Can You Dig It?: Wearable Hairstyles Inspired by the ’60s

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m trailing miles behind the bandwagon, but I recently began watching Mad Men and I’m officially hooked. Like, the kind of hooked where I felt it necessary to go home early from a party and watch five (okay, maybe it was seven) consecutive episodes before going to bed at 2:47 a.m. (but only because my tablet battery died and I couldn’t muster the strength to get the charger). Ahem.

Anyway, like others who’ve gotten sucked into this ’60s drama TV show, I’ve quickly developed an obsession with the makeup, costumes and, naturally, the glorious hair. Especially the glorious hair. So, when I visited the Hair Dresser on Fire blog a few days ago and the first thing I saw was a “60s Hair Headband” tutorial, I was instantly inspired to do a roundup of wearable ’60s hairstyles.

’60s Hair Headband

I’ll start with Reagan’s hair headband mentioned above. It’s part of her “In a Hairry” series and only requires five minutes of your time, a teasing comb and a few bobby pins. Just part your hair as desired, braid two sections of hair on either side, cross over the top of your head and pin. Tease the crown to achieve that classic ’60s bump and walk out the door looking every part of a stone fox.

Hairdresser on Fire – In A Hairry – The Date from Joe Varca on Vimeo.

Baby Beehive

baby beehive 60's hairstyles

Wearing a towering beehive reminiscent of Marge Simpson will surely earn you the wrong kind of attention, but a more subtle version is definitely apropo for everyday sidewalks.’s beauty guru Hannah Johnson shows you how to re-create the “baby beehive” hairstyle that was seen on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 runway. Paired with soft and tonal makeup, this feminine hairstyle is perfect for a date night, soiree or evening with the girls. View the video tutorial below.

Classic Pin Curls

pin curls 60's hairstyle

Melissa from A Ruby Red takes the authentic route by following a pin curl pattern straight from a retro magazine tutorial. Pin curls — which were still all the rage in the early to mid ’60s — are created by wrapping damp hair into loops and pinning tightly against the scalp. After your hair dries (many women waited overnight, but you can expedite the process by blow drying), remove the pins and brush out. Follow YouTube User PinupDollAshleyMarie’s tutorial or try the pattern pictured here.

pin curl pattern 60's hairstyles

Bardot Ponytail

Bardot ponytail 60's look

A good tease made or break any 1960s hairdo and this retro ponytail inspired by Brigitte Bardot makes no exception. Hair expert Chris Lospalluto teaches you how to create the perfect tease on Caroline Knapp (of Sweet Caroline in the City). After teasing, he gathers into a low ponytail, which accentuates the volume created at the crown. All you need for this ‘do is hairspray, a teasing comb and an elastic.