35 Dazzling Short Ombre Hairstyles and Color Ideas

Short hair can have fun too! Jump into one of the longest lasting color trends and add some ombre to your cropped locks.

Bright, blonde, caramel, sombre, or even blue, whatever your style, there is an ombre hair look for you.

There is so much variety when it comes to ombre and the color combinations are endless. You can go with popular ombre tones like dark brown, golden honey, and blonde or spruce it up with more unique shades like cherry, pink, cotton candy, or the super hot rose gold color. There are even particular creations like mermaid, unicorn, rainbow, metallic platinum, and fiery fire burgundy to red to try. Although many short ombre hairstyles can be created DIY style, a professional colorist will add the perfect touch. Check out these ombre hair ideas!

Sleek Short Ombre Bob

Sleek Ombre Bob hairstyleInstagram @karaleexhair

Q&A with style creator, Kara Morgan
Hairstylist @ Laura Bell Nails Hair and Beauty in Falmouth / Penryn, Cornwall

How would you describe this look?

I’d describe this look as a sleek ombré bob. Since my client wanted to stay light, I created more of a root shadow in her hair rather than bringing the short ombre root down too far.

Her hair is naturally fine and straight, so the hair falls into shape very easily. By using a graduation through the back, we added weight to the hair to make it look thicker!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I recommended not taking the root/ blonde ombre down too far. Because her hair is shorter, she would need to bring the blonde higher a lot quicker and she didn’t want to keep getting an overly warm band in the middle. We left the length sitting nicely on her shoulders so she still had room to curl the hair without it looking too short for her.

My favorite thing about this look is the blend from the root black to blonde ombre. It’s a seamless blend and the hair sits perfectly at the length we chose!

Subtle Reverse Peach Gradient

Subtle Peach Gradient hairstyleInstagram @kazu_bonds

Q&A with style creator, Kazuma
Stylist / Colourist @ Good Day Hairshop in Toronto, ON

How would you describe this look?

I would describe this look as an almost reverse ombre with a subtle peach gradient. My favorite part is the root’s pink color slowly transitioning into a more natural color. Reverse ombre is a trending combination that creates a very different look from conventional ombre hairstyles. The red to blonde ombre gives a slight transition at the top.

Any advice for someone considering it?

There is one disadvantage to this look since the color is a pastel. Pastels are notoriously difficult to maintain as the color fades and may become brassy with each shampoo. This is totally fine for people who are okay with a gradual change in their hair’s color. If you’re not one of those people, one way to maintain the initial color would be to use a pink shampoo and pink conditioner.

Additionally, since the hair becomes dry and damaged during the bleaching process, it is also recommended to care for the hair at home. This can be done by applying a hair repair mask or any hydrating leave-in treatment (typically an oil or cream). Most salons can provide this treatment service as well.

Seamless Colors Blonde Ombre Hair

Seamless Colors hairstyleInstagram @_isabellehair

Q&A with style creator, Isabelle Hermo
Colourist @ La Unica Salon in Drummoyne, NSW

How would you describe this look?

After training for years at La Unica Salon and with De Lorenzo Haircare Australia, I know an ombré is something that will be on trend for many seasons to come!

This look is a flawless blend of a rich brown root color melting into a beautiful creamy blonde. If you are looking to try a brown ombre to blonde this one shines.

My favorite thing about this gorgeous ombre color is how seamless the color is and how the color melts into each tone from dark to light.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This statement that has been said for years… Blondes have more fun! But why not enjoy both!? An ombré is a style that allows you to be that fun blonde and also a shiny, healthy brunette.

