21 Vibrant Dark Hair Color Ideas Guaranteed to Turn Heads

Are you ready to venture to the dark side? Darker hair colors doesn’t mean just going for darker shades and this season beckons for deep tones and rich shading. Simply look at your existing shade and go a level or two darker. Remember, going darker doesn’t mean you need to color your hair black to enjoy the benefits of a new hue.

Adding lowlights, dramatic color blocking or deepening your base are all effective ways of enhancing your current look. Look at these creative dark hair color ideas and stand out in the crowd!

Rich Mahogany Dark Hair

Rich Mahogany hairstyle Instagram @ccameron7

Q&A with style creator, Cheyenne Cameron
Stylist @ Salon Fifty Four in Green Bay, WI

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This look screams “fall” to me! Everyone wants to richen up their hair and get rid of the bleached out summer shade once October comes around.

I used All-Nutrient to create a rich mahogany tone. I love how past balayage still shows through the color to give the hair dimension. It has that lived-in highlight look!

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

Kevin Murphy products are my everyday go-to products in the salon. I love everything about the line! All the products are color-safe, as well as sulfate and paraben-free.

For this particular look, I recommend the Hydrate.Me wash and rinse, Body.Builder for a great blowout, and Anti.Gravity spray to create hold for the loose waves.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This look is definitely for someone who comes into the salon frequently! To ensure the richness, the hair will need to be kept up. This color and style would be good for most women. Loose waves are such a trend at the moment! They give the hair more style and show the ribbons of color best.

Effortlessly Sassy Hair Color

Effortlessly Sassy hairstyle Instagram @maloryohaira

Q&A with style creator, Malory Mendonsa
Hairdresser/Educator @ Studio One Salon in Kennewick, WA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This style is not for the faint of heart as it sits above the shoulders, but it is definitely an effortlessly sassy style. The rich chocolate also gives this haircut a sophisticated edge.

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

This guest has tons of heavy, oil-prone hair, so before styling we use Bumble and bumble All-Style blow dry. When applied right on the roots, it can repel oil for longer and extend the life of your blow dry. We curled away from the face with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron and broke it up by finishing with Bumble and bumble Dryspun!

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

A shorter length bob is perfect for anyone wanting easy wash and go hair while still having the option of styling. This warm chocolate brown is a great option for lighter skin tones wanting to take a trip to the darker side!

Dark Brown Haircut

Brownstone Babe hairstyle Instagram @stylesbycoley

Q&A with style creator, Coley Nevalsky
Hairstylist @ Metamorphosis Hair Design in Sturbridge, MA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as brownstone or rich chocolate shade. My favorite thing about this is how deep, rich and cool toned it came out, while still having that slight natural looking highlight to it!

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

I used JOICO to achieve this color and I recommend using a sulfate-free , color care shampoo and conditioner to keep it looking nice and deep.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

I recommend this shade for the low maintenance client with naturally darker hair. It is ideal for someone that pushes their appointments out closer to ten to 12 weeks rather than six to eight. I believe this would look great with any skin tone.

Deep Dark Chocolate Brown

Q&A with style creator, Sofia Davila
Level 1 Stylist @ Roots Hair Devotion in Brick Township, NJ

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a look I would describe as a deep chocolate brown. My favorite thing about this is the shine and sophistication this look gives off.

What products do you recommend to create and maintain this look?

To create this look, I recommend a conditioning color to add shine and keep the hair as healthy as possible. I used Redken’s Shades EQ Cream line which is formulated with pomegranate oil, rice protein, and a conditioning polymer.

Color-safe shampoo, conditioner and styling products are a must to maintain this hue. I highly recommend sulfate-free products such as Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics line.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This color reflects beautifully on someone with an olive/tan skin tone. Redken’s Shades EQ Cream is a no-lift, no-ammonia hair color ,so it is ideal for someone who does not require gray coverage but wants to add depth and shine to their hair.

