ The Ropes: 6 Ways to Style a Rope Braid

    We've written about the fishtail braid, the French plait and your standard 3-strand braid many a time. Today, though, we're taking on the rope braid. Check out these six rope braid hairstyles!
  • French Braid

    How to French Braid [and 12 Creative Ways to Rock It]

    Find out how to master the classic French braid and uncover 12 gorgeous ways to rock it with our ultimate French braid tutorial!
  • The Textured Hair Trend – How To Get It and How To Wear It

    The textured hair trend is all the craze right now. What’s great about this increasingly popular trend is that you can texture up your hair a million different ways and rock it like nobody’s business. Find out some of the different ways you can add texture to your hair and wear it in the best way possible.
  • Magazine Hairstyle Feature

    Princess for a Day: 5 Disney Inspired Hairstyles

    To show our approval of all things Disney, this week's curated post showcases various hairstyles all inspired by Disney characters. Channel power with ringlets that bring out your inner Merida, wax romantic with a Cinderella updo, or keep it demure with a glossy bob a la Snow White. Check out these five Disney inspired hairstyles to help you rock the princess look!
  • Hairstyles with a Hair Donut

    3 Totally Chic New Ways to Sport a Hair Donut

    Have you ever heard of a hair donut? It’s a nifty little tool that helps you create a perfect hair bun. It sounds like a single-purpose item, doesn’t it? Nope, not at all. There are actually many new and chic ways to rock a hair donut. Check these styles out and try a few yourself!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    8 Windy Day Hairstyles for Blustery Autumn Days

    Some days -- particularly in the colder months -- blustery days are to be expected. More importantly, you ought to plan accordingly for them. Not just when it comes to bundling up in warmer clothes, but also when dealing with hair. Check out these eight tutorials for windy day hairstyles that are perfect for blustery autumn days!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Fresh Fish! 6 New Ways to Style a Fishtail Braid

    One of our favorite looks is a fishtail braid off to the side, typically paired with a cute scarf or headband to tie everything together. As is the case with anything you do over and over and over again, we've grown a little bored with our off-to-the-side fishtail braid and have vowed to venture into new territory using the same braid. Check out these 6 fishtail braid hairstyles that put a spin on the regular!
  • How to Fake a Longer Ponytail

    How to Make Your Ponytail Look Longer Than It Actually Is

    Ponytails are super easy to master, but a long ponytail is pretty tricky to pull off. Believe it or not, but you can actually FAKE a longer ponytail! Here’s how.
  • braided headband

    The Braided Headband [A Simple Hair Tutorial]

    Who needs to buy a headband when you can create your own?
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Twisted Hairstyles: 6 Ways to Twist Your Hair into Something Beautiful

    Wanna give the ol' braided hair thing a rest for a little while? That's cool. In place of your go-to plait, you can opt for twisted locks. Typically less time consuming and just as pretty, twisted hair works on all sorts of hair textures and lengths. So peep these six hair tutorials that utilize a twist of some sort and get to stylin', ladies!
  • side bun

    The Gorgeous [and Incredibly Easy] Side Bun: 3 Ways

    If there’s any hairdo that’s cute, playful and classy rolled into one, it’s the side bun. You can’t go wrong with one. Find out how to master the perfect side bun (3 ways!) here!
  • Rope Braid Ponytail

    Autumn Hair: 6 Bonfire-Approved Hairstyles

    So what exactly is bonfire hair? Bonfire hair is all about relaxed, carefree hair that never looks fussy or overworked (a major no-no for the bonfire). However, it still retains a sort of chic enviability that completes your entire look. And that's why we love these six bonfire-approved hair tutorials for fall!
  • Hair Chalk Extravaganza: Hair Chalking Tutorials for 4 Different Looks

    This season, we've vowed to take our obsession with color one step further via our hair color. If you are far too timid to commit to a permanent, candy-inspired dye job, try hair chalk! Whether you're looking for something temporary or are doing a practice run for the real deal, try out one of these five hair chalk tutorials.
  • French twist hairstyle

