13 Cute Short, Chin-Length Hairstyles

Short hair is all the rage, and who says you can’t have fun without long hair? These inspiring models all have chin-length hairstyles that totally rock. Texture and color are key elements that help keep your shorter hairstyle fresh and modern.

Sophisticated Graduated Bob

Sophisticated Graduated Bob hairstyleInstagram @hairbyjoyce_3

Q&A with style creator, Joyce Landicho
Hairtailor @ Folklore Salon in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a modern and sophisticated graduated bob style. It is one of my favorite haircuts because it is an endless classic beautiful shape that suits all hair types. I enjoy this cutting technique because the longer angle accentuates her jawline.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

Product selection depends on the hair texture. For this client, I recommended using Davine’s Volume boost mousse because it adds light body for a natural look and volume to hair. Blow dry with a Denman brush, then add a dot of Oi Oil for a smooth finish and shine.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this haircut for straight textured hair. Wavy or curly types can also wear this, but the geometric shape is very flattering on fine-medium density straight hair.

This hairstyle is also an easy wear and suitable for heart, round and diamond/oval face shapes. Women in the fashion, interior design/architect and marketing industry tend to have this type of haircut. They want to look professionally stylish and feel like gold when representing at work!

Quintessential Choppy Bob

Quintessential Choppy Bob hairstyleInstagram @amos.studio

Q&A with style creator, Amy Miller
Licensed Cosmetologist / Owner @ AMOS Studio in San Jose, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is the quintessential choppy bob look with lots of texture and movement. I love that this style shows off highlights well and is quick to style.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To get this look, I like to start with a heat protectant like Oway’s Thermal Protect, then add a volumizer to help hold the wave. If the hair type tends to frizz up, I’ll also use a smoothing serum and finish with a light hold hairspray.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This style is perfect for clients with naturally wavy hair, or those who are hot tool savvy. It looks best on oval or narrow face shapes.

Short Enough

Short Enough hairstyleInstagram @courtneytokar1

Q&A with style creator, Courtney Tokarski
Hair Colorist/Stylist @ Evolve Salon in Limerick, PA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as short enough, but not crazy short! It’s super easy to style and perfect for someone on the go.

My favorite thing about it is how many ways you can wear it. Use a 1-inch curling iron for perfect waves, or a 3/4-inch for something bigger. Tie it half up for a street style that kills or super straight for a professional knockout!

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To maintain this look and style, I suggest a volume shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. The reason we chopped this client’s hair to this length was because it was so dry and damaged, so maintaining moisture is key. When the hair is wet, use something at the root to rough it up so it doesn’t dry flat to your head.

As far as styling goes, use a texture spray and lots of flexible hold hairspray. Flexible is the best for this style because it is typically cut on finer hair. Fine hair and hairspray don’t tend to mix well, so keep it light so it doesn’t get funky on ya!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

Lastly, I would recommend this style to someone who needs a change, needs to get rid of some damaged locks, or someone who is busy!

The ideal client is someone with finer hair, but a lot of it. If you have curly hair, I suggest something a little closer to shoulder length.

1. Fun and Funky

Fun Piecey Chin-Length Sideswept Brunette Bob

Fun Piecey Chin-Length Sideswept Brunette Bob - Side View

This gorgeous chocolate color is razored up with lots of layers and texture to add a whole new element to this hairstyle. Teasing the crown and spraying up pieces of hair all over help show off the model’s thickness and texture.

How To Style:

1. Start with clean dry hair that has a deep side part.

2. Go over your entire head of hair with a flat iron to make ends shiny and straight.

3. Rub a light pomade on your hands, then push hair from the neck up and out to create a full splayed look on the ends.

4. Tease the crown slightly to add more volume on top and then finish off the look with some volumizing hairspray.

Recommended Products:

A nice flexible hold pomade you might try is Soy Paste by Health Sexy Hair. Follow up with Big Sexy Hair’s Spray and Play hairspray for a nice finish.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

Heart shaped faces would look great with the splayed layers around the nape and chin. If you have thick hair that is on the straighter side, then this look would be fabulous for you.


Carry a comb and a small travel sized hairspray to do quick touch ups throughout the day at work or school.

2. Retro Romance

This fun, full hairstyle shows off thick curls that really soften this blunt bob. The wispy bangs help frame the face and keep the wavy texture consistent throughout the hairstyle.

Retro Chin-Length Hairstyles

Blonde Retro Wavy Chin-Length Bob View 2

How To Style:

1. Medium to large hot rollers would be great for this hairstyle! Simply heat up your hot rollers and put them in your hair.

