Dare to Flair: Short Ombre Hair

Short hair can have fun too! Jump into one of the longest lasting color trends and add some ombre’ to your cropped locks.

Bright, blonde, caramel, sombre’, or even blue, whatever your style, there is a short ombre hair look for you! Check out these 18 looks!

1. Face Framing

Show off your best feature with an ombre’ that frames your face. Paired with a rich red, this look is sure to turn heads!

Face Framing Ombre Hair ColorShort Ombre Hair

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Skin tones that are light to medium and look great in warm browns, dark violets, and reds wear this color well. Hair that is cut with a bit of face frame displays this ombre’ highlight perfectly.


Not looking to be a redhead?  That’s ok, pair this ombre’ technique with shades of brown, violet, golden, or even beige!

2. Blazing Ends

Copper brightens up this short ombre hair with a subtle edge. Perfectly placed ombre’ brings out the fun texture and separation of this haircut.

Subtle Copper Ombre Haircolor

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light skin tones that go towards wearing oranges and warm yellows wear this color perfectly. Hair that is naturally wavy and medium to thick will make this an easy style to achieve.


With this particular ombre’, you don’t want to overdo it. Adding just enough gives the pop of color without creating an all-over color.

3. Curly Q’s

Voluminous short curls with slightly lightened ends create a fun look that is perfect for a night out!

Curly Hairstyle with Lightened EndsCurly Short Ombre Hairstyle with Lightened Ends Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Cooler skin tones wear this beige color best, while hair that is naturally curly or wavy will give you a great base to create this exciting curly style.


To keep this look soft, make sure your ends don’t get too light. This will create a more dramatic effect.

4. A Touch of Apricot

Love your bright blonde hair, but want to give it a trendy ombre’ effect? Try adding pastel apricot, pink, yellow, turquoise, mint or lilac through your ends!

Blonde Ombre Haircolor with Pastels

Best Skin Tones and Hair Type:

Light skin tones that are already bright blonde are the best starting point for this color.  Straight hair that is medium to thick make these waves easy to style.


Not sure about coloring your blonde hair? Try using hair chalk! It comes out after one to two washes and can be changed to match your outfit.

5. Soft Golden

Soft, sweeping ombre‘ with a honey gold tone looks fabulous with rose gold (colored or natural). Adding more blonde on the longer side of an asymmetric haircut adds extra fun too!

Soft Golden Short Ombre Hair Color

Best Skin Tone ad Hair Type:

Natural redheads, or those of us that should be, look amazing in this color, while hair that is wavy to straight will keep a hold on the soft waves best.


Keeping your blonde on the golden side is best when pairing with this shade of red. If it gets too blonde, have your stylist apply a glaze to give you a golden glow and mega shine!

6. Wild Orchid

Don’t let blondes have all the fun with ombre’! Adding a bright orchid color to dark hair is a bold and beautiful statement.

Bright Orchid Short Ombre HaircolorBright Orchid Ombre Haircolor Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Just about any skin tone can wear these orchid dip-dyed ends. If you tend to wear violet, crimson and navy blue, this is the color for you. Hair that is starting off with a dark base is best for this look, while hair that has had a previous ombre’ makes it a breeze to achieve!


Keep your color bright by skipping the daily shampoo! Opt for a dry shampoo on “no wash” days and a gentle color shampoo that is specific to your type of color on wash days. For bright fashion colors I recommend Pravana’s Vivids shampoo and conditioner.

7. Just a Bit

With ombre’ there are no rules, so if you want to just add a small bit for a soft effect, go for it!

Soft Effect Short Ombre HaircolorSoft Effect Ombre Haircolor Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Rich brown with soft copper is paired best with light to medium skin tones that look best in warmer colors like oranges, reds and magentas.  Naturally straight hair helps to make styling this slightly angled bob a breeze.


You can go sublte with this bit of ombre’ or bold with more! Discuss how light of a look you are looking for with your stylist to find the perfect color.

8. Hollywood Ombre’

Here’s the look that started it all! Blonde beachy highlights that fade down from your natural color are easy to maintain and look fabulous on everyone.

Blonde Ombre on Natural ColorBlonde Ombre on Natural Color Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones wear this beachy look best, while hair that is naturally light brown to dark blonde creates a perfect base to lighten ends.


Not every stylist is the best at ombre’. If you are looking for a new stylist, ask to see pictures or check out their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to scope out their work.

9. Short and Sassy

Adding ombre’ to a short asymmetric haircut gives it all that much more sass!

Ombre Haircolor on Short Asymmetric HaircutOmbre Haircolor on Short Asymmetric Haircut Side

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to dark skin tones that look great in reds, oranges and mahogany wear this color well.  Medium to dark natural hair color is a great starting point for this color.


