Kids Hairstyles and Haircuts

Here are some great ideas for hairstyles and haircuts for kids.

Cute Childrens Hairstyle with Headband and Curls
Fun in the Sun: Kid Hairstyles for Summer →

Summer is here! That means three months of cleaning and detangling your kid’s hair after a fun-filled day outside, right? Luckily for you, we have some easy kid hairstyles that will still look great by the end of a hot summer day.

Spring Hairstyles for Kids
20 Adorable Spring-Ready Hairstyles For Kids →

Get your kid ready for spring with a fun and cute hairstyle! Check out our top picks for this season!

winter kid hairstyles
13 Charming Kid Hairstyles for Winter →

Attention, parents of hip kids! We have a new list of the trendiest kid hairstyles that will be all the rage this winter. Come check them out!

Hairstyles for Kids - Fall 2014
These 25 Fall Hairstyles for Kids Will be All the Rage at School →

Does your kid need an updated hairstyle for the new fall season? If so, check out what’s popular (and oh-so-CUTE) this fall!

How To Recreate Vanellope von Schweetz’s Hairstyle from Wreck-It Ralph →

Learn how you can create the fun and unique hairstyle of Vanellope von Schweetz from the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

No-Heat Curly Cocoon →

Here's a fun trick to get gorgeous curls without using damaging hair tools!

Twisted Zig-Zag Hairdo →

Go for a more unique braid with this super creative zig-zag hairstyle for girls.

Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair →

Little girls with curly hair are the CUTEST, and these are some fun curly styling ideas you don't want to miss!

Side Flat Twists →

Learn how to create this slightly edgy, punk hairstyle based off the side french twist.

Cute, Medium Length Swept Hairstyles for Boys →

Give the little guy in your life a little style boost with one of these cute swept hairstyles.

The Knotted Headband →

If you can tie a shoelace, then you can easily do this super creative braided hairstyle!

Quadruple-Flipped Ponytail →

Go for a simpler fishtail inspired braid with this quadruple flipped ponytail.

Double Lace Into Side Braid →

Get Rihanna's double laced braided look in these few easy steps!

Easy Hairstyle: The Subtle Bow →

Here's a super easy girl's hairstyle that can literally be done in two minutes flat!

The Rapunzel Braid →

Learn how to get Disney's Rapunzel inspired braided hairstyle.

Dutch Flower Braid →

Learn how to style this super popular and cute dutch braid and flower inspired hairstyle.

10 Adorable Hairstyles for Little Girls →

Add some sass and style to the little princess in your life with these sweet hairstyle ideas for little girls.

10 Super Cute Hairstyles for Boys →

Get hair-inspired for the little man in your life with these sweet hairstyle ideas for boys.

The Ponytail Bow →

Learn how to take your typical hair bow and make it pop on a cute side ponytail!

Here’s A Super Cute Waterfall Braid (With A Twist!) For Little Girls →

Looking something fun, easy and pretty to do with your little girl's hair? We have just the tutorial for you!

A Cute Bob Haircut That’s Perfect For For Little Girls! →

See and learn how to style this adorable bob haircut for little girls.

Short Haircuts For Little Girls →

See these two short hairstyles that looks super cute on little girls.

Medium Hairstyles For Girls With Straight Hair →

Here are some cute ideas for medium length haircuts for girls with naturally straight hair.

medium curly hairstyles for little girls
Medium Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair →

Looking for a new medium length hairstyle for your girls curly hair?

long and straight hairstyle for little girl
Long And Straight Hairstyles For Girls →

If your daughter has naturally straight hair, here are some excellent ideas for long hair lengths on little girls.

Long And Curly Hairstyles For Girls →

Find your daughters next hairstyle that works well with her curly hair.

Pigtails For Little Girls →

Find a cute pigtail that's quick, easy and always looks cute on little girls.