2. Do your makeup while they are setting and cooling, then remove when done for instant volume and wave.

Recommended Products:

New to hot rollers? Try a smaller, less expensive option like Conair’s Compact Hair Roller Set before making a huge investment. You get 20 rollers and they come in a variety of sized to make the perfect style for you.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

Thinner faces would look great with this volumizing hairstyle. All hair types and textures can try this elegant style.


Roll the rollers in the direction you want the hair to go. Bangs should go forward, hair around the neck should be rolled down, and the hair on the top of the head should be rolled back for maximum volume.

3. Vintage Beauty

This cute, chin length crop is straight out of the 1920’s. A sleek bob, a center part, and short straight across bangs give this style a total vintage flair. Add some thick and subtle red highlights to keep the look modern and fresh.

Sleek Highlighted Deep Brunette Bob with Short Bangs

Sleek Highlighted Deep Brunette Bob - View 2

How To Style:

1. Blow dry your hair as smooth as you can with a medium sized round brush or paddle brush.

2. When your hair is completely dry, take out the trusty flat iron and smooth out your hair for a sleek finish.

Recommended Products:

Moroccan Oil Treatment is a fabulous oil that helps hydrate and protect your hair from heat. Use it on wet or dry hair sparingly to help keep your tresses healthy and shiny all day long.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

Heart shaped faces look adorable with these close, face-framing bobs. Thin to medium amounts of hair on the straighter side are great candidates for this sleek hairstyle.


Play up your vintage style with cute 1920’s hair accessories and makeup.

4. Classic Bob

This fantastic example of the classic bob hits right at the chin and frames the face beautifully. Subtle rounded layers help lighten the bulk, but keep the classic shape. The part is placed just off center to make this particular bob more modern.

Short Perky Smooth Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle

Short Perky Blonde Bob Chin-Length Hairstyles

How To Style:

1. Blow dry your entire head with a paddle brush to remove most of the moisture.

2. Go in with your round brush to remove the rest of the moisture and polish off the style.

3. Section up your hair and go through with small pieces and flat iron. Bevel the ends under and towards the face for that nice rounded shape.

Recommended Products:

Prive has an awesome Shine Spray that helps cut drying time when sprayed in wet and adds incredible shine to your hair when dry.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

Heart and round shaped faces are awesome for bobs. All hair thicknesses can pull this off, but if you want to wear it sleek like the picture, you’ll want to have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair.


The flipped out style is coming back. Instead of flat ironing your hair, under use a larger sized curling iron and flip the ends out for a cute party style.

5. Half Updo

Short hair is made elegant with rich curls and a mini updo. With shorter hairstyles, it’s harder to pull all your hair up. However, by pinning just a few pieces back on top, you get an overall feeling of sophistication. Keeping some side bangs down helps to frame the face and keep the style looking soft.

Wavy Brunette Layered Chin-Length Half Updo

Wavy Brunette Layered Chin-Length Bob Side

How To Style:

1. Grab your 1-inch curling iron and pop in some ringlets around your entire head.

2. Flat iron your bangs to the side, but keep the ends beveled under so they look soft instead of stick straight.

3. Tease the crown section of your head slightly at the roots to add volume.

4. Smooth some top pieces back, twist the ends slightly and secure with bobby pins and some hairspray.

Recommended Products:

Need a good curling iron? You can’t go wrong with the Jilbere Porcelain Series. They come in all sizes and are totally affordable.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

All face shapes, thicknesses and textures can pull off this cute style. What are you waiting for?


Whenever you attempt an updo, keep it looking soft and slightly imperfect. Loose, romantic styles are more modern and keep you from looking dated or stiff.

6. Pat Benetar

This retro shag is totally on trend right now. Shaggy texture is cut throughout the entire hairstyle and even the bangs have a shaggy feel to them. The red highlights not only help spice up the look, but also help show off all the layers and texture of the cut.

Layered Brunette Shag Chin-Length Haircut with Red Highlights

Layered Brunette Bob with Red Highlights

How To Style:

1. Blow out your entire head of hair with your blow dryer using your fingers or a paddle brush. You want the end result to look tousled and slightly messy, so don’t worry about blowing it out perfectly or using a round brush.

2. When your hair is completely dry, go in with your favorite texture product to amp up the volume and add some grit.

Recommended Products:

Really add that gritty texture to your style by spritzing it with Redken’s Wool Shake. Spray a few squirts on your hair and then rub and scrunch with your fingers and hands to create a messy shag. Spray some on your hands and rub into the roots to add some height as well.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

If you have a rounder and softer face shape, this razored and angular cut will help give you some edge. Thin hair can look stringy when cut into this much, so only opt for this particular style if you have thicker hair. Straight to wavy textures are ideal for this hairstyle.


