3 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Short Hair

short hair tipsEvery so often, we get tempted to cut it all off — rock a short haircut, and give our neck some much-needed breathing room. (And rid our heads of a lot of dead weight!)

But…then we get bored. So how do we jazz things back up when rocking a short ‘do?

 1. “Clip in” or “pinned in” extensions

“Extensions are very popular and you no longer have to grow out your hair just for your wedding day or a formal occasion,” says Ashley Stone of Beauty Entourage. “For a down style, clip in extensions are most ideal.

Check with your stylist and have them patch up the hair to the extensions for a perfect match. For upstyles, pinned in extensions are more ideal. Hair is wrapped around the base of your ponytail (only an inch long ponytail is needed). You can then curl and pin to give more fullness to the style.”

2. Accessorize

Accessories are very popular for short hair this season. Headbands are fun accessories that you can use to add a little bling or create a dramatic look with a larger, bolder headband,” says Stone.

3. Mermaid waves

Waves don’t take away from length like spiral curls can. “For more cropped styles that have slightly longer hair in the front, you can add a deeper part with a few waved pieces to give a vintage feel. Or, for short bobs, you can do smaller sections and tousle the hair for a beachier, soft effect,” says Stone.

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