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Hair Masks

Sometimes your strands just need a little extra TLC, and our collection of hair mask recipes are here to provide exactly that. It’s time to raid your kitchen and whip up one of these easy hair masks today!

  • Lavender-Infused Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment

    This DIY Lavender-Infused Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment Will Blow Your Mind

    Save your tresses with this mind-blowing DIY lavender-infused coconut hair treatment! It’s all natural and will do wonders for your hair.
  • DIY Coconut Oil

    DIY It: The Coconut Oil Hair Mask That Will Save Your Hair

    It's no secret that coconut oil is like liquid gold for your locks. Many do not know, however, the power of the coconut oil-based hair mask we're sharing with you today. Prepare to be amazed!
  • Banana Mask Youtube

    An Easy 3-Ingredient Banana Hair Mask Tutorial

    DIY hair masks have never been so easy! This tropical-inspired banana hair mask tutorial will have your hair looking and smelling amazing in just a few simple steps.
  • WhatYouNeed

    This Homemade Hair Conditioner Will Make You a Believer

    What’s inexpensive and great for your hair? This all-natural hair conditioner you can make at home!
  • 6diyhairtreatmentsthatactuallywork-v4

    6 DIY Hair Treatments to Strengthen, Nourish and Revitalize

    From mashed bananas to blended carrots to strawberries, fenugreek seeds and beyond, these DIY hair treatments that make for glorious, glorious hair!
  • DIY Avocado Hair Mask

    A DIY Avocado Hair Mask That Actually Works

    Did you know that avocado works wonders when it is applied to your hair? This DIY hair mask recipe will strengthen, soften, and shine your hair naturally. Try it out and let us know what you think!