Do You Make These Home Hair Color Mistakes?

We all love to stretch the dollar and spread out those salon visits — but if you are coloring your hair at home, be careful! Here’s some mistakes to avoid (and tips to remember)!:

Always use a color protection shampoo with sunscreen.  Don’t put all of that time and hard earned money into a look without an insurance policy.  Protect your hair as long as possible with a quality post color shampoo,” suggests Eddie Melone, the elite color specialist from Oprah’s original extreme makeover team. He’s worked five years on the Oprah Winfrey show and 10 years at a prominent Michigan Avenue salon.

Even if your hairstylist tells you 6-8 weeks before your next touch-up, don’t go to that big event with faded, dull hair color, Eddie says.  Get a 15 minute refresher/gloss (some still say toners) that will instantly bring life back to your haircolor without additional highlights. Make an appointment before you take that photo or you’ll regret it down the road.  Be open and talk with your stylist.

Coloring your hair can be fun, but should be taken seriously if you want great color and healthy hair. While many choose to give it up to their stylist, many on a budget take hair color into their own hands. Here are some tips from the experts on how effective at-home hair coloring.

1. Be careful about the color you choosecautions Lori Esposito, Creative Color Advisor for Yarok Hair. Going from light to dark with over-the-counter hair color can create a matte, “shoe polish” finish on your hair, instead of looking vibrant and glossy. Be sure to take care and heed all recommendations for how to maintain rich color.

2. If nature gave you dark brown hair, don’t try and fool anyone with golden blonde,Lori says. Going lighter usually necessitates bleaching agents which are hugely damaging to hair. If you choose a color closer to your natural hair, it will last longer and look & feel healthier. Keep in mind though that most color systems are ammonia based, i do recommend finding a boxed color at your health food store if you have to, if so it is a good idea to leave out the tips of your strands as that is where damage and split ends begin. (Don’t forget regular trims when coloring!)

3. Highlights that look natural are extremely difficult to achieve at home. Inevitably, most end up with Dalmation-like spots due to improper application and poor vision. The best advice for highlighting is to simply leave it to someone with the skills and ability to see 360 degrees around your head! says Lori.

4. “Hot roots”- when your roots are noticeably warmer in color than the ends of your hair-is caused by high volume peroxides. The heat produced by the scalp can activate the lightening agents and cause the hair near to lighten even more/become warmer than the ends.

5. And, last but most important: READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. This can’t be stressed enough. Hair dyes contain harsh chemicals and need to be treated as such. Take care of your hair. Do not neglect steps, or leave the dyes in longer than the directions advise. Over-processing due to distraction is a big problem with at-home coloring.