Inspiring Retro Look – The Hair Roll!

Looking for a cool, retro hairstyle that is versatile and fashionable? Try the “Hair Roll”! A totally fun and different look but still chic and wearable; made famous by the gorgeous Gwen Stefani. This style is super funky and is sure to spice up any type of simple ponytail, pigtails, or even looks great on hair left down straight or curly. Awesome for getting long bangs up and out of your face to keep your look fresh and modern.

the hair rollthe hair roll 2

Hair Roll How To:

  • Section out a generous top front section of hair and clip to get it out of the way.
  • Pull hair up into a high or low ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
  • Take down the hair you sectioned off on the top of your head and start taking small slices of the hair and tease heavily at the roots to build a cushion.
  • Once all sliced sections are teased, hold the entire section of hair up and lightly comb and smooth the very front hair section that will be seen when you twist the hair back into place.
  • Spray roots and ends to get a nice sleek look that will hold. (The key to this style is LOTS OF HAIRSPRAY! So don’t skimp!)
  • Fold hair up and back and then spiral the ends back down to the scalp and into a nice roll. You can spiral the hair to the left or right – you choose.
  • Secure at the scalp, at the bottom of the spiral, into the twist with a bobby pin that matches your hair color. Try to stay loose so you don’t squish all your teasing down – you need that for volume.
  • Spritz with hairspray again for ultimate hold.
imelda may hair roll

You should be able to secure the style with one bobby pin, maybe two if you have a ton of hair. Practice makes perfect so try this out a couple of times before you take it out on the dance floor. When you walk onto the scene you will demand attention with your bold fashion taste. You’ll go from a boring party girl to an all-star rocker in seconds.

Even though this style has been around for awhile, it isn’t overused or overplayed so you’ll still look up to date and chic. It is a classic retro / rockabilly look that will never go out of style. Add a bold cat eye liner and ruby red lipstick and you’re timeless!

hair roll hairstylehair in a hair roll

easter ireneAbout the Author: Irene is a true California girl who loves to laugh and spend time with her sisters and friends. She grew up in the Bay Area as the sixth of seven children in a wonderful and crazy family – the perfect environment to imagine, create, and dream. She has been a hairstylist in the downtown Saratoga Village since graduating from beauty school at the beginning of 2006. Her passion for doing hair is extremely evident in her work and her dream as a hair stylist is to make people feel beautiful, inside and out.

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