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The Hottest Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2017

Looking for cute, short hairstyles and haircuts? Or maybe just new ways of styling your shorter hair? Then you’ve come to the right place! First, browse our collection below of this year’s hottest hairstyles for women with short hair. Next, click on one that piques your interest. Finally, get inspired and choose your next short look!

  • short-hairover-50-inverted-bob

    100 Chic Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

    These days, there are no hairstyle rules for women over 50. You can totally take on today’s trends and rock an awesome, chic hairstyle with confidence. Need some ideas? Look no further than this list!
  • Short Hairstyle Tucked Behind Ears

    20 Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

    Still haven't found the perfect short hairstyle for your long face? This list will put an end to the search!
  • Short Layered Hairstyle

    20 Stunning Short Layered Hairstyles You Should Try

    Check out this list of fabulous short layered hairstyles that are extra trendy, but also super functional and easy maintenance for women like you!
  • 40 Stylish and Sexy Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

    If you’re over 40, you’ll love these chic and stylish short hairstyles that will kick years off your beautiful face!
  • 28 Sexy Pixie Cut Ideas We Love for 2017

    These stunning pixie haircuts will not only launch you to the front of fashion chic, they are also incredibly easy to maintain.
  • Pastel Toned Short Hairstyle with Fringe Side

    20 Hairstyles That Will Make You Want Short Hair With Bangs

    It's time to spice up your look by going short with a sexy fringe! One of these short hairstyles with bangs will look great on you. Check them out!
  • 26 Totally Chic Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts for Every Woman

    There are so many short hairstyles out there, but few are as universally flattering as the short bob. Check out this stunning collection of short bob hairstyles to inspire your next trip to the salon!
  • Hairstyles for Fine Hair

    30 Go-To Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

    Look no further than this list if you’re a fine-haired gal who digs short haircuts!
  • 28 Glamorous & Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles

    We have this year's top hairstyle trends, products and tips for women with curly hair.
  • All New: 27 Short Haircuts For Women

    Grab your scissors, because you can add even more fun to your hair! Nothing screams “fun and feminine” more than these short haircuts do!
  • Short Textured Hairstyle for Thick Hair

    20 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

    Who ever said that girls with thick hair couldn't rock short hair was totally wrong. Chic and sexy short hairstyles specifically for thick hair definitely exist, and the best ones are right here!
  • Short Hairstyles for Older Women

    30 Absolutely Perfect Short Hairstyles for Older Women

    Want to take years off of your look? Just take the short hair plunge! These chic and modern short hairstyles are your ticket to the foundation of youth.
  • Short Pixie Hairstyle for Round Faces

    25 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces You Can Totally Rock

    You round-faced beauties won’t be able to resist this collection of gorgeously chic short hairstyles best suited for round faces!
  • Cute Short Hairstyle with Texture

    37 Seriously Cute Hairstyles & Haircuts for Short Hair

    Go ahead and go for 'the cut' this season. With this hot list of short hairstyles, you'll never grow tired of your cropped tresses!
  • Short Bob Hairstyle with Shattered Pieces

    20 Timeless Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

    Got thin hair? No problem. Check out these 20 incredibly gorgeous short hairstyles created specifically for thin hair and decide which one you like best!
  • Short Choppy Hairstyle with Volume Side

    25 Short Choppy Hairstyles & Haircuts That Scream “Fun”

    Want to know what screams 'fun'? A short choppy hairstyle does, of course! Check out the best of the best here.
  • Short Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

    20 of The Prettiest Short Hairstyles for Summer

    Get rid of that dreary cool weather hair with a new and exciting summer-ready short hairstyle!
  • short blonde hair

    20 Fun and Spunky Short Blonde Hair Ideas

    You know what they say: blondes have the most fun. What most people don't realize is that women with both blonde and short hair are twice as much fun! Gear yourself up and check out our chic and inspiring short blonde hairstyles here. If those super gorgeous tresses don't make you want to go short and blonde right away, then we don't know what will!
  • Celebrity Short Hairstyles