Always take color into consideration when determining your hairstyle. The right highlights or color can really help show off and accentuate your haircut.

7. Curly Roll Up

This fun hairstyle is a fun combination of natural and ironed curls. Haircuts that fall right at the chin are super complementary and fresh looking. This cut is made really fierce simply by rolling the bangs up and away from the face with a few bobby pins.

Curly Dark Chin-Length Layered Bob Hairstyle

How To Style:

1. Diffuse your curls when wet.

2. When your hair is completely dry, go back and touch up random pieces with a curling iron to add some texture.

3. Spray with texture spray and then scrunch up to add even more texture to your style.

4. Gently comb back your bangs and secure with bobby pins on the top of your head.

Recommended Products:

Use some Goody Bobby Pins to secure your style. They come in tons of sizes and colors so you can really hide them in your hair.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

If your hair is naturally curly, then this is the chin length cut for you! Round shaped faces would work best with this hairstyle.


Pop in some crazy colored extensions here and there for a totally edgy look without damaging your hair.

8. Chiseled Crop

This super sleek chin-length hairstyle is totally cute and wearable. The overall softness is subtly contrasted with stacked layers in the back to help add texture and volume. Short side bangs also help add texture and framing to the face.

Chiseled Blonde Crop Chin-Length Hairstyles

Chiseled Blonde Crop Chin-Length Hairstyle - Back View

How To Style:

1. Grab your trusty flat iron and take your time going over small sections of hair to create a straight and sleek look.

2. Keep the iron beveled under especially when you reach the ends to help them flip under instead of laying stick straight.

Recommended Products:

My go-to flat iron is the Infra Shine ceramic brand. Opt for the 1-inch size for control.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

This hairstyle would really balance out oval shaped faces because of the bangs. When you want to achieve a sleek look like this, the straighter your hair is naturally, the better.


Tease the crown area to add some volume and change the shape of this smooth bob haircut.

9. Wavy Edge

This gorgeous blunt bob hits right at the jawline and makes for a bold statement. Soften it up by adding some soft curls that seem to have a mind of their own. A deep side part helps keep this hairstyle look modern and up to date.

Wavy Pale Blonde Chin-Length Bob

Wavy Pale Blonde Chin-Length Bob - Front View

How To Style:

1. Start with clean dry hair and apply your favorite heat-protecting product throughout the style with your fingers.

2. Section up most of your hair but leave a small section of hair down to curl.

3. Use a 1 ¼” sized curling iron and start curling your dropped down section.

4. Spray with hairspray.

5. Drop down another section and repeat until you have curled and sprayed your entire head of hair.

6. If your hair doesn’t hold curl well, just leave it and let it loosen up on its own. If your hair does hold curl well, you might just scrunch the curls with your fingers slightly to break it up and create more of a laid back, tousled feel.

Recommended Products:

Alba Botanica Medium Hold Hair Spray would be a great option to lock in this tousled style. It’s unscented, aerosol free and has pro-vitamins in every spritz!

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

Round, heart and square shaped faces would rock this sweet and soft hairstyle. Any hair types can wear this style. Yay!


If you have naturally curly hair, diffuse your hair when wet to show off the curls you were born with, then touch up with a curling iron on certain top pieces if you need to.

10. Sweet Swirls

Jazz up your cute chin length cut by throwing in some ringlets. This stacked bob is full of texture and adding some curls is just the thing to bring it to the next level. Sweet side sweeping bangs keep the look fresh and sleek and help keep you looking like Shirley Temple.

Red Highlighted Casual Chin-Length Hairstyle

Red Highlighted Casual Chin-Length Bob with Ringlets

How To Style:

1. Use a small-barreled curling iron for a nice ringlet effect. A one-inch sized barrel would probably be best for this particular look.

2. Grab vertical sections of hair instead of horizontal and curl, holding the iron up and down to really create a ringlet shaped curl.

3. Flat iron the bangs to the side and curl just the ends to help blend the strands into the rest of the hairstyle.

Recommended Products:

Finisher Medium Hold Hair Spray by ICE is perfect for securing curly styles. It keeps hair looking soft, bouncy and never stiff.

Best Face Shapes and Hair Type:

Round and heart shaped faces look best with bobs in my opinion because they help add fullness and balance. If you have straight to curly hair, you can pull off this swirly hairstyle.


The shorter strands in the back of the head may be too short to grab vertically with the curling iron, so just flip those pieces under for a nice polished look.

Having short hair is no excuse to have boring hair. Fight the snooze factor by adding curls, spicy color or a spiked out shaggy texture. Hairstyles that fall right at the chin are flattering to all face shapes. A chin-length cut might be in your near future!

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