Shiny Sable Shade

The cool, velvety finish of this deep sable brown is a gorgeous choice for natural brunettes. Pre-lighten and tone with your fave shade to eliminate any warmth. Top it off with a clear gloss for a shiny finish.

Sable Velvet Finish Dark Hair Color

The gentle coolness of this sable brown hue best suits a yellow/olive complexion. Naturally brown tones can achieve this shade, just be sure to neutralize unwanted warmth for the right effect.

A sleek, high fashion ponytail with a deeply parted fringe makes a bold statement. Don’t forget the shine spray to give it that high reflective feature and always go for a color enhancing shampoo to retain that rich tone.

Dark Charcoal Tone

This multi-hued delight is a clever way to update traditional black. Shades of charcoal grey and deep cobalt blue plus streaks of smokey taupe give your hair a perpetual backlit effect.

Charcoal Dark Multi Hue Hair Color

Diffuse your natural texture so it’s not perfectly straight and offset with a sharply cut fringe. The blunt fringe cut right above the eyebrows really brings attention to the eyes. This hairstyle can be enhanced with layers and other shades or streaks of color. With long hair like this, it is important to keep the ends cut and trim and not overwash to prevent dilution of the rich hue.

Espresso Hair Color

The best part of waking up is…bold espresso hued hair! This is a gorgeous tone reminiscent of freshly ground coffee that entices the senses.

Expresso Brunette Rich Deep Coffee Shade

This rich espresso brown hue is a great compliment to lighter skin tones and the shades can vary by a few degrees. Light makeup around the eyes and lighter shades of lipstick go well with this but going with darker shades would also create a vivacious style.

Gorgeous and sexy waves are the way to go to show off this espresso hair.

Black Ink Shade

Here’s an inky black shade with just a touch of the ‘blues’. Try this as a gloss to prevent dye overload.

Ink Glossy Dark Hair Color

Long locks benefit from softly curled ends for just the right amount of movement and texture. With darker shades, it is easy to mix and match some color swatches to create an ombre effect or keep it switching depending on the angle and lighting like this look. Lighter skin tones work very well with these shades.

Cashmere Tone

A delicate tone that’s soft to the touch, this cashmere brown hue is everything.

Cashmere Velvety Hue Long Straight Hair

Wear your hair sleek to show off your hue and wow everyone with serious shine. The blunt cut bangs are the perfect touch to combine with the sleek locks. Adding layers or curls can enhance the hairstyle for more formal events, just make sure to add a shine serum to get that lighting effect. The complete shade can easily be achieved for women with both lighter and darker shades already.

Dark ASH Hue

Hair lighting serves as great inspiration for unique color-blocking opportunities. Selectively highlighting the superficial layers of the hair creates a stunning ‘after-glow’ effect.

Ash Shiny Glow Long Straight Dark Hair Color

A brow-grazing fringe is a soft and delicate way to compliment a bob haircut. This hairstyle really shines because of that jet-black shade but when combined with lighter skin tones, it stands out 10 times more. The nude lipstick is a perfect compliment and can be combined with smoky eyes.

Neutral Black Shade

The little black bob is perfection. This neutral black hue offers lovely framing for porcelain complexions.

Neutral Black Hair Color Bob

This neutral toned black hue best suits a pale, porcelain complexion. Naturally black hair can achieve this shade with a gentle, demi-permanent glaze.
Statement hair deserves to be styled. Keep your look smart with a beautifully cut silhouette.

Deep Dark Gold Hair Color

Take your blonde deeper with this burnished, metallic gold tone. This rich shade is a great take on 60’s hair.

Deep Gold Burnished Glossy Bob

This metallic gold tone best suits a yellow or peachy complexion. Medium light hair can achieve this shade with a gentle, demi-permanent gloss.
This tone rocks and the cut and style easily transport you to another era. Even a Bond girl could be seen in this chic, glamorous tone. It is super important to use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner for this shade because it can easily become dull to a point where a touch up with a colorist is needed.