    15 Celebrity Short Hairstyles That Will Look Great on You

    Whether its a super cute pixie cut you're after or just a nice neck-length haircut, you should look through those awesome celebrity-approved short hairstyles for some inspiration!
  • Super Short Haircuts

    13 Super Short Haircuts For a Totally New You

    Revamp your whole look this season with a new super short haircut! There are tons of gorgeous options to choose from, but we carefully handpicked the hottest ones just for you. Check ‘em out here!
  • Short Straight Hairstyles

    20 Extraordinary Short Straight Hairstyles That Are All the Buzz Right Now

    With short straight hair, you may feel it's kind of hard to change up your look and style it in different ways. Well, we managed to find 20 amazing new looks you can try with your short straight hair!
  • Short Hairstyles for Winter

    Amp Up Your Hotness With These 20 Short Hairstyles for Winter

    Combat the winter blues with a fun and spunky short hairstyle! Come check out the most enchanting short hairstyles you will see this chilly season.
  • Short Ombre Hair

    Dare to Flair: Short Ombre Hair

    Yes, it’s possible. You can add even MORE fun to short hair, and it’s by adding some spunky ombre' color to it! Draw some inspiration from some of the hottest short ombre' hair looks we’ve seen lately.
  • Short Hairstyles Fall 2014

    20 Short Hairstyles for Fall (That Made the Short List)

    Have short hair or want to go short? Our Fall 2014 collection of short hairstyles will definitely inspire you!
  • Magazine Hairstyles Feature

    Hey, Shorty! 6 Hairstyles for Short Hair

    It's true that haircuts that end above the shoulders sort of get the short end of the stick (pun totally intended) when it comes to blogger and vlogger tutorials, but there are some fabulous how-to's out there. Peep these six tutorials for fab styling ideas for short hair!
  • Short Shag Hairstyles

    10 Short Shag Hairstyles That Will Bring Out the Fun in You

    Shag hairstyles are back...and better than ever! If you're looking to get short and shaggy, you must check out this list, stat.
  • Hairdos for Short Hair

    15 Must Have Hairdos For Short Hair

    These 15 super cute hairdos prove that short hair can be styled in many different ways!
  • short hair updos

    11 Totally Chic Short Hair Updos: Which One Suits You Best?

    Your short hair is cute, but you can always make it even cuter! Come see some totally chic updos you can create with your short hair!
  • how to style short hair

    How to Style Short Hair Like a Pro

    Contrary to popular belief, short hair is so versatile when it comes to styling! Whether worn curly, wavy, straight, up, down, to the side, spiked, or smooth, there are tons of options for everyone. Check out these 20 amazing ways to style short hair!
  • Emma Watson short hair

    The Best Emma Watson Short Hair Looks You’ll Ever See

    Emma Watson is well known for her super short pixie cuts. However, she still changes up her look sometimes. Come find out what she’s been doing with her short hair these days!
  • The Short of It: 5 Updos for Cropped Hair

    We're switching gears and paying attention to the shorties out there. See, we haven't forgotten about you! Whether you're contemplating updos for a late summer wedding, fall homecoming, a night with the gals -- or just because -- these updos for short hair should sate you.
  • short wavy hairstyles

    11 Of The Hottest Short Wavy Hairstyles Ever

    Short hair screams “fun and spunky”, and waves scream “happy and carefree”. So what does wavy short hair scream? “Fun, sassy, and so ready to take on the world!” No matter what your face shape, you can certainly rock a sexy short wavy hairstyle. Come see which one would suit you best!
  • 3 Super Chic Short Hairstyles to Consider for Your Next Cut

    Men may not always “get it,” but in our opinion, there’s something to be said about a woman who can pull off short hair!
  • 3 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Short Hair

    Running out of styling ideas for your freshly cropped 'do? We've got you covered!
  • A chin length bob hairstyle

    10 Cute Short, Chin-Length Hairstyles

    Who knew there were so many options for a chin-length style? Come take a look at some of these trendy hair ideas!
  • 5 Reasons Short Hair Rocks

    Short hair is not only super trendy, but also has a laundry list of benefits many don't realize. Read on to see why short, sexy hair ROCKS!