Be prepared for maintenance with both this cut and color. It looks best if touched up every six to eight weeks.  With short ombre hair, your color may not last as long as longer hair as it’s trimmed off more regularly.

10. Sombre’

The sister version of the ombre’, the sombre’,  is softer and less defined. But don’t let that make you think it’s any less fun!

Soft Sombre Haircolor
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Just about any skin tone can wear this soft and versatile look, while hair that is straight or slightly wavy will be perfect to create this no fuss style.


If you are looking to soften out your ombre’, make sure to bring pictures to your stylist so they can see what you want. This way you will both be on the same page!

11. Berry Blue

A bright blue overlay on your ombre’ is a fun way to change up your color for something a little more exciting!

Bright Blue Ombre Haircolor

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Beauties with a cooler complexion wear this blissful blue best, while hair that has been lightened into an ombre’ style previously gives an easy base to overlay with a bright hue.


Bright colors fade quickly. Help to prolong your blue (or pink, purple, green or yellow) longer by only shampooing hair every two to three days. On “no wash” days, refresh your hair with a dry shampoo!

12. Sun Kissed Glow

Pretty golden ombre’ highlights brighten up any color. Keep your natural look with an easy to maintain ombre’.

Golden Ombre Highlights

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light sun kissed tones look best with this golden glow, while hair that is straight to wavy will help to create the soft wavy look.


Although this is a low maintenance hair color, make sure to still stop in for regular trims. This will keep your ends looking healthy and fresh!

13. Melted Blonde

This is the perfect blend of brunette and blonde! This short ombre hair look is soft yet bold at the same time, so it’s perfect when you can’t decide!

Brunette and Blonde Ombre HaircolorBrunette and Blonde Ombre Haircolor Back

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones wear this color best, while hair that is light brown to dark blonde is the best starting point to achieve this ombre’ color.


Ombre’ colored hair always looks best when some curl or wave is added. Make sure to protect your lightened ends by using a leave-in treatment like Pravana’s Intense Therapy daily.

14. Sandy Ombre’

This soft and sandy color is perfect for a bronzed beauty! Light ends that are brought up into the fringe brighten your face as well.

Sandy Ombre Haircolor

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Darker skin tones that bronze easily look fabulous in this sandy beige ombre’, while hair that is medium to fine and naturally straight makes it easy to achieve this sleek style.


When choosing the perfect shade combination for your ombre’, consult your stylist. He/she can look at you and be able to tell you the perfect color for your skin tone.

15. Soft Caramel

Adding soft caramel toned ombre’ highlights through the ends of your hair gives it a touch of summer all year long.

Soft Caramel Short Ombre Hair

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones that look great in purples, reds and browns wear this color beautifully. Hair that is medium to thick and holds a curl well will make it easy to achieve this softly curled style.


To create these soft curls that really show off your ombre’, try using hot rollers! Section out hair and roll sections just from your ears down.

16. Oh So Natural

Look like it’s summer time year round with these natural looking ombre’ highlights. Pairing this color with fun flirty curls is the perfect look for a night out.

Natural Ombre HighlightsNatural Ombre Highlights Front

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones look amazing in this summer fun ombre’, while hair that is medium to thick and has natural curl or wave will help to hold your flirty curls all day!


Even with short hair you can still use a lot of “no heat” curling options. Look online for rag rollers, headband curls, or even sponge roller techniques to save your hair from heat damage.

17. Rose Gold Glow

Adding soft blonde through the ends of a gorgeous rose gold shade brings it to a whole new level! This technique brings your curls definition and creates extra texture.

Soft Blonde Ombre Color on Curly Hair

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Soft porcelain skin tones that look great in light pinks, corals and greens wear this color great. Hair that already has a natural curl will help with this springy look, and hair that is naturally (or colored) medium copper is the best starting point.


To achieve these fabulous curls, get your one-inch curling iron or wand heated up. Section hair and begin curling underneath in small sections. Make sure to let each section cool before manipulating.

Once every hair is curled and cooled, apply a pomade to your hands and rub them together. Then run your fingers through the curls to break them up. Set with a spritz of your favorite hairspray and you’re good to go!

18. Ever So Slight

Sometimes you want just a little bit of color, and this style is a perfect example of that! Having your stylist paint soft ombre’ highlights through your cropped cut gives it dimension and style.

Cropped Haircut with Ombre Color FrontCropped Haircut with Ombre Color

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any skin tone can wear this color! Finding the right brown base for your skin tone is key (psst ask your stylist for help). Hair that is medium to thick and has a bit of wave will make it easiest to style.


When going in to have your ombre’ painted on, make sure to come with your hair styled. This gives your stylist a better idea of exactly where to put the color so you get better results!

Adding ombre color to your short hair can be subtle, loud, or somewhere in between. Consult your stylist, find your pictures, and go for it. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to rock one of these short ombre hair looks!