If you want to be blonde without the high maintenance of coming every four to eight weeks, brown to blonde ombre is definitely the style for you. At La Unica Salon, we pride ourselves on providing our guests the best look not only for their confidence but for their skin tone. I am a big believer in both when it comes to choosing the best result for each individual. Warmer skin tones should stick to a cool-toned blonde (ice blonde, white blonde). Cooler skin tones should stick to warm-toned blondes (sandy blonde, beige blonde). ]

The best advice I could give for someone wanting to try shorter ombre hair would be to use professional products to ensure your color doesn’t go brassy from day to day lifestyle choices (i.e. swimming, the sun). The Nova Fusion De Lorenzo Silver Shampoo and Conditioner are my go-to products for all of my blondes! They provide the best long-term results for clients in between visits.

Fun Dip Neon Short Ombre

Fun Dip Ombre hairstyleInstagram @pink.dagger

Q&A with style creator, Paige Brueck
Hairstylist / Owner @ Pink Dagger Studio in Atlanta, GA

How would you describe this look?

I always relate color to food, so I would describe this as Fun Dip Ombré!

My favorite thing about this green and blue ombre style has to be the neon ends. Who doesn’t love neon?!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is high maintenance. It’s important to use cold water, sulfate-free shampoos, and heat protectants with a color this vibrant. My favorite thing about ideas like this is the ability to fade over time so you have a blank canvas for your next look!

Bright Short DIY Brown Ombre Hair

Bright & Effortless hairstyleInstagram @colorbydd

Q&A with style creator, Dominique DeFrancesco
Color Specialist @ De La Mer Salon in Bellmore, NY

How would you describe this look?

This brown ombre look is effortless and chic. What I love about this look is how the contour around her face really opens up and brightens her face to emphasize her best features.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I definitely think this color is considered somewhat low maintenance, which is exactly what my guest was looking for. She wanted to feel lighter and brighter but did not want to have a color that she needed to touch up so frequently.

When doing a balayage, always explain prior to the consult that the maintenance in between should be a color gloss that allows the client to spend minimal time in the salon. This client is an on-the-go mommy, so this look works best for her busy lifestyle.

Shadowed Root Blonde Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Shelby Stevens
Hairstylist @ Monroe on Mane in Sturbridge, MA

How would you describe this look?

This look would be best described as a shadowed root balayage blonde ombre. The added depth at the root creates a bolder effect than the natural tone in most cases.

I love and chose this type of color application for my guest because she came in looking for something easy but beautiful. She is now a new mother and has very limited free time to spare. This look is extremely low maintenance due to the fact that the root area has a super seamless smudged effect for little to no grow out.

Most of the time this look can be maintained with the proper at home care and salon visits three to four times a year!

Any advice for someone considering it?

The lob is super trendy but simple enough for someone who isn’t hair savvy. Very minimal styling products are needed for this look if you have manageable texture.

This style is an ideal option for anyone! It is a great overall look that most people can pull off.

Funky Metallic Short Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Tenille Mellan
Owner @ Imperial Hair Studio in Penrith, NSW

How would you describe this look?

Silver ombre hair can be funky but elegant. It starts with the grey balayage which gives it not only lightness on the ends, but blended depth throughout the top. The look has a beautiful dark/light contrast.

The straight blunt cut to the shoulders enhances thickness for a client with such fine hair. Styling with a loose wave gives it more body and texture.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look by far suits any color, any hair type and all face shapes. It can be worn straight, wavy or curly. Always talk to your stylist as some layering may be needed.

As seen in the picture, a little trick is to finish this look off with one of my favorite products. A little sea salt spray added some much needed edge and texture to this amazing style. The metallic look is hard to polish off but when done right, looks absolutely gorgeous.

Blended Dimension Ombre Hair

Blended Dimension hairstyleInstagram @designsbywhit

Q&A with style creator, Whitney Carroll
Hairstylist / Balayage Specialist @ Em Salon and Spa in Salem, OR

How would you describe this look?

This look is a first session balayage working to remove previous box color. We did a combo of balayage and foilyage to add some extra dimension.

Balayage is my favorite service because the results can vary from super dramatic to super natural. I love how blended it is and how much dimension you get. I also love that there are no lines as it grows out. So pretty!

