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Silver Hair Color Ideas

Silver hair is as much of an attitude as it is a hair color, and it isn’t just for “the elderly” these days. Silver is chic, sexy, edgy and super on trend. Woman of all ages are rocking shades of silver from bright platinums to smokey greys.

Check out these silver hair color ideas to see if a certain shade suits you!

  • Platinum Silver

    silver hair color for women

    Instagram / @brookebent

    Q&A with Style Creator Brooke Benton
    Master Colorist/Celebrity Hairstylist @ Brooke Benton Studio in Westlake Village & Los Angeles, CA

    How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

    This is a chic natural platinum. It gives the ability to have a very difficult to keep up with white platinum look, but without the drama of having to keep up with regrowth every four weeks.

    My favorite thing about this look is that it’s a low maintenance platinum because it is balayaged (hand painted) into her natural root color, allowing a forgiving and natural grow out that can go on for months out of the salon. NO HARSH ROOTS. Yay!

    What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

    To maintain the color and health of the hair in between visits, I recommend a great purple shampoo. My clients all use Fanola No Yellow once or twice a week because it leaves the hair silver without the hint of violet that sometimes occurs with most purple shampoos. I also send my clients home with Brazilian Bond Builder B3 shampoo and conditioner because it’s color-safe, it has the B3 bond building agent in it to keep the hair strong and soft, and it allows the hair to retain incredible shine.

    As for styling, I use a 1 1/2-inch Bio Ionic ceramic curling iron after spraying Kenra Hot Spray in the hair to make sure that the hair is protected from heat damage. After styling with the iron, use a nickel-sized amount of texture paste from Kenra for added texture and separation to achieve that beachy, tousled look. You can also use a light hairspray if needed. The messier the better!

    What type of client would you recommend this look for?

    I recommend this look for people with a little bit of an edge to their style. It can easily compliment anything from athletic street styles to beachy boho chic.

    Style and cut-wise, this look for anyone with fine to thick hair. It can amp up lifeless fine hair that needs volume and texture.

    Color-wise this is best for lighter hair colors, natural blondes, and lighter brunettes (it IS achievable for most natural dark haired persons without prior colored hair, but is more expensive and higher maintenance). This color works great for light skin tones, especially those with yellow undertones to darker skin tones. Silver has a tendency to wash out those with pink undertones, so remember this when talking to your stylist.

  • Deep Steel Brown

    brown and silver hair color

    Instagram / @rozcorpuzhair

    Q&A with Style Creator Roz Corpuz
    Stylist IIII & Educator @ Umbrella Salon in San Jose, CA

    How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

    This is a deep steel brown, a dark grey with the slightest glimmer of brown.

    What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

    A common misconception that clients have about colors like these is the length of time it actually lasts. In their mind they’re “going dark”, but hairdressers know that while the tone of grey is dark, she is still ultimately blonde underneath. Because the desired tone is so ashy, we put the dark grey toner directly onto the blonde hair without using a filler first, giving the toner no “glue” to hold on to. This makes the these colors very high maintenance.

    I definitely recommend washing less and using less heat. Water and heat both open the cuticle, releasing more and more of your toner each time and causing fading. (Which may be a good thing if they like to change their hair color a lot!)

    When you do wash and condition, make sure to use professional products to ensure your color investment lasts as long as it can. I love the Gold Lust line by Oribe. It’s highly reparative and super moisturizing. Always make sure to use a great leave-in conditioner as well! My holy grail leave-in conditioner is Supershine by Oribe. If you feel a little oily between washes, try Oribe’s Gold Lust dry shampoo. It absorbs all of the oil and doesn’t give your hair a coated or gritty feel!

    What type of client would you recommend this look for?

    I think anyone could be grey. When a client asks for grey hair, I don’t think they want it because they think it would compliment their eye color or skin tone. They want ir to be a little rebellious. Grey is a fun and edgy color that is meant to be a statement, an awesome accessory.

    This color is definitely high maintenance. The clients that I have with colors like these I see at least every four weeks, sometimes more often!

