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15 of the Hottest Hairstyles Right Now

Just as fashion trends ebb and flow and come and go, hair trends change and evolve every decade, year and even season. Fall 2012 hair trends are somewhat diverse, as was demonstrated by the coiffures bobbing down the Fall 2012 runways. This season’s hair diversity is also demonstrated by the myriad of hairstyles currently gracing all the fashion glossies spread out across magazine stands and grocery aisles throughout the nation.

Still, there’s one constant for Fall 2012 hairstyles: they’re all polished. Whether you go curly or wavy, stick straight or somewhere in between, your hair should be frizz free and refined for the duration of the season.

I spoke to three esteemed hair stylists about their favorite Fall 2012 hair trends: Hollywood favorite David Babaii, who’s styled celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlett Johansson for big-name magazine covers; Janet St. Paul, celebrity hair stylist who’s styled the heads of Diane Sawyer and Sigourney Weaver; and award winning stylist Greg Ruggeri of Salon Ruggeri, whose work has been featured in New York Magazine and InStyle Magazine, among others.

Check out their favorite Fall 2012 hairstyles, then tell us which looks you plan to try in the comment section.

A-Line Bob

a-line bob hairstyle

David Babaii says this classic cut flatters any face shape. “My client, Olivia Wilde, made headlines with this cut as it allows hair to follow its natural pattern,” he said. “To style, simply blow dry with a medium round brush to bend the ends slightly under.”

Decorated Bob

bob haircut

Bob haircuts are especially popular for Fall 2012, says Greg Ruggeri. This time, though, it’s not just about the structured angles of the hairstyle. Ruggeri suggests accessorizing bob haircuts this season. “Think Carey Mulligan’s ‘Daisy’ in the upcoming Great Gatsby. She wears this with such ease and of course teams it up with scarves, diamond encrusted headbands and clips.”

Polished Pony

polished ponytail hairstyles

Janet St. Paul loves a sleek and polished ponytail for Fall 2012. This one’s an easy look to complete. Using a flat bristle boar brush, “brush hair several times, deep and slow, to get your hair to look flawless and smooth,” she says. Secure with a snag free rubber band and use an anti-frizz serum to tame fly aways.

Long, Round Layers

long layered hairstyles

“This cut is versatile and allows you to wear to it sleek or very Boho-ish,” says Babaii. He recommends using a texture spray to smooth your hair down and create bohemian waves.

Super Straight, Shoulder Length

straight, shoulder length hairstyle

“Sleek, straight, just below the shoulder hairstyles are always glamorous and effortlessly chic,” says Ruggeri. He recommends adding a shine serum after straightening to create an even sleeker finish.

Ballet Bun

ballet bun hairstyle

This is another simple look that’s chic and sophisticated and can be dressed either up or down. St. Paul says to start with hair that isn’t freshly washed for best results. To complete the look, use a large, fine tooth comb and slick hair back and up. Put hair into a ponytail, then, “in a circular motion, gently twist the ponytail and begin to curl and coil the shape of a bun.” Secure with bobby pins and use a shine spray to create an extra glossy finish.

Blunt Cut

blunt cut hairstyle

“You can have it cut to the shoulders or chin length,” says Babaii. “To achieve a perfectly straight look, use a smoothing serum with a paddle brush to dry hair completely straight followed by your favorite flat iron to make sure every strand is super sleek. To change the style, you can slick back into a straight ponytail or add hair accessories.”

Tousled Hair

tousled hairstyle

“Tousled hair at any length — from shoulder to mid back — can be a nice transition from summer to fall,” says Ruggeri. “The key here is to make it look like its a natural thing.” Section damp hair from your part to nape, braid the two sections (either loose or tight) and let hair air dry or set. “Give the hair a little shake to loosen up hair, but be careful not to run fingers through, as this will make hair frizzy,” says Ruggeri.

Bold, Sleek Off-Center Parts

hair parts

This is a simple look to create, but it packs a lot of wow. St. Paul says to style your hair as you usually do. “Starting at the hairline just above the center of your right or left eyebrow, move the comb straight back,” she explains. “You can decide what side of the comb works best. Some parts you may need the fine comb, others the larger teeth.”

Bangs + Long Layers

long, layered hairstyles with bangs

Babaii suggests trying bangs with long layers that frame your face. “This cut compliments any hair texture or face shape,” he says.

Wild Curls

curly hairstyles

Wild curls are a fun option and, thanks to curling irons, can be achieved by anyone. Don’t be afraid to go really wild, either. “The wilder, the better,” says Ruggeri. Whether short or long hair, large or small curls, always make sure the curls are defined. Use a lightweight hold hairspray or mousse.

Polished Pixie Cut

pixie haircut

This short and sexy look is for the truly bold. “This is great for women with straight to slightly textured hair and an oval face shape,” advises Babaii. “A great wax or paste adds just the right amount of texture to the look.” See 3 other ways to style a pixie haircut.


bouffant hairstyles

Perhaps inspired by the myriad period piece TV shows and movies that have inundated pop culture as of late, the bouffant is a major do for Fall 2012, says St. Paul. It’s a somewhat tricky look to create. You’ll need a lot of hairspray and a good brush. Check out YouTube for some great hair tutorials.

Sleek Chignon

sleek chignon

This style easily transitions from day to night. Ruggeri suggests using bobby pins (that match your hair color) to secure the chignon. “Make sure the part is always deep on the side. Not too far that it looks like a comb over, though,” he cautions.

Heavy Bangs

heavy bangs

Blunt, heavy bangs are definitely in for Fall 2012, says St. Paul. This look works best on naturally straight, somewhat thick hair. Heavy bangs look especially great with ponytails or super straight locks of all lengths.

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