Any advice for someone considering it?

When going lighter from any box color, it is always a process. The same goes if your hair is super dark or coarse/resistant. Balayage service is great for those that don’t like to be in the salon super often since there are no harsh lines of regrowth. Clients can typically go three months or longer between touch-ups, usually just needing a toner/refresher in between.

If it is your first balayage service, it’s important to remember it can take a few sessions to build the dimension and give you the lightness you desire to get the overall look. Trust the process! Balayage can suit any face shape or skin tone. It really all depends on the haircut and color. The stylist should be able to place the lightener or color where it will accentuate your features or haircut best.

This look can fit any personality or lifestyle for the most part, though it looks best when styled. When worn straight, all the colors will melt together giving a pretty sprayed effect. Curling it will show all the dimensions and pops of color.

This look will definitely work best when used in conjunction with professional products to maintain the color. A good professional moisture shampoo, a professional leave-in conditioner, a heat protectant and a styling side will help the style look the best and maintain the hair’s integrity. Brown ombre hair is a solid choice.

Autumn-Toned Short Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Tanya
Hairdresser @ Hair by Tanya in Broadbeach, QLD

How would you describe this look?

I would explain this look as a warm, autumn-toned red color with tones of peach and copper with a rich warm brown base.

My favorite part of this red ombre color is the warm tones. Being on the Gold Coast, a lot of my color work is blondes. When I get the chance to do a rich warm color, I love it!

Any advice for someone considering it?

My advice for clients wanting this color would be GO FOR IT! Ombré works with all hair lengths. Short, cropped hair with a shadowed root area will give depth to the root area, adding texture and the illusion of thicker hair. Medium length hair is great for the same reason and you can wear it in a sleek bob or curl it for some extra texture. And we have all seen the perfect ombré on long, lush hair.

This color is also relatively low maintenance if you match the darker base to the level of your natural hair color. If you have greys, it is an easy job to just touch up the root area every five to six weeks, along with a toner through the lightened ends.

Punk Purple Ombre Pixie

Punk Pixie hairstyleInstagram @hairxariana

Q&A with style creator, Ariana Castiglia
Hair & Wig Stylist @ Hair by Ariana in Orange County, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a punk pixie look that is a combination of edgy and whimsical. I love that it’s easy to style cut and it was a huge transformation for this client. It really suits her and lets her personality shine.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I recommend that a client considering this look takes this journey with a stylist they trust. The day to day maintenance is pretty low (put in a little product, ruffle and go), but it does require a visit to your salon every four to six weeks to maintain the color and cut.

Anyone can rock a short pixie with funky colors like this purple to blue to silver combination, you just need the right stylist to specialize the look for you. A good stylist can give you the look in the picture. A great stylist can personalize the look to you! Puprle ombre hair ideas might be harder to find but it can be worth it.

Warm-Toned Short Layered Hair

Warm-Toned Ombre hairstyleInstagram @hairwithhart

Q&A with style creator, Georgeanne Harter
Stylist @ Statements The Salon in Woodbridge, VA

How would you describe this look?

This look is fun and cute! My favorite thing about this look is that it lends itself to being more piecey and “messy” looking, which is a hot trend at the moment.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This particular client really emphasized that she prefers to have more warm tones in her hair. That being said, this is where her hair lifted to on its own, without the assistance of a toner. You can’t see her face, but her complexion is very fair so warmer tones definitely suit her well!

As far as the style specifically, it was created with a regular 1-inch curling iron. With lightened hair, it is important to use some kind of thermal protectant before applying the heat. The key to perfecting this look, in my opinion, is using an oil or serum when finishing the style to piece out the curls, loosen them up, and make them appear softer. This also doubles as a gloss to make the hair look smooth, sleek and finished.

My client is a fun, young college student and we all know that means several sleepless nights and minimal time to get ready in the morning. Lucky for her, she can also let her hair dry naturally and it still look beautiful, but the curling iron process for this look really is quick and simple. This look really lends itself to her fun and outgoing personality!

