Fast and Fabulous: 10 Easy Updos That Will Surprise Everyone

Maybe you don’t feel like messing with your mane, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time. Either way, you don’t have to settle for a lackluster pony. Instead, opt for an updo that makes people think you spent hours finessing in front of the mirror, but actually took mere minutes to complete.

The below hair bloggers have got you covered in the “easy updo” department. Take a gander at their tutorials below and walk out of the house feeling poised, sophisticated and ready to take on the world (or at least the day)!

#1 The Double Up

We’re majorly ogling this roundup of simplified hairstyles for short hair put together by the crew at The Beauty Department. The roundup features three different styles, including The Double Up, which, as the website says, “is exactly what it looks like.” They use to glittery hair pins to create the look, but feel free to branch out and use whatever you have on hand.


#2 Simple Chignon Updo

The women at the A Beautiful Mess blog are forever coming up with the prettiest, simplest updos, and this chignon is no exception. Laura says that this is one of her go-to hairstyles because it’s a.) easy to pull off; b.) doesn’t look too fussy and c.) you don’t need fancy tools to recreate it. Plus, you can wear it to all sorts of events, be they formal, informal or somewhere in between.

Simple Chignon Updo

#3 Fishtail Milkmaid Braids

Oh, how we adore milkmaid braids. They’re classic, they’re flattering, and they take no time at all to do. This tutorial puts a gentle twist on the standard by substituting the three strand braid with fishtails. Additionally, instead of starting the braids on the either side of your head, these start at the nape of your neck. This prevents bunching and billowing around the ears and makes for a super soft finished look.

Fishtail Milkmaid Braids

#4 Fishtail Braid Into High Ponytail

Speaking of fishtail braids…we’ve got to show you this gorgeous — and easy — fishtail-braid-meets-high-ponytail tutorial by Lilith Moon of the blog. She’s created a YouTube video to walk you through the process. Once you’ve really mastered the fishtail braid, you’ll be able to whip your hair into glorious shape in no time at all.

Fishtail Braid Into High Ponytail

#5 The Easiest Updo Ever

Carrie at WishWishWish — which is a super adorable blog I highly recommend, ya’ll — came up with this super easy updo that looks polished and fancy, but is super easy to recreate. In fact, she says it “takes all of two minutes — something super important when you’d rather spend that extra 10 minutes in bed before heading to work.” For this one, you’ll need a hair brush, some bobby pins and hairspray. Carrie also says this look is ideal for slightly dirty hair (read: day 2 or 3 hair). Check out her blog for the full how-to, including gobs of helpful pics.


#6 Quick Half Up Hairstyle

YouTube user LetsMakeItUp1 seriously rocks this perfect-for-parties udpo and I can’t wait to wear this one out myself. It’s definitely one of those deceivingly complex hairstyles that takes only minutes to complete, making it ideal for those times when time is of the essence. For this simple updo, you’ll start with a half up hairstyle, then you’ll create some braids and drape them to create a really soft and romantic updo.

#7 Retro Updo with Fishtail

Here’s another super sweet and ultra easy updo that anyone with medium to long hair can pull of. This hair tutorial comes to you from Manuela of the JoinTheMood blog and has a ton of payoff for very little work. In fact, as long as you know how to create a standard fishtail braid, you’ll be able to complete this ‘do in under five minutes, no problem.

retro updo

#8 Faux Updo for Short Hair

This one’s for all the shorties out there who want to rock an updo that makes it look like you’re packing super long locks. You can thank miss Keiko Lynn for this ingenious tutorial, which is thoroughly detailed on her blog. Before you begin, gather a bottle of dry shampoo, a comb, some bobby pins and a hair scarf. All the deets are on the blog, but in short: you create a mini beehive, pin the rest of your hair up and then tie a scarf over it all (click here for the scarf addition). Brilliant!

updos short hair

#9 Easy Braided Updo

If you know how to create a basic three-strand braid, you’re all set for this super simple tutorial by posted by Birchbox on YouTube. For this updo, you’ll separate a top section of hair from the bottom section and clip it out of the way. Then, create two separate braids with the bottom section of hair. Once you’ve done that, release the top section and create a third braid, twisting the two outer pieces inward before you begin braiding. Finally, arrange the three braids around each other to your liking and apply some flexible hold hairspray.

#10 3 Minute Summer Updo for Short Hair

Here’s another easy updo idea for those rocking a shorter mane. This one has a really feminine and breezy vibe that’d be perfect for all your late summer soirees, weddings or wherever you’re headed. You’ll need a teasing comb, bobby pins, a headband and then a few products (including a curling wand). I love the flower headband that YouTube user Cutesygirl09 used, but any variety would work. Something more glitzy or bedazzled may work better at a wedding or formal event.

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