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16 Rich and Luscious Shades of Brown Hair to Consider

Who says blondes have all the fun? Check out these super fun and fabulous brown hair colors that are sure to make you crave a chocolate hue that’s right for you! Go brown all over or throw some contrast into your blonde for cool multi-dimensional effect.

  • 1. Caramel Ribbon

    Check out this amazing pixie cut with a deep side part and tons of volume throughout the crown!

    Caramel Brown Hair Ribbon Short Layered Look Caramel Ribbon Brown Hair Short Layered Look Back View

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    The gorgeous contrast between rich chocolate brown and warm caramel is perfect for those with light to medium warm complexions. The accent caramel color can be placed just about anywhere you choose! If you’d like to highlight your eyes, ask your stylist to place a thick weave of caramel through the fringe area. To bring out cheekbones, opt for two smaller slices in the piecy area in front of the ears.

  • 2. Deep Neutral

    Here is a bold, neutral brown with tons of shine! Single colors can be added dimension with lots of layers and worn with tons of texture or smooth for a polished look.

    Deep Neutral Smooth Brown Hair Look Deep Neutral Smooth Brown Hair Look Side View

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Neutral brown works best on those who have naturally ashy or very neutral colored hair. Those with slightly warm toned skin can pull this look off too, but anyone with a strong olive tone should opt for a warmer color. Curly, straight, wavy, fine, medium, coarse…any texture looks great in this color!

  • 3. A Tale of Two Tones

    Add some excitement to your hair with this simple highlighting technique! A medium sandy brown with a slice of pale blonde on both sides brings attention to the cheekbones and elongates the face.

    A Tale of Two Brown Hair Tones

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Lighter neutral brown hair colors and pale blonde look best on those with pale neutral or cool toned skin. This cut and color combination looks best coupled with straight hair.


    How do you determine if your skin matches one of these categories? Pale neutral skin has virtually no direction either way, meaning it contains no particular hints of either yellow or pink. Cool toned skin usually has a hint of pink around the cheekbones.

  • 4. Dark Coffee

    Shiny hair screams healthy hair and this all-over dark rich brown fits that bill perfectly.

    Dark Coffee Sweet Wavy Brunette Style

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Hair of all types should be at optimal health, so this color would be perfect on any texture. As seen here, the model’s hair has been curled from the middle to the ends, but curly haired girls will be able to rock this look without much styling effort! Choose this style if you have a light to medium golden skin tone.

  • 5. Auburn Accents

    Auburn accents give this brunette a kick! Tiny slices through the front give a sparkle to the eyes and enhance warm skin tones.

    Auburn Accents Sweet Medium Length Brown Hair

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    This color will look killer with light blue or brown eyes and warm skin tones. Straight hair is necessary for this cut, but any texture of hair would look fantastic with this brown and auburn combo!

  • 6. Sultry Cinnamon Slices

    Tiny slices of medium copper brown and warm dark blonde add tons of sparkling facets to this long layered cut with a side swept fringe.

    Sultry Cinnamon Slices Medium Brown Hair Sultry Cinnamon Slices Medium Brown Hair Side View

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Long, straight hair is best for this type of color because of the tiny slices. Worn here with fabulous face-framing layers and a side swept fringe, these colors really look great on those with medium neutral skin tones and light colored eyes. Have curly hair? You can definitely wear these beautiful colors as well! Just ask your stylist to use a chunky weave color technique instead.

  • 7. Coffee and Cream

    This cute crop with a deep side swept fringe looks fierce with tones of brown and blonde contrasting each other.

    Coffee and Cream Highlighted Brunette Short Style Coffee and Cream Highlighted Brunette Short Style Side View

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Thick, straight hair is best for this cut. Finish with just a bit of flat iron styling in the fringe to create your side sweep. Light skin with cool tones are complemented beautifully by the rich neutral tones of this hair color. Keep the largest area of blonde in the fringe, which will really make your eyes pop!

  • 8. Royal Red Brown

    Jewel toned red gives a whole new dimension to traditional brown. Injected wtih shine and a sultry curl, this red brown wonder woman will have all eyes on her!

    Long Auburn Style Brown Hair with Curls and Waves

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    If you have light eyes, especially with a green tint, this color will make them sparkle! Unsure about trying red? This is the color for you because it fits almost any skin tone! Opt for something with more brown if you have dark tan skin.

  • 9. Copper Brown Beauty

    Loose curls show off the copper tones in this stunning shade!

    Copper Brown Hair Beauty Medium Wavy Style Copper Brown Hair Beauty Medium Wavy Style Front View

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    A light to medium tan tone is ideal for wearing this hair color since the copper tones play so well off the subtle warmth of the skin. Curly haired beauties will have the easiest time styling to get this look, but if you have straight hair, never fear! A quick once-over with a one-inch barrel curling iron will give you the body you need.

  • 10. Sunlit Brown

    Copper highlights throughout give this deep neutral brown some dimension. A piecy fringe brings attention to the eyes as it falls just below the eyebrows.

    Medium Brown Red Style with Bangs Medium Brown Red Style with Bangs Side View

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    This cut is perfect on straight medium textured hair, but can be worn in wavy or curly hair too with a more flirty feel! Copper highlights through the crown beautifully enhance the eyes and cheekbones. Try this color if you have light skin with peach or other warm undertones.

  • 11. Brunette Balayage

    Gorgeous medium brown balayage highlights on a dark brown base give these curls extra dimension! On the flip side, this color and length would also look amazing if worn straight.

    Brunette Balayage Medium Style Brunette Balayage Medium Style Side View

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    This color combination is worn best by those with medium and slightly warm skin tones. The best hair type for this style is relaxed, though super curly or kinky hair can be styled this way with an iron as well.


    Hair that has not been relaxed can handle a higher heat setting, but always make sure to use a salon professional heat protecting product on hair prior to curling.

  • 12. Angled Attitude

    Here is a warm medium brown complemented by subtle golden highlights. There’s tons of texture going on in this amazing angled bob! This look is perfect for those who want a finished style that doesn’t require too much work in the morning.

    Angled Attitude Warm Medium Brown Hair

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    The tone of these two colors can do wonders to brighten up a pale complexion. This hair color wears well on those with light neutral or slightly warm complexions who have straight or very slightly wavy hair. Those with curly hair can wear this cut as well, but will require a lot of flat ironing to achieve to exact style.


    This cut can be worn curly too if you are going for a maintenance-free coif this season!

  • 13. Two Timing

    Here we have a warm brown hair color underneath topped off with a veil of neutral medium blonde on a long layered cut.

    Two Timing Super Long Layered Look

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Do you have long hair and a love for both brown and blonde, but can’t decide which to wear? This color option is perfect for you! Best worn against light to medium neutral or cool skin tones, this sexy style requires long layers and a cheekbone-skimming side-swept fringe. This cut is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair and either fine, medium or coarse hair.


    I’d recommend those with fine hair to go a little easy on the layering so the hair keeps its fullness at the ends. Those with coarse hair should get a little extra layering or thinning to keep the style manageable.

  • 14. Reverse Ombré

    In this look, a subtly lighter color at the outgrowth melts into a reverse ombré with deep brown reaching through the long layers to the ends.

    Reverse Ombre Long Brown Hair Parted Style

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    The best skin tone for this color is medium with warm, neutral or cool tones. Adjusting the tone of the colors, which means adjusting how much warmth or coolness they contain, will help you to pick the perfect complementary shades. This style can be worn on fine, medium or coarse wavy hair.


    Want this look but have straight hair? Simply curl with a 1-inch diameter barrel curling iron!

  • 15. Nearly Black Magic

    Deep brown that is nearly black shows tons of shine on a long layered cut with layers around the face, bringing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

    Long Black Brown Hair Style with Layers

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    I recommend this color for those with lighter complexions. The contrast will look beautiful and look especially gorgeous on those with light colored eyes. Try this cut on hair that is medium texture and straight or has just a bit of wave.

  • 16. Copper Top

    I love this gorgeous copper brown from roots to mid-lengths finished with a deep rich brown at the ends of a one length cut, with just a bit of razored texture throughout.

    Copper Top Straight Long Brown Hair Look

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Medium tan skin tones will look best in this super long, multi-toned hairstyle. Straight or relaxed hair texture is best as this extra-long length can be hard to manage on wavy or curly hair.

    Brunettes will be bombshells too in any of these amazing brown hair color combinations! My clients love to change up their look from time to time, and so should you. Keep it fresh and fun and always accessorize with a smile!