10 Shades of Copper Hair That Will Color You Red Hot

Copper hair is a broad term for so many variations of hair color. From fiery copper to soft strawberry, deep ginger to copper penny, copper hair will draw attention and turn heads everywhere you go!

Picking the right combo will brighten your skin and give life to your tresses. Check out these 10 variations of copper hair and make one your own!

Soft Elegance

Natural looking copper with soft golden highlights creates a stunning elegance fit for a princess!

Natural Copper Hair Color with Golden Highlights Natural Copper Hair Color with Golden Highlights Back View

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Soft porcelain skin with pink undertones looks best with this shade of copper, while hair that is medium texture and straight or wavy will easily pull up in this pretty updo.


To create this whimsical updo, curl ends of hair with large barrel iron and create two ponytails, one towards the crown and one a few inches lower. Twirl the ends up to cover the ponytail holders and secure with bobby pins.

The Redhead Next Door

Copper penny strands and soft curls take the girl-next-door style to the next level. A rich copper hue with flecks of gold paired with soft curls is sure to turn heads!

Copper Penny Hair Color with Gold Highlights and Curls

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair skinned beauties that look great in shades of pink and green wear this color well. Hair that is naturally wavy or straight and is medium to fine will find this is an easy style to maintain.


To create “imperfect” curls, try using a curling wand and wrapping sections differently. Some curl more towards the root area, other curls focus more on the mid-shaft to ends.

Going Natural

This color of copper is so soft and natural, they may never know it’s not yours! Pairing this shade of copper with soft curls gives volume and fullness anyone would be jealous of.

Soft Natural Copper Hair Color with Curls and Volume

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair skin accompanied by this soft copper keeps this look naturally beautiful. Hair that is wavy or straight and medium to thick make the soft curls and volume easy to create.


When you go in and ask for this color, make sure you talk to your colorist about wanting a very natural look. Pictures are a great way to make sure you are both on the same page.

Golden Sunset

Deep copper with highlights of soft light copper recreate a beautiful sunset and will keep the attention on you long after the sun sets!

Deep Copper Hair Color with Light Copper Highlights

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to light skin tones that look great in greens and coral wear this color fantastically. Hair that is medium to thick and wavy to curl will hold this style best.


For the highlights within this rich copper, avoid going a white or platinum blonde. This will create a harsh contrast instead of a soft transition.

Lowlighted Perfection

To create depth and interest in this lighter copper, added deep copper lowlights separate curls and give a thicker appearance.

Light Copper Hair Color with Deep Copper Lowlights

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light complexions look stunning in this dual copper shade, while hair that is medium to fine in texture creates a nice base for this softly curled style.


To avoid an over saturation of contrast, choose two copper shades that are two to three shades different.

Soft Copper Ombre’

Still one of the hottest color trends, ombre’ is beautiful when you pair a deeper shade of copper red with a slightly lighter copper gold.

Copper Ombre Hair Color

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones that look great in shades of pink and green wear this color nicely. Thick hair that is naturally wavy to straight can achieve this style effortlessly.


To achieve a seamless ombre’, make sure to find a stylist that is experienced and can create this trendy look .

Crimped Copper

Beautiful color paired with trendy micro crimps creates a fashionable look that will turn heads at any party or girls night out!

Copper Hair Color with Micro Crimps

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones that have a warm glow look great with this rich deep copper. Hair that is medium to thick and wavy to curly will hold your crimped updo all day!


Make sure to use a heat protecting product before you begin to crimp your hair. Once you’ve crimped your entire head, select a part and gather hair off to one side in the back. Twist into a bun leaving ends loose.

Bright and Center!

Vibrant, bright copper brings all the attention right to you! Paired with a short and sassy haircut, you’ll be amazed at the interest and compliments it will bring you.

Vibrant Copper Hair Color with Short Sassy Haircut

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Fair to light complexions with soft pink undertones look amazing in this vibrant hue. Hair that is medium to thick with soft natural waves holds this style perfectly.


Learning to do a voluminous blowout is key to this style. Try using a small round brush and asking your stylist for a styling lesson at your next appointment.

A Bit of Blonde

A rich copper mahogany with bright peek-a-boo blonde highlights shows your fun side!

Rich Copper Mahogany Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin tones that look great in shades of green and salmon wear this color amazingly. Hair that is wavy in texture and medium to thick in density wear this curled style best.


When adding blonde into any type of red or copper hair, transfer or bleeding can occur. To prevent this, cover blonde peek-a-boo pieces in conditioner before shampooing.

Smooth Copper

Soft copper with gold accents creates a gentle, natural looking copper that even natural gingers will be jealous of!

Soft Copper Hair Color with Gold Accents

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Soft, fair complexions that look fabulous in soft blues and greens wear this copper nicely, while hair that is finer to medium texture sweeps up into this soft updo perfectly.


To achieve this sexy soft updo, start by curling hair with a one-inch curling iron or curling wand. Select a side part, and softly sweep hair back to desired side. Create a loose three-strand braid and secure the end with a clear elastic. Loosely twist hair into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Copper hair can vary from natural to bright and fiery. Choosing the right color for you can be challenging, but once you find your perfect shade, you’ll be hooked for life! Find pictures, talk with your stylist, and get ready for a life changing color.