    The French Twist Tutorial: How to Do It the Right Way

    The French twist is probably one of the oldest and most timeless hairstyles ever. It’s no surprise, because the French twist is pretty easy to master. Become an expert in no time with this tutorial!
  • messy bun tutorial

    The Ultimate Perfectly Messy Bun: An Easy Tutorial

    The messy bun is a tricky hairstyle. It’s supposed to look messy and effortless, but it actually takes some work to make it look… perfectly messy. Not too sloppy, not too neat, but perfectly messy. It’s a strange world we live in, isn’t it? We’re here to help you make better sense of it with our ultimate messy bun tutorial. After following the tutorial, you’ll walk away understanding the world a little better… with a perfectly messy bun to boot!
  • twisted updo hair tutorial

    Simple Hair How-To: The Twisted Updo

    The twisted updo! If you’re braid-impaired, or if you simply think that braided updos require too much time and effort, this hairstyle is just the perfect one for you! The twisted updo is just as glamorous as any braided updo imaginable to mankind, but it’s 10 times easier and quicker to master! Our easy step-by-step tutorial will have you working the twisted updo with your eyes closed!
  • The Ultimate Celebrity-Inspired Side-Swept Hair Tutorial

    As far as glamorous hairstyles go, a side-swept hairstyle is the way to go. A-list celebrities are rocking side-swept hairstyles left and right. In fact, they do it so well that it’s easy for one to believe that side-swept hairstyles are only for celebrities. Nothing could be further from the truth! You can look just as glamorous with our ultimate celebrity-inspired side-swept hair tutorial!
  • The Short of It: 5 Updos for Cropped Hair

    When it comes to hair tutorials, the Internet is practically swimming in how-to's for long haired mavens. And while we all love a long and flowing head o' hair, there's something to be said for the sassy short haired ladies who rock a cropped 'do with some serious BAM factor!
  • 15 Incredibly Chic Ways to Style Hair With a Ribbon

    We love ribbons. They’re bold, colorful, and excruciatingly adorable. In fact, we love ribbons so much that we learned how to style our hair with them. Whenever you’re ready to add a splash of color to your hair, check out our list of 15 different ways to style your hair with a ribbon!
  • The 5 Bun Updo [Hair Tutorial]

    Check out this easy five bun hairtorial and rock the look today!
  • flat iron curls

    How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron: The Ultimate Tutorial

    The unlikely tool? The flat iron! Despite its name, the flat iron can create beautiful bouncy curls! Only if it’s done right, that is. Let us show you the ropes of mastering beautiful curls with this tool!
  • quick hairstyles

    5 Super Quick and Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Your (Parked) Car

    Having feelings of regret after oversleeping or scheduling something when your hair is in dire need of being fixed up? Need not worry and let us come to the rescue! We have five super quick and easy hairstyles you can fix up while sitting in your car.
  • pompadour hairstyle

    The Easiest Pretty Pompadour Tutorial You’ll Ever See

    How pretty could a pompadour get? You’re about to find out, because we have a simple tutorial on how to create one!
  • The Wrap Around Braided Bun [Hair Tutorial]

    Out of fun and easy updo ideas for your hair? We have just the look for you!
  • half up French braid tutorial

    How to Create the Perfect Half Up French Braid

    If you’re jonesing to try a new hairstyle, we have just the perfect style for you! Allow us to introduce the half up French braid, a modern twist on the classic French braid.
  • ways to style your hair with a scarf

    12 Incredibly Chic Ways to Style Hair With a Scarf

    We have a pretty colorful (ahem) set of tutorials for you: 12 different ways to wear a hair scarf. Grab that scarf that has been sitting in your closet since 2007 and start rocking it with flair!
  • dutch braid hairstyles

