11 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

The man of your dreams finally asked you on a date, and now you’re not only freaking out about your outfit, but your hair as well! Sound familiar? Well, take a chill pill girlfriend. Whether you’re headed to a sporting event or a five star restaurant, these to-die-for date night hairstyles are bound to make a lasting impression!

date night hairstyles

1. A Simple, Sleek High Bun

A classic bun at the top of the head screams high fashion and if perfect for fancy dates, says celebrity hairstylist Claudio Lazo, owner of C The Salon in Studio City, CA. “Carry a small can of hairspray in your bag, and always, always, always have a few hairpins handy for touchups throughout the night.” Hey, you never know when disaster might strike or a sudden gust of wind could totally mess up your mane! It’s best to be prepared.

sleek high bun date night hairstyle

2. The Whimsical Side Chignon

According to Claudio, a chignon can be worn on every type of date. It all depends on how you rock it, however. For example, if you’re going with the whimsical side chignon (one of our favorite looks!), he suggests trying it out for a casual summer date night. “Not that much work is needed, and it’s a hairdo that turns any woman into a chicer version of herself, whether she knows how to control her hair or not.”

side chignon date night hairstyle

3. Boho Beach Waves

Boho beach waves are another fabulous low-key date night hairstyle idea. They’re effortless and give off that free-spirited, cool girl vibe. To score the messy look, Claudio recommends flash drying hair from the bottom up, about 80% of the way. Then, split it down the center and braid it. Spritz with a little hairspray, blow dry the rest and undo the braid for beautiful beach waves.

boho beach waves for date night

4. The Power Pony

Headed to drinks with your date after work? Sport the power pony! “The volume in this hairstyle makes it great for the transition from day to night,” notes Donet Dee Eiwasian, a stylist at Assembly Salon in LA. First, blow dry your hair to achieve sleek looking locks. Take sections at the crown next (as shown in the photo), and tease your hair at the root. Secure the “pouf” with bobby pins in a criss cross pattern right below your crown. Now, take the rest of your hair and put it up into a ponytail. Grab the end of the teased and secured section and wrap this around the base of your pony to hide the hair elastic. Secure with bobby pins, and you’re ready to roll.

power ponytail for dates

5. The Runway Blowout

This look works in practically any setting, especially on a fancy shmancy dinner date, points out Donet. “Roughly blow dry your hair or use your round brush to get strands extra sleek. Wrap sections around a large 1.5-inch curling iron, and don’t brush out the curl. Let your hair completely cool before repeating on your entire head.” Once it’s cooled the second time around, brush out and voila: you have a beautiful, salon-worthy blowout!

runway blowout date night look

6. A Super Quick & Wavy Side Pony

In a rush, but still want your hair to look hot? Don’t worry! You can cheat and recreate this style in minutes by only curling the hair in your ponytail, says seasoned hairstylist Sherri Jessee. “Start by brushing your hair over to one side, and tie it off with a covered elastic band.

Take a small section of hair next, and wrap it around to conceal the band. Secure it in place with a few bobby pins. Then, curl the rest of your hair with a one-inch curling iron.” Your date won’t be able to take his eyes off you!

wavy side ponytail for date night

7. A Chignon With Serious Flower Power

There’s nothing more romantic than accessorizing with a flower! “Using your fingers to amp up texture, rake your hair back into a low ponytail,” advises Jessee. “Loosely twist the ends, and pin them to form an asymmetrical chignon.

Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh spring flowers, and secure one of them in your hair for the perfect accent.” You can also find flirty, clip-on faux flowers at your local drugstore or beauty supply store.

flower chignon date night hairstyle

8. Voluminous Soft Waves

Soft waves are sure to win his heart every time, says Jessee. And we totally agree! To achieve this look at home, she recommends applying a volumizing mousse to freshly shampooed hair, then blow dry it. “Roll hair on medium sized electric rollers. For longer lasting curls, allow the set to cool completely before removing. Now, turn your head upside down, and brush hair with a soft bristle brush. Gently smooth it into place, and spray with a touchable hairspray like Pravana Super Shape.”

soft wavy hair

9. Effortless Sex Kitten Hair

Wow your date with effortless come-hither hair! “On towel dried locks, apply a cocktail of styling cream and Obliphica Professional Treatment Serum; distribute evenly, and spritz a volumizing spray on your roots,” instructs celebrity hairstylist and creative director of Obliphica Professional, John Blaine.

“For maximum volume, blow dry your hair with a large, round, boar bristle brush. Use large velcro rollers next, and leave them in while you do your makeup and get dressed.” When you’re ready to go, take them out, and run one pump of Treatment Serum throughout your strands. “This will give you that dreamy summer night’s hair. Plus, the smell will drive him wild!”

effortless date night hairstyle

10. Vintage Hollywood Waves

According to John, the vintage Hollywood look is always in. He suggests spraying damp hair with volumizer to start, then mix styling cream with Treatment Serum and distribute evenly. “Create a razor straight side part (it must be straight!), and blow dry your hair with a roller brush. Set waves with hot rollers all going downward and toward your face. Let cool before brushing out and into shape.” To help mold the shape, he advises using a comb and your fingers. Finally, spritz with some hairspray and get ready to blow your date away!

vintage waves for your date

11. An Artistic Textured Updo

A lot of women only associate long hair as sexy, but John believes hair pulled up is even more seductive because you can see the neck of the woman. To fashion this style, he says to apply Obliphica Professional Multi Task Styling Cream to damp hair and distribute evenly. “Blow dry your hair upside down, and begin grabbing sections of hair starting in the lower back; pin these with bobby pins. Work your way up to the front, letting your creativity flow by sculpting and molding the shape you want. Remember, it’s all about that texture!”

textured date night updo