Dramatic Brown to Blonde Short Ombre

Q&A with style creator, Leeann Tumidanski
Hairstylist @ Blush Salon in Goodyear, AZ

How would you describe this look?

This is one of my balayage/ombre creations. Every color I do is specific to each client and their needs. That’s why I love doing balayage! So many different versions.

Any advice for someone considering it?

For this one particular, we kept her natural base color and wanted a more dramatic look, making the ends almost solid blonde. Yes, you can do this with shorter hair!

I love to finish this style by using a great beachy sea salt spray. My favorite is Rockaway salt spray from R+Co. After I’m done curling, I mess it up a bit with my fingers…and done!

This brown ombre style is great for almost every hair type and can be done with a variety of colors.

Balayage Ombre Bob

Balayage Ombre Bob hairstyleInstagram @kountz32

Q&A with style creator, Kiersten Kountz
Hairstylist @ About Face in Lynchburg, VA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this as a subtle, longer bob haircut with balayage. My favorite aspect of this style is how well it blends. The colors, although drastically different, melt effortlessly into each other.

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

I achieved this color using Aveda Color, although whatever line you use could work. I used a green blue base to cut the red orange tones in her hair to produce a cooler-toned ombre.

I recommend a color conserve everyday shampoo and a blue/purple-based conditioner to use once a week to maintain the ashy blonde.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This style is perfect for clients who have busy schedules because this cut looks great styled straight, curly, scrunched or air dried.

The color is very low upkeep, especially if you have darker roots already. It allows you to let it grow out without seeing the line of demarcation as opposed to regular highlights, but still looks sassy by adding so much blonde.

Chin Length Hair with Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Leslie Barr
Stylist @ The Processing Bar Salon in Meridian, ID

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I love balayaging on short hair! Not many people think that they can achieve a lived-in look with shorter hair. I love this look because it gives you a flawless look without it looking like you put a ton of effort in.

My favorite thing is the contrast that it gives you with a low maintenance color.

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

I used Kenra Express 10 Minute Color on the regrowth in 4n and hand-painted mid-shaft to ends with Kenra Clay lightener, leaving out some of the previous blonde to add a little depth within the color. I allowed it to process for 20 minutes, then rinsed and toned with Guy Tang’s Mydentity Titanium for five minutes on towel dried hair

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I think this look is great for a client with more of a medium to thick hair type. My client pictured is on the thick side. It is a great look for the busy mom who doesn’t want to come in and see her stylist every six weeks for a touch-up.

It’s the ideal look for someone who loves to get her hair done, but doesn’t have to ability to get in so often.

Red to Blonde Balayage

Q&A with style creator, Lauralei Averette
Owner / Stylist @ Shear Bliss Salon in Tuscaloosa, AL

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I’d describe this look as a red to blonde balayage. It’s great for girls who love their blonde but want to change it up some by adding some color!

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

I used Matrix Total Results Brass Off shampoo to keep her blonde bright. I recommend switching out between it and Matix Color Obsessed shampoo and conditioner to maintain the red.

I also used It’s A 10 Miracle Styling Potion, It’s A 10 Miracle Blow Dry Volumizer, and Design Me Dry Me Powder Blowdry In A Flash, as well as curled her hair with a 1-inch iron.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this color and cut for just about anyone! I think it is very versatile.

Lived-In Ombre Hair

Lived-In Ombre hairstyleInstagram @glamhairbyruth

Q&A with style creator, Ruth Curran
Hairstylist & Educator @ Velvet Lounge Hair Parlour in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is the perfect lined-in look. I love it because it’s versatile, giving you the perfect fun beachy look for spring/summer. We all would rather spend more time outside than in the salon, and have a bit of a root shadow is perfect for that.

This is also a perfect length and color for sweater weather. The length is fabulous with higher necks and chunky sweaters, the color brightens up those grey days with the beauty of the blonde on the ends.

