5 Reasons Short Hair Rocks

I’ve always been one of those girls with long hair. Maybe it’s because my mom refused to let me chop it off when I was little, and when I finally did in middle school, I decided I hated it and grew it back out.

But there’s just something about short hair that still intrigues me. If I had the face for it (and the guts to actually try it again now that I know how to work a flat iron), maybe I would.

But until then, I’ll just admire girls with cropped ‘dos and bobs from afar. So coming from a chick with long hair, here are five reasons I think short hair rocks.

short hair rocks

1. Blow Drying Is A Breeze

The worst part about having long hair is the whole blow drying process. I HATE blow drying my hair, so I avoid it at all costs. It just takes way too long. But with short hair, that’s not a problem. Depending on your length, it can take you under a minute or, at max, several minutes to have perfectly dry locks. Ah, now wouldn’t that be nice… 

2. Short Hair Is Unique

Living in LA, I feel like everyone’s hair looks exactly like mine: it’s blonde and long. Short hair is unique though, especially here, and not something you see as often. I think that alone makes it all the more awesome. 

3. It Saves You Money

Just think about how much less conditioner, shampoo, styling products, etc. you would have to use if you had short hair. When you’re on a budget like I am, things like this can make a big difference!

4. It’s Cooler In The Summer (Literally)

Long hair can be so hot and sweaty on your neck and back during the summer that you ultimately have to give in and just throw it up in a ponytail. With short hair though, you can wear it down and still get a nice breeze on your back and, if it’s short enough, your neck too.

5. Short Hair Doesn’t Tangle As Easy

My long hair has literally brought me to tears several times just trying to brush out all the tangles. This typically happens after a night of restless sleep or showering at my boyfriend’s and realizing he has no conditioner. If I had short hair though, I imagine this wouldn’t be such an issue.