    Grab Your Clogs: 5 Easy Dutch Braid Hairstyles

    The Dutch are known for lots of great things, but today we're focusing on none other than Dutch hairdos, all of which employ their signature braid. So throw on your clogs, put some tulips in a jar and get ready to go Dutch with these easy Dutch braid hairstyles!
  • other ways to use a sock bun

    3 Hot New Ways to Use a Sock Bun

    The typical sock bun is known as a simple ‘do, but it doesn’t have to be! You can certainly jazz up your sock bun with a new twist or two. Actually, we have three different look you can try right now!
  • rope braid hair tutorial

    How to Pull Off a Flawless Rope Braid [A Tutorial]

    Learn how to style your hair into a beautiful rope braid with 8 simple steps!
  • ways to use a curling wand

    Wield That Wand: 4 Ways to Use a Curling Wand

    For some, the curling wand tends to be this mystifying tool that's somewhat difficult to figure out. And, once you do figure out how to finesse it until you've got perfect curls, it's easy to get stuck in a 'curling wand rut' where you repeat the same style ad nauseam day in and day out. Today we're dishing on four different ways you can wield that curling wand. Check them out!
  • sock bun

    The Easiest Sock Bun Tutorial You’ll Ever See

    The sock bun may look difficult and complicated to pull off, but it’s actually quite easy! See what we mean with our tutorial right here.
  • faux fringe

    Fake it Good: 5 Ways to Get The Hair You Don’t Have

    If you're dying for a bangin' set of bangs, but aren't yet ready to commit to full on face fringe, fake it. If you're rocking long layers, but want to sport a bob for just a day or two, then fake it. If you don't have it, fake it! And fake it good! We've rounded up a list of fake out tutorials that'll satisfy all your hair cravings.
  • headband twist hairstyle

    The Headband Twist: How to Do it Right

    Have you ever wondered how to create a headband twist? If you have, you’re in luck, because we put together an easy-to-understand tutorial. Come check it out!
  • fishtail braid

    Gone Fishin’: 6 Ways to Style a Fishtail Braid

    She's a good friend, the fishtail braid. The kind that makes you look good even after four hours of sleep or eight hours of sweating in the sun. Like most hairstyles though, you can only repeat a 'do so many times before it becomes tired and overdone. The solution? Spice it up a little bit!
  • YouTube hair tutorials

    The Top 13 Hair Gurus to Follow on YouTube

    Let’s face it: there are many, many people out there who fancy themselves an expert on hair. With an overabundance of hair tutorials, blogs and advice floating around the Internet, it may be difficult to detect the true hair gurus who live, breathe and know everything about hair. Well, look no further! We gathered a list of the best hair gurus to follow on YouTube. They’re the real deal!
  • How to Create a Gorgeous French Braided Ponytail

    French braids are easy to master, and so are ponytails. That’s why our French braided ponytail tutorial is a super easy one!
  • Fun & Easy Hair How To – A Front Side Twist

    Stuck in a styling rut? We have just the hair how-to for you!
  • milkmaid braid

    Where the Milkmaid Braid Meets the Scarf: A Tutorial

    When we first laid our eyes on the milkmaid braid, we all but swooned at our feet. It was gorgeous, playful, and so classy. Even better, we found that you can spice up the milkmaid braid with a scarf of any color, pattern, or texture! When we were done squealing like giddy schoolgirls, we found out how to pull it off and then we put together a super easy tutorial so you can add a splash of color to your hair! What more could a lady ever want?
  • 5-strand braid tutorial

    How to Do a Perfectly Messy 5-Strand Braid

    Five-strand braids sound so scary and complicated, but they’re actually quite easy to pull off! Once you take a look at our messy 5-strand braid tutorial, you’ll get what we mean.
  • Great Gatsby hair