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

I strongly recommend that every blonde out there invests in a purple shampoo and conditioner. Imagine a pothole. The shampoo fills it like large rocks and the conditioner fills in gaps with the pebbles. I recommend Kevin Murphy’s Blonde.Angel shampoo and conditioner.

Use a sea salt spray to get that textured finish on wet hair. I used Davines Sea Salt Spray before I blow dry. Generally, I recommend blow drying straight first to smoothen out the hair. Once dry, I add Kevin Murphy Young.Again oil and using a flat iron, I make waves in a halo section, leaving the underneath straight to maintain length. Once finished, ignore all the bits you think you need to go over and flip your head upside down and spray a texture spray. I love Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair or Davines Dry Texturizing Spray.

Once you flip your head up, smooth everything out with your fingers for the “perfect” lived-in look!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this look for anyone that has an on-the-go lifestyle. It is great for someone who doesn’t have too much time for the salon because this look only requires a visit once every three to six months.

The great thing about this look is that no matter what texture your hair is, the cut will look fabulous. Even if you have finer hair (this client has quite thick hair), just don’t add layers but add different tones of blonde to make hair appear thicker.

It’s also a great look for ladies with dark hair as it still keeps that beautiful natural color without overdoing the blonde. This look is so versatile. I play around with this look on all clients with every beautiful skin tone out there!

Fall-Inspired Ombre Bob

Fall-Inspired Ombre Bob hairstyleInstagram @hairbylima

Q&A with style creator, Janay Lima
Balayage Specialist @ Hair By Lima in South River, NJ

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a staple fall look. Our guest came in with a heavy blonde balayage, which was great. However, fall was quickly approaching and she wanted to darken her look while still maintaining some dimension. Together we decided on a rich level 6 brown where I created a heavy shadow root. Not only did we decide to bring the darker, richer tones all over her roots, but we also decided to reverse-balayage in order to bring a few darker strands down towards her ends.

Our favorite thing about this look is that we were able to preserve some of the blonde while also creating a completely different and dimensional brunette look.

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

We truly believe in preserving the overall integrity of our guests’ hair. That being said, there are a variety of products that we use to maintain and build healthy hair while performing color services. Treating your hair should not stop there, however. We recommend that every guest invests in a quality leave-in conditioner that they can use at home. This will help your hair in more ways than one! For example, after you shampoo and condition, apply your leave-in throughout your ends before you brush it.

“It’s a 10” has a really great line. Their leave-in is our absolute favorite because it adds so much shine while also repairing, protecting and untangling your hair. Our guests notice a drastic difference in their hair after using this product and it is definitely worth a try!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

We have created this style in very similar ways for guests of all ages with very different hair textures! It is considered a low maintenance style because we are not directly lightening the roots. In past times when committing to a different style (i.e. highlights), you were also committing to coming into the salon every six to eight weeks to get it retouched.

As our lives become more hectic, we stylists are completely aware. With both ombre and balayage, the upkeep is minimal and we provide a look where our guests have the liberty, freedom, and control as to when they would like to get their hair done again.

I recommend this look for anyone, no matter what age, who would like to change up their color as well as add some dimension. It is important to note that each guest determines how subtle or how drastic they would like their change to be. With ombre and balayage, stylists can customize their technique in order to please their guests.

Face Framing Bob with Red Highlights

Show off your best feature with a red ombre that frames your face. Paired with a rich red, this look is sure to turn heads!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Skin tones that are light to medium and look great in warm browns, dark violets, and reds wear this color well. Hair that is cut with a bit of face frame displays this highlight perfectly.


Not looking to be a redhead? That’s ok, pair this red ombre technique with shades of brown, violet, golden, or even beige!

Blazing Colored Ends

Copper brightens up this ombre hair with a subtle edge. Perfectly placed color brings out the fun texture and separation of this haircut.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light skin tones that go towards wearing oranges and warm yellows wear this color perfectly. Hair that is naturally wavy and medium to thick will make this an easy style to achieve.


