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Brunette Hair Hues That Are Anything But Boring

Who says blondes have all the fun? We promise, brunettes do too! Lucky for brunettes, rich shades of brown are all the rage right now. Kate Middleton-inspired natural shades of rich, shiny chocolates and caramels are definitely what we’re falling for this fall. Get inspired by this gorgeous range of brunette