    The Great Gatsby-Inspired Fishtail Faux Bob Tutorial

    Want to add a little Great Gatsby glamour to your hair? Look no further than the fishtail faux bob! With our easy-to-understand tutorial, you’ll be able to channel your inner Daisy Buchanan when the Gatsby premiere rolls around!
  • wavy hair

    Beach Babe: 5 Easy Ways to Get Carefree Waves

    No matter the season, no matter the destination, no matter the woman -- one of our favorite hairstyles is natural, beach-y looking waves. There's just something inherently effortless and feminine about a thick mane of twisting, curling, waving locks that we can't help but appreciate!
  • messy fishtail braid

    A Messy Fishtail Braid Tutorial For the Boho in You

    When Blake Lively steps out on the red carpet with one of her messy fishtail braids, we can’t help but ohh and ahh, but we’ve also wondered if she just threw the hairstyle together five minutes before leaving the house. We wondered that so often that we’ve actually tried it ourselves! Our little experiment turned out to be a flop, so we know that the messy fishtail braid takes a bit of time and care to pull off. The good news is that you can do it at home, because we found an amazingly easy tutorial to guide you through
  • bouffant hairstyle

    Exceptionally Elegant: 4 Ways to Do a Classy Bouffant

    if you're looking for a hairstyle that makes a head-turning impact when you walk into a room -- and you prefer to skip all those laborious hours spent in the confines of your bathroom perfecting the 'do -- the classy bouffant is for you.
  • The Ultimate Waterfall Braid Tutorial

    The waterfall braid is all the craze right now, and it’s no surprise because it’s a gorgeous timeless look. It might be a bit intimidating to pull off because it looks complicated. Well, we have good news for you: the waterfall braid is actually super easy to do! You can put a perfect one together in less than 5 minutes! Just take a look at our waterfall braid tutorial and see what we mean!
  • microbraids

    Where the Side-Swept Bun Meets Micro Braids: A Tutorial

    There’s nothing micro about this dynamic hairstyle! If you take the sweet, simple and classic side-swept bun and dress it with sassy micro braids, you’ll end up with a hairstyle so fun and cute that everyone will be talking about it. Learn how to rock this hairstyle with our step-by-step tutorial!
  • The 3 Hottest Ways to Rock a Vintage Hair Comb

    Got a vintage hair comb, but not sure what to do with it? We have the perfect solution for you! Actually, we have three great ways to rock a vintage hair comb, complete with step-by-step tutorials.
  • hairstyles with a scarf

    Put a Scarf On It: 6 Ways to Style Hair With A Scarf

    There are a bounty of women who shy away from spring scarves. We're here to tell you: Do not be afraid. The spring scarf comes in peace. And we contend it's a versatile must-have that literally everyone looks good wearing. Hear us out!
  • dutch braid

    Add Some Zest To Your Hair With a Zig-Zag Dutch Braid

    Channel your inner sweet Dutch girl with this elegant zig-zag Dutch braid! Our super-easy zig-zag Dutch braid hair tutorial will make this classic hairstyle an everyday staple.
  • where to find hair tutorials

    12 Dozen Places to Find Amazing Hair Tutorials

    Dying to rock that gorgeous hairdo you’ve been in love with for years, but can’t seem to find a tutorial anywhere? Let us come to the rescue! We found 12 dozen amazing meccas of hair tutorials on the web, and we’re pretty sure one of them has the secret to pulling off that hairdo – or any hairdo, for that matter!
  • hair bow

    How to Style Your Hair into a Bow

    You don’t need to enlist the help of Lady Gaga’s hairstylist to create a fun bow out of your own hair. You can actually do it yourself at home! We’re here to show you how. Just check out our super easy tutorial, complete with pictures and step-by-step instructions!
  • rolled hairstyles

    Roll With It: 4 Gorgeous, Rolled Up Hairstyles

    Today's sleek hairstyle of choice is the roll, featured all over the catwalk, sidewalk and mighty, influential blogosphere. Daytime or nighttime, spring fling or business outing, sleek, rolled-up hairdos are unquestionably in vogue.
  • messy braid how to

