Vintage Glam: 4 Roaring 20s Hairstyles

Whether you’re inspired by Boardwalk Empire’s forever beautiful cast of prohibitionist-era women, films like Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby or vintage classics such as Dorothy Parker, Gilda Gray or Clara Bow, one fact remains true: women of the 1920s were worthy of admiration. Not just on a fashion and beauty level, but on political and social levels, too. The 1920s represented a surge in “girl power” — it’s when women gained the right to vote, weren’t afraid to cut their hair, play with makeup or even (gasp!) drink and dance.

Today we pay homage to women of the 1920s. Try one or two of these roaring 20s hairstyles yourself and try not to feel brazen, emboldened and grand.

1920 Inspired Faux Bob

It’s no secret that women in the 1920s rocked cropped ‘dos — it was monumental that they did so! If your hair is long and you’re craving the bobbed look, though, fear not. Hairstylist Darian from Toni and Guy shows you how to create a faux bob, complete with finger waves, in this video tutorial. Darian does an excellent job of breaking this hairstyle down into easy-to-understand steps.

Finger Waves on Dry Hair

YouTube user MakeupWearables teaches another method for recreating those classic, 1920s finger waves. This one still requires some time and patience, but definitely not as much as the traditional finger wave method. Additionally, you’ll be left with soft and touchable hair instead of helmet head (a common side effect of 1920s glam). This method works best for medium to long hair.

Gibson Tuck Hairstyle

The Gibson girl and flapper coexisted in the ’20s, but the two had differing approaches toward beauty and fashion. While flappers opted to bare more skin and rock cropped ‘dos, Gibson girls took a more refined and conservative approach to their aesthetic. As a rule, they showed less than 10% of their bodies and tended to keep their hair quite long. Speaking of hair, it was often plopped, tucked and pinned in a very romantic manner. This Gibson Tuck hair tutorial, provided by Victoria Stanell over at BeautyLish, is a modern approach to Gibson hairstyles and is super easy to recreate.

roaring 20s hairstyles

Glam, Modern-Day Pin Curls

Fashion and beauty blogger Chriselle was asked what her three favorite hairstyles of all time were. The first one that came to mind? “Glam Curls,” she says, because the “perfectly polished curls are not only timeless, but also a modern take on the 1920s flapper finger waved hair.” To create this updated version of the 1920s girl, Chriselle employed a little trick that includes wrapping warm hair around her fingers to form a pin curl.

roaring 20s hair pin curls

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