Cinnamon Shade

Spice up your style with the magnificent warm golden tones of this cinnamon-inspired hue. You’ll fall in love with this rich tone with reflective sheen.

Cinnamon Spicy Warm Tones Dark Color

The reddish-gold tone meshes the best of lighter and darker hues and is perfect for formal events.
Try an Avant-Garde twist on the top knot to show off your gorgeous hue because the top of the hair is allowed to glimmer with that vibrant shade. What is awesome about this particular look is the use of the totally opposite blue shade on the eyes which just somehow works.

Dark Chocolate Hair Color

This shade is silky smooth, showcasing an assortment of rich and milk chocolate brown tones.

Chocolate Silky Smooth Dark Hair Colors

Long layers are perfect for showcasing these subtle shades of brown. The brunette highlights add some flair to the rich, darker base color but the key is to not stray to far from it. A deeply set parting showcases the subtlety of these delectable chocolate tones.

Nutmeg Tone

The depth of this warm brown shade is just right. The rich red tones of this nutmeg hue produce a radiant quality.

Nutmeg Warm Brown Radiant Rich Tones

The warm, reddish undertones are perfect shades for the holidays. Holiday spices are great inspiration for playing with your hair color. Going with fall hues can really enhance the hair during the holidays and prevent that dull look all season long.

Toffee Hair Colors

In this look, brown waves cascade softly into toffee colored ends. This look is a lovely ombré update.

Toffee Dark Brown Cascading Waves Highlighted Ends

Softly styled waves are the perfect canvas for tones that melts. This hairstyle is definitely a head turning treasure. The ombre effect is enhanced with the curls and the combination of an almost purple shade at the top and darker browns at the bottom really creates and mysterious finish. Many hues would work with this hairstyle as well so ask a colorist for some great ideas.

Brunette Chestnut Shade

A deep and mysterious brunette with a chestnut-inspired hue shifts the focus to you. There is just enough of a color shift infused in the hair to make it vibrant and creative.

Chestnut Dark Brown Brunette Color with Silky Undertones

An eye-grazing fringe and a softly framed cut are all you need to really show off this shade.

Dark Natural Black Hair

Sometimes there’s no need to change a good thing. Try a shine gloss to liven up natural black to make it pop!

Natural Black Short Glossy Shine

The natural black tone best suits a yellow, pale or peachy complexion. Pair this ‘natural’ look with a fiercely cut, geometric pixie shape for instant drama. With haircuts this short, it all comes down to the color and the style and the wrong combination could be disastrous but going all black is hard to mess up.

Matte Black

Ultra-saturated black tresses offer striking contrast with a matte finish.

Matte Black Ultra Dark Hair Color Look

The matte black tone just goes hand in hand with wild, rocker hair. Make it bigger with major backcombing for a rough, rock-n-roll look. Keep this tone cloudy by staying away from the shine sprays and not leaving the hair sleek and straight.

Caramel Color

Let your texture do the talking. Play with multi-dimensional caramel tones to refresh your look.

Caramel Textured Long Curly Look with Highlights

Get these gorgeous tendrils by wrapping hair around a clipless wand. Caramel is a great choice for many skin complexions because it balances out both lighter and darker skin tones.

Chocolate Raspberry

This decadent shade is gorgeous in every way. A rich brunette with deep raspberry notes will leave all around you breathless.

Chocolate Raspberry Dark Hair

The berry undertones of this brunette hue creates an after glow affect which makes it a perfect selection for formal galas. Keep your hair softly styled to reflect maximum shine and it is best to get the hair colored a few days before the event.

Darker hair is seductive and charming. So, before you go on and make a big change, look at your natural tones and complexion. Start with a subtle change by enhancing your existing undertones to take it to the next level. With all these choice selections, your hair will be merry and bright all season!