    How To: The Rodarte-Inspired Messy Braid

    When we first laid our eyes on the half-up braided hairstyle on the Rodarte runway, we all but swooned at our feet. It was gorgeous, sexy, playful, and oh so edgy! You can imagine our excitement when we found out that the messy braided look was actually a lot easier to recreate than we thought. Check out our step-by-step tutorial on the Rodarte-inspired messy braid!
  • crown braid tutorial

    The Timeless Crown Braid: A Simple Tutorial

    The crown braid looks like a very difficult hairdo to pull off, but it’s quite easy to do! All you need is a couple of bobby pins, a bit of patience, and our super easy tutorial. You’ll end up looking like a princess in no time!
  • 4 braid updo

    How To: The Messy 4 Braid Updo

    Calling all women who can't quite get the hang of braiding! This updo is for you...
  • The Secret to Getting Perfect Beachy Waves – The Quick and Cheap Way!

    You don’t need to visit the beach to look like you just spent all day catching a few rays and frolicking in the sand. The only place you’ll need to visit is your bathroom, but not without checking out our fun how-to on achieving the classic beachy waves hairstyle!
  • flower braid

    Look Amazingly Chic: How to Braid Your Hair Into a Pretty Flower

    Look cute, romantic, elegant or casual with this amazingly chic braided flower hairstyle that works for both medium to long lengths of hair. Want to know how to pull it off? Check out our step-by-step tutorial with pictures!
  • pompadour hairstyle tutorials

    Retro Pompadour Gone Modern: 3 Ways to Get The Look

    Inspired by the teddy girls and greasers of the 1950s -- think handsome Johnny Depp in Crybaby or crooner Elvis Presley -- the pompadour is an irrefutable classic.
  • herringbone braid tutorial

    A Stunning New Hairstyle: Where the Low Bun Meets the Herringbone Braid

    Not only is the herringbone braid a gorgeously classic hairstyle, it is also a very versatile look that can be styled with many different modern twists. Stylist Roxie Hunt came up with a stunning and unique twist to the herringbone braid, guaranteed to turn heads, and she's going to show you how to pull it off with a step-by-step tutorial.
  • Saddle Up: 7 Ways to Create A Dressed Up Ponytail

    Whether you're low on time or simply aren't in the mood to spend 45 minutes in the bathroom, at least one of these super ponytails should appeal to you.
  • How to: “The Cosmo-Tai” Blowout from DryBar

    There is nothing like a good, professional blowout: Bouncy locks, shiny hair and weather-proof style that lasts for days. Want to know what the big secret is to recreate these looks at home? Your wish is our command...
  • Two Easy Ways To Create A Vintage Inspired Updo

    Just in time for holiday party season, we've got not one, but TWO fabulous tutorials for how to rock a chic headband. The only problem you'll have is to figure out which look to try first!
  • The Best Bouffant Ever: Retro Style!

    This bouffant-inspired updo is modern and chic with just the right amount of vintage flair. Will you give this DIY style a try?
  • The Big Braided Bun Tutorial

    This party season, it’s all about the three B’s. Big Braided Buns!
  • Big Messy Waves With a Bow!

    Who says bows only go on gifts during the holiday season? This festive holiday hair tutorial will make you think otherwise!
  • Learn How to Create This Classic Braided Beehive Hairstyle

    Channel your inner vintage goddess this holiday season and sparkle at your holiday affairs with this classically chic hairstyle.
  • How To Create Gorgeous, Old Hollywood Waves

    Old Hollywood waves are chic and timeless. Learn how to achieve this gorgeous hair look yourself in just a few simple steps...
  • Learn How to Create This Runway-Inspired Bun

    Does a runway-worthy DIY updo than you can create in less than five minutes sound too good to be true? We beg to differ!
  • The Infinity Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial

    It's time to try an updo that is infinitely more gorgeous than any updo you've ever tried before... The Infinity Bun!
  • The Trendy Long Side Twist

    Watch as the lovely Cassandre Beccai adapts the loose braid and twist trend to afro-textured hair in just a few simple steps!
  • 3 Chic and Sweat-Proof Hairstyles for the Style-Conscious Athlete

    Forget the go-to ponytail! Here are three chic hairdos, courtesy of celebrity stylist and founder of Prive Salon and products Laurent Dufourg, that every athlete can totally rock on and off the field.
  • Mad About Mad Men: How to Get Betty and Sally’s Iconic Hairstyles

    Let the Mad Men HAIR madness continue! Learn how to achieve Betty Francis and Sally Draper's signature hairstyles in just a few simple steps.
  • Mad About Mad Men: How to Get Roger and Joan’s Signature Hairstyles

    From Roger's silver fox-inspired combover to Joan's bombshell bouffant, there is truly a Mad Men-inspired hair look for everyone! But the question is, which 'do are you?
  • Mad About Mad Men: How to Get Pete and Peggy’s Iconic Hairstyles

    The Mad Men madness continues! Embrace your inner Pete and Peggy and try these vintage-inspired hair looks STAT.
  • EXCLUSIVE TUTORIAL! Get Jessica Pare’s Timeless 2012 Emmy Awards Hairstyle

    The Emmy Awards are THE red carpet event for hair enthusiasts, and this year was no exception! Check out this exclusive (and amazingly simple) hair tutorial to achieve our favorite celebrity hairstyle of the night...
  • The Super Chic, Low Rolled Updo Hair Tutorial

    Perfect for the office or a special night out, this easy-to-achieve updo is a MUST try!
  • Mad About Mad Men: How to Get Don and Megan Draper’s Signature Hairstyles

    Do you love the vintage-inspired hairstyles of the hit series 'Mad Men' as much as we do? Then you'll want to learn how to channel your inner Draper here...
  • Topsy Tail-Inspired Twisted Updo Tutorial

    Try this incredibly easy (and Incredibly gorgeous) topsy tail-inspired twisted updo for a hair look that is sure to turn some heads.
  • wavy hairstyle

    Going Out? Glam Up Your Long Hair With One Of These Styles!

    Get out of a styling rut and glam up those tresses with one of these 3 steamy styles...
  • The Quick Twist and Tuck Braided Updo Hair Tutorial

    What if we said we could get you out the door wearing a head-turning DIY updo that took you less than five minutes to style?
  • A Boho Braided Side Bun Tutorial (And Hair Product Giveaway!)

    How would you like to learn a new DIY hairstyle AND win ALL of the products used to create the style? Today is your lucky day!
  • Go Glam With a Pin-Up Inspired Twisted Updo

    Add a touch of vintage charm to your hairstyle with this easy-to-achieve twisted updo.
  • 3 Perfect Hairstyle Ideas For Frizzy Hair

    Believe it or not, there are more ways to style frizzy hair than just shoving it under a ball cap! Three really pretty ones to be exact...
  • Half Up Criss Cross Hairstyle Tutorial for Long (and Short!) Hair

    Ladies, it's time to spice up that half up hairstyle with a little criss cross action. This style looks equally as chic whether you have a chin-length bob or locks down to your waist. Check it out!
  • How To Achieve Perfect Wavy Hair

    Still haven't mastered the art of the perfect wave? No worries! Our experts have you covered with their secrets to achieve the swoon-worthy wavy hair you've always wanted.
  • DIY Hair Idea – The Simple Twistback

    Try this simple and sweet DIY hairstyle for a fun change that will have you out the door (and looking great!) in no time.
  • ‘The Big Poof’ with Headband Tutorial for Long (and Short!) Hair

    FINALLY! A hair tutorial that will work on both long AND short hair...Time to get the poof ladies!
  • A double braided headband

    Add Something Special (and Easy!) to Your Hairstyle with a Double Braided Headband

    In a rush this morning? Give some extra 'oomph' to your all-down hairstyle today with a super quick, double braided headband. Here's how!
  • 5 Steps to a Star Quality Blowout

    Think you can't get a red carpet-worthy blowout at home all on your own? Think again!
  • Get Taylor Swift’s Stunning 2012 Teen Choice Awards Hairstyle in 6 Easy Steps!