  • Wintery, Metallic Steel

    metallic steel hair color

    Instagram / @ashairdesign

    Q&A with Style Creator Ashley Arial
    Hairstylist @ The Kru in Lancaster, CA

    How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

    I describe this look as a wintery, metallic steel. My favorite thing about it is the pop of pigment as well as the violet and blue undertones.

    What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

    To obtain and maintain this color, I used 8SM by Guy Tang + Paul Mitchel Pop color in the shade steel, after lightening using Wella Freelights. For the roots I blended a level 3N with her metallic ends to create a seamless and timeless look. Blending is key!

    What type of client would you recommend this look for?

    This look is for those who aren’t too defiant with the natural colors, but are daring at heart. This shiny metallic hue is perfect for those sheek hearts, beating to their own drum. This look is modest, yet rock and roll. Perfect for any age, skin tone and hair type. Be prepared: This look is perfected over time and multiple lightening sessions, depending on hair texture and density. So be patient with your stylist, but most of all be patient with your hair. Integrity of the hair is MOST important!

  • Dimensional

    dimensional silver hair color

    Instagram / @colorgeekchic

    Q&A with Style Creator Michelle Lindsay
    Owner @ Cultures Salon in Clearfield, UT

    How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

    I call this look dimensional silver because I purposely put some highs and
    lows in the hair to give a multi-dimensional effect. I do this with a lot
    of my color, regardless of the tone, because I believe the most flattering
    hair color has dimension. If color is just one-note, it has less movement
    and tends to look like a wig.

    What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

    First off, silver or grey tones should only be attempted by a
    professional. For this client, I used a high lift Majirel color by L’Oreal
    Professionnel to lighten her natural hair, then glazed with a
    demi-permanent color. I like to use demi-permanent color for fashion
    shades whenever possible because of their longevity compared to
    semi-permanent colors. And because they don’t transfer to my clients’
    pillowcases and clothing.

    This color will be easy for her to maintain because her hair is still in
    good condition, which will help the color last. We followed up her color
    service with a Pro Fiber treatment, which strengthens the hair and
    protects the color, and she uses the color-safe Pro Fiber shampoo and conditioner. Anytime she wants to refresh the tone, it’s a simple in-salon service. If she doesn’t refresh the tone, it will gradually fade to the pretty iced blonde that she has underneath.

    Anytime you do a fashion shade, it’s important to consider what the tone will fade to over time. We want our clients to look great when they leave the salon, but we also want them to look great several weeks after their color service.

    What type of client would you recommend this look for? 

    Your hair should definitely fit your own personality and style. This
    client is in the 60+ age category and has been nearly every color
    over the past several years. She has a great sense of style and always
    maintains a very stylish and classic look, even when doing the trends.

    Silver or grey tones work for anyone who looks good in cool tones. If
    you’re not sure whether cool tones or warm tones look best on you, ask
    your stylist. I tell stylists who have a hard time determining whether
    cool or warm tones look best to buy a large swatch of silver lamé fabric
    and another of gold lamé. Hold one of the swatches underneath the chin,
    draping the shoulders. Look in the mirror at the face and skin. Then
    repeat with the other swatch. It will usually jump out to you which color
    looks best on them. It’s the one that gives their skin tone a healthy glow
    and makes their eye color pop. If silver looks best against your skin, you
    should favor cool color tones. If gold looks best, you should favor warm
    color tones.

  • Silver Waves

    wavy silver hairstyle for women

    Instagram / @thelibbylookbook

    Q&A with Style Creator Elizabeth Eiten
    Hairstylist @ Tease a Salon for You in Stillman Valley, IL

    How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

    I would describe this silver look as very trendy and fashion forward. What I like about this look is that it’s not something you see every day! It definitely sets you apart from others and really shows your style and personality.

    What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

    Achieving this look it took a couple of steps! I had to bleach and tone and knowing that I wanted to get her to that icy silver and knew I had to cool her off before applying my finishing color. To cool her hair off, I used Goldwell’s Colorance 10P. It can be applied right at the bowl on towel dried hair. After that processed and she was blow dried, I used Elumen to give her that silver look! I used SV@10 and NA@2. If you want more of a charcoal grey, just add more of the NA@2!

