Perfecting Messy: 5 Effortlessly Chic and Messy Buns

messy buns

Wearing your hair sleek and silky will never go out of style, but there are times when an effortlessly chic and messy updo is the way to go. Think 8 a.m. English class, midday brunch after an…eventful evening, or weekend errand running. Even the office or a casual party lends itself to messy hair.

The key to a successful messy bun, though, is to somehow make your hair look perfect without overcomplicating anything. And make no mistake: messy hair does require some effort. After all, there’s a difference between actual bed head and perfected messy hair. One makes you look disheveled in an, “I’m not sure she’s right in the head” kind of way while the other takes on a dreamy, in vogue sort of vibe.

The below hair bloggers have all perfected the art of messy hair, so let them guide you in your quest to achieve a brilliantly tousled coiffure.

I’m head over heels for this “whimsical, swept updo” that Phoenix-based blogger Promise Tangeman-Wurzell created. Her go-to hair is always some version of messy-chic and this ‘do — which she refers to as her “signature messy bun” — is downright fab. That volume!

messy buns tutorial

Amber over at Forever Amber (whose pictures and style sense will make you drool, so prepare to get sucked in for at least an hour of browsing), shows you how to create this sort of ’80s birds nest hairdo that’s wispy and light. She urges you to “go forth and create giant messy bunheads of your own” and band together to create a giant messy bunhead army.

messy buns top knot tutorial

Similar to Amber’s bird nest bun is Jenesqua’s “messy milkmaid” bun. Essentially, you form a ponytail at the front and slightly-off-center of your head. Then, separate the pony into two sections and braid each. The next step takes some finessing, but you basically drape hair across the front of your head and loosen/adjust for a deconstructed finish.

milkmaid braid messy buns tutorial messy milkmaid braid

The messy bun by Erika at the Asuyeta blog is like a distant cousin to Promise’s super tousled bun above. It’s less teased than Promise’s super tall version and the bun is slightly more pronounced as well. It’s perfect for day two or day three hair when you want your locks off your face, but aren’t quite ready to wash yet. All you need are a few bobby pins, a clear elastic, comb and hairspray. Most of the teasing takes place before you even put your hair into a ponytail, giving you full volume on the bottom with a tiny top knot.

messy buns top knot hair tutorial

So we have the messy milkmaid bun — what about the Rancher’s Daughter? This version of the messy bun was created by Emily at Egoswick and has an airy, country-meets-urban feel to it that I adore. The face-framing fringe and messy underside makes this ‘do a definite do. Tip: Emily says that squeaky clean hair isn’t good messy bun material. If you desperately want to rock a messy bun and your mane is freshly washed, use a texturizer.

messy buns updo tutorial

So you love a beautiful mess when it comes to hair, do ya? Then you’ll love our Messy Hair is Marvelous Hair board on Pinterest.