    Taylor Swift recently hit the red carpet with another iconic yet achievable hairstyle. You too can rock this look in just six easy steps!
  • 3 Trendy Ponytails to Try This Summer – #3 The High Volume Pony

    We're wrapping up our summer ponytail tutorial series with this super chic, high volume pony style. Perfect for the pool or a party, this is one ponytail look you will want to try!
  • Looking for the Perfect 4th of July Hairstyle? We’ve Got Three!

    Show your patriotic (and stylish) side this 4th of July with one of these rockin' hairstyle ideas.
  • 3 Trendy Ponytails to Try This Summer – #2 The Romantic Wrapped Side Pony

    Spice up that ponytail for a little sweet summer romance with this simple tutorial.
  • Sweet Summer Hair Look – A Romantic Scarf Updo + Flower

    Cool off and bring a little vintage romance to those hot summer nights with this sweet and simple hair tutorial.
  • Cool Off With a Hot Summer Top Knot

    We are ALL about staying cool this summer and what better way than with a trendy summer top knot? We have the style inspiration and simple hair tutorial to get you going...
  • 3 Trendy Ponytails to Try This Summer – #1 The Tousled Pony

    The hot weather is here and it's time to spice up that summer ponytail! Check out the first of a series of three trendy pony tutorials and give this look a try...
  • DIY Hair Idea: Boho-Inspired Braided Updo

    Braids and boho styles are two of the hottest hair tlooks right now. Why not combine the two trends into one amazing DIY hairstyle like this one in only a few simple steps?!
  • Try This Simple and Sweet Summer Updo

    Add some sass to your summer hairstyle with this simple and sweet updo. We promise you'll want to try it!
  • Steal This Hot Hair Look: Emma Stone’s Romantic Updo

    Emma Stone always dazzles us with her stunning hair hues and sensational hairstyles. The twisty updo she rocked at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards is one of our favorites, so we had to share a tutorial for it!
  • 4 of The Coolest (Literally!) Hairstyles For Summer

    Beat the heat with these four super cool (literally!) summer hair tutorials.
  • The Waterfall Twist [Hair Tutorial]

    Feeling a little bored with your tresses? Try this fun and easy hair tutorial to achieve the elegant yet practical waterfall twist.
  • 3 Updo Ideas For Short Hair

    Who says short hair isn't versatile? We've got three amazing updo ideas for shorter hair to prove it is!
  • 3 Updos Every Woman Should Know How To Do – #3 The Romantic French Twist

    Looking for an updo idea without the hassle? Try this simple hair tutorial for the always-romantic French twist.
  • 3 Updos Every Woman Should Know How To Do – #2 The Party Bun

    Out of fun and easy hair styling ideas? Try this fabulous updo tutorial for 'The Party Bun'!
  • 3 Updos Every Woman Should Know How To Do – #1 The Braided Chignon

    Join fab stylist and hair blogger Reagan Breinholt as she takes you through a series of three simple and gorgeous updo tutorials.
  • NYFW Hair Tutorial: Twisted Updo

    Make your next updo runway ready with this simple, New York Fashion Week-inspired hair tutorial.
  • 3 Ways To Style A Pixie Cut

    Considering cutting your tresses short to a trendy pixie cut but worried your styling options may be limited? Think again!
  • New York Fashion Week Hair Tutorial: The Braided Bun

    Don't wait until next season to rock the trends from New York Fashion Week. Try this haute braided hair tutorial now!
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