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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Hair Tools

Having the right tools is one of the secrets to having gorgeous hairstyles. See all of the great tools we have discovered that will help you take your look to the next level!

  • How to Use a Curling Wand

    How to Use a Curling Wand Like a Pro

    Curling wands may look simple, but they actually take a little while to master. Let us save you some time and show you how to use a curling wand in the best way possible!
  • The 10 Types of Hair Brushes: Are You Using The Right Ones?

    Did you know a hairbrush isn't just a hairbrush? FInd out if you are using the right brush for your hair type or hairstyle you are trying to achieve with this easy reference guide. This is a MUST read fellow hair lovers!
  • The Truth About Flat Irons

    Ionic, titanium, aluminum, ceramic, tourmaline...all words describing our beloved flat irons, but what do they really mean for you and your hair?
  • 10 Hair Tools Every Woman Should Know How to Use

    Here’s a secret: you can’t style your hair like a pro unless you learn how to use certain tools. Come see our list of hair tools you absolutely must master!
  • 3 Must-Have Hair Tools for 3 Trendy Fall Hair Looks

    Fall is near, but are you and your hair ready? Stock your hair tool box with these three items to achieve the trendiest looks of the season...
  • Curling Tools: Which is Right for Me?

    The options for buying curling tools are seemingly endless and can be more than overwhelming! Check out this quick guide with tips to finding which curling tool is best for you and your hair.
  • What’s Your Secret Hairstyling Weapon? Here’s Ours…

    We all have that one hairstyling product or weapon we absolutely cannot live without, right? What's your secret styling weapon? We'll tell you ours if you tell us yours!
  • Splurge vs Save: Which Hair Products and Tools Should You Spend More On?

    The sheer number (let alone the amount of money!) it takes to build up a hair arsenal can be incredibly overwhelming. So where should you splurge and where can you save? We have the scoop!
  • Comb Craze – Are You Using The Right One For Your Hair?

    Combing is an important and often overlooked part of an everyday hair care routine. We've teamed up with BrushLove.com to break down the types of combs and why you (and your hair) need one!
  • 4 Impressive Flat Irons That Won’t Break The Bank

    Get straight and sleek strands WITHOUT breaking the bank with one of these fabulous flat irons.
  • Make Waves: The Top 3 Curling Irons For Dramatic Curls

    Do you covet the curls of starlets like Taylor and Carrie? Check out our picks for the top curling irons to achieve star quality waves.
  • All About Hair Combs

    Here's a little 'All About Hair Combs' tutorial to ensure you are using the right comb for your hair type and styling needs. Enjoy!
  • Get Taylor Swift Inspired Waves With A Triple Barrel Jumbo Waver

  • Hair Product Review – Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron

    For those of you that have not invested in a clipless curling iron yet, we are so excited to share this review with you!
  • Hair Product Review – The Spin Pin!

    We’ve heard a lot of buzz this summer about the Spin Pin from Goody Hair Products, so I thought I would try it myself and see what the hair fuss was all about!
  • Hair Dryers 101