    Maintenance is huge if you want this color. Always use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner! I recommend Goldwell’s. Also make sure you’re using heat protectant with your hot tools so the heat isn’t taking out the color (Sleek Perfection by Goldwell is great). Grey fades fast, so getting a Colorance gloss two to four weeks or so from the original service will help keep the style looking fresh. This color does require upkeep!

    What type of client would you recommend this look for?

    This look is definitely for a client that is trendy and into fashion. Someone who likes to try new things and isn’t scared of change! I would also say the client has to be one that regularly comes into the salon! I would recommend this to a client who already has blonde hair. To get this silver, you have to be very close to a level 10 (white blonde). You will not get the vibrancy or target color if the client’s hair isn’t lifted to a level 10.

    I think this hue looks great on people with fair skin. It is just enough contrast between their hair and skin tone. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who has ethnic hair! This look requires a lot of upkeep, and if your natural hair is a level 6 and darker, this probably isn’t a good option for you!

  • Icy Silver

    Q&A with Style Creator Kristi Murdoch
    Master Colorist @ Comb Brows+Hair in Omaha, NE

    How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

    I would describe this look as a rooted icy silver blonde. I love the contrast between the darker base and the bright pops of balayaged blonde throughout. I feel like this really captures the “lived in” color that everyone is embracing lately. So many times icy blondes and silver blondes can seem one dimensional, but I love that this look has many different cool shades to compliment the others!

    What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

    I would definitely recommend the perfect gloss/toner to maintain this look. I always tell my balayage clients, ESPECIALLY the icy and silver clients, to come every five to six weeks for maintenance. I like to re-gloss them at the bowl to keep those cool tones refreshed and keep the shine factor high. You never want a silver or ash blonde to dull out or seem flat. In this look, I utilized my favorite Redken Shades EQ and did equal parts 9V 9P and 9T. I also like to send my client home with a good blue-based shampoo to use at home. Oligo blue shampoo is my current favorite!

    What type of client would you recommend this look for?

    The great thing about this look is that it can work with any hair type and skin tone. Clients with a darker hair color will have to be patient and understand it is a multiple appointment process to lighten the hair to achieve this look while maintaining the hair’s integrity. Blondes love this look because it’s something new, fresh and fun without 100% commitment! If I had a client in my chair who typically goes months between appointments, I would just make sure to let them know the silver color may fade with multiple washes over time unless they come in for their six week glosses, to keep their color right where they want it!

  • Icy White

    long silver hairstyle for women

    Instagram / @houseofgen

    Q&A with Style Creator Genevieve Caspillo
    Stylist/Owner @ Titanium Studios in Vancouver, BC

    How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

    This is an icy white look that is striking yet subtle in its own beauty. It makes me feel as if that person exudes strength and confidence while maintaining a humble nature. This is powerful and inspiring if you ask me!

    What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

    To create this color, I used Loreal Professional StudioBlonde Lightener with Brazilian Bond Builder to protect the integrity of the hair, then toned with Schwarzkopf Silverwhite and 0-11 Booster.

    To maintain this color, I recommend Loreal Vitamino sulphate-free shampoo and Loreal Vitamino Color Save Conditioner for regular use. For weekly or bi-weekly maintenance, use Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and Loreal Vitamino Fresh Feel Mask. Avoid washing as much as you can and use lots of cold water when shampooing and conditioning.

    What type of client would you recommend this look for?

    To be honest, anyone with the confidence to rock it and the willingness to maintain it can pull off this look. Olive to pale skin tone will be flattered by the color while warmer skin tones may clash with it. But we all know makeup can do magical things!

    Hair can dry out and fade quickly on a person who is very active or tends to use a lot of heat (hot tools) on their hair. It comes down to people who are willing to regularly practice the “hair holy trinity”. The 3Ts are toners, treatments and trims.

    The more naturally light the hair is to start with, the better. I’m not saying this color is not possible on darker hair, it is just dependent on the level of lightening needed. It may take multiple sessions, lots of care, patience, cooperation, understanding and acceptance from both the stylist and the client.