With this particular color, you don’t want to overdo it. Adding just enough gives the pop of color without creating an all-over color.

Long Curly Dark Brown to Gold Tips

Voluminous short curls with slightly lightened ends create a fun look that is perfect for a night out!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Cooler skin tones wear this beige color best, while hair that is naturally curly or wavy will give you a great base to create this exciting curly style.


To keep this look soft, make sure your ends don’t get too light. This will create a more dramatic effect.

Blonde Color with a Touch of Apricot

Love your bright blonde hair, but want to give it a trendy ombre effect? Try adding pastel apricot, pink, yellow, turquoise, mint or lilac through your ends!

Best Skin Tones and Hair Type:

Light skin tones that are already bright blonde are the best starting point for this color. Straight hair that is medium to thick make these waves easy to style.


Not sure about coloring your blonde hair? Try using hair chalk! It comes out after one to two washes and can be changed to match your outfit.

Honey and Rose Gold Ombre Hair

Rose gold has become a very popular color for ombre hair. Soft, sweeping ombre with a honey gold tone looks fabulous with rose gold (colored or natural). Adding more blonde on the longer side of an asymmetric haircut adds extra fun too!

Best Skin Tone ad Hair Type:

Natural redheads, or those of us that should be, look amazing in this color, while hair that is wavy to straight will keep a hold on the soft waves best.


Keeping your blonde on the golden side is best when pairing with this shade of red. If it gets too blonde, have your stylist apply a glaze to give you a golden glow and mega shine!

Ombre Bob with Black to Cherry Red Colors

Don’t let blondes have all the fun with ombre! Adding a bright orchid color to dark hair is a bold and beautiful statement. Deeper contrasts in color can make the effect more brilliant.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Just about any skin tone can wear these orchid dip-dyed ends. If you tend to wear violet, crimson and navy blue, this is the color for you. Hair that is starting off with a dark base is best for this look, while hair that has had a previous ombre makes it a breeze to achieve!


Keep your color bright by skipping the daily shampoo! Opt for a dry shampoo on “no wash” days and a gentle color shampoo that is specific to your type of color on wash days. For bright fashion colors, I recommend Pravana’s Vivids shampoo and conditioner.

Chocolate Ombre Hair Toned Bob

With ombre there are no rules, so if you want to just add a small bit for a soft effect, go for it!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Rich brown with soft copper is paired best with light to medium skin tones that look best in warmer colors like oranges, reds, and magentas. Naturally straight hair helps to make styling this slightly angled bob a breeze.


You can go subtle with this bit of ombre or bold with more! Discuss how light of a look you are looking for with your stylist to find the perfect color.

Hollywood Style Natural Colors

Here’s the look that started it all! Blonde beachy highlights that fade down from your natural color are easy to maintain and look fabulous on everyone.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones wear this beachy look best, while hair that is naturally light brown to dark blonde creates a perfect base to lighten ends.


Not every stylist is the best at ombre. If you are looking for a new stylist, ask to see pictures or check out their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to scope out their work. Shorter hair is harder to achieve because of the length you have and the color needed to apply to shorter sections.

Crop Haircut

Adding color to a short asymmetric haircut gives it all that much more sass!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to dark skin tones that look great in reds, oranges, and mahogany wear this combination well. Medium to dark natural hair color is a great starting point for this color.


Be prepared for maintenance with both this cut and color. It looks best if touched up every six to eight weeks. With ombre, your color may not last as long as longer hair as it’s trimmed off more regularly.

Shoulder Length Sombre’

The sister version of the ombre, the sombre’, is softer and less defined. But don’t let that make you think it’s any less fun!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Just about any skin tone can wear this soft and versatile look, while hair that is straight or slightly wavy will be perfect to create this no-fuss style.


If you are looking to soften out your look, make sure to bring pictures to your stylist so they can see what you want. This way you will both be on the same page!

Black to Berry Teal Blue Shoulder Length Cut

A bright blue overlay on your ombre hair is a fun way to change up your color for something a little more exciting!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Beauties with a cooler complexion wear this blissful teal blue best, while hair that has been lightened into an ombre style previously gives an easy base to overlay with a bright hue.


Bright colors fade quickly. Help to prolong your blue (or pink, purple, green or yellow) longer by only shampooing hair every two to three days. On “no wash” days, refresh your hair with a dry shampoo!

Sun Kissed Glow Ombre Hair

Pretty golden ombre highlights brighten up any color. Keep your natural look with an easy to maintain idea.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light sun-kissed tones look best with this golden glow, while hair that is straight to wavy will help to create the soft wavy look.


Although this is a low maintenance hair color, make sure to still stop in for regular trims. This will keep your ends looking healthy and fresh!

Melted Blonde Ombre Hair

This is the perfect blend of brunette and blonde! This ombre hair look is soft yet bold at the same time, so it’s perfect when you can’t decide!

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones wear this color best, while hair that is light brown to dark blonde is the best starting point to achieve this color.


Ombre colored hair always looks best when some curl or wave is added. Make sure to protect your lightened ends by using a leave-in treatment like Pravana’s Intense Therapy daily.

Sandy Short Ombre Bob

This soft and sandy color is perfect for a bronzed beauty! Light ends that are brought up into the fringe brighten your face as well.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Darker skin tones that bronze easily look fabulous in this sandy beige ombre, while hair that is medium to fine and naturally straight makes it easy to achieve this sleek style.


When choosing the perfect shade combination for your ombre hair, consult your stylist. He/she can look at you and be able to tell you the perfect color for your skin tone.

Soft Caramel Hue

Adding soft caramel toned highlights through the ends of your hair gives it a touch of summer all year long.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones that look great in purples, reds and browns wear this color beautifully. Hair that is medium to thick and holds a curl well will make it easy to achieve this softly curled style.


To create these soft curls that really show off your hair color, try using hot rollers! Section out hair and roll sections just from your ears down.

Oh So Natural

Look like it’s summertime year round with these natural looking highlights. Pairing this color with fun flirty curls is the perfect look for a night out.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones look amazing in this summer fun ombre, while hair that is medium to thick and has natural curl or wave will help to hold your flirty curls all day!


Even with short hair you can still use a lot of “no heat” curling options. Look online for rag rollers, headband curls, or even sponge roller techniques to save your hair from heat damage.

Rose Gold Glow

Adding soft blonde through the ends of a gorgeous rose gold shade brings it to a whole new level! This technique brings your curls definition and creates extra texture.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Soft porcelain skin tones that look great in light pinks, corals and greens wear this color great. Hair that already has a natural curl will help with this springy look, and hair that is naturally (or colored) medium copper is the best starting point.


To achieve these fabulous curls, get your one-inch curling iron or wand heated up. Section hair and begin curling underneath in small sections. Make sure to let each section cool before manipulating.

Once every hair is curled and cooled, apply a pomade to your hands and rub them together. Then run your fingers through the curls to break them up. Set with a spritz of your favorite hairspray and you’re good to go!

Crop Cut With Slight Color

Sometimes you want just a little bit of color, and this style is a perfect example of that! Having your stylist paint soft highlights through your cropped cut gives it dimension and style.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Any skin tone can wear this color! Finding the right brown base for your skin tone is key (psst ask your stylist for help). Hair that is medium to thick and has a bit of wave will make it easiest to style.


When going in to have your ombre painted on, make sure to come with your hair styled. This gives your stylist a better idea of exactly where to put the color so you get better results!

Adding ombre color to your short hair can be subtle, loud, or somewhere in between. Consult your stylist, find your pictures, and go for it. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to rock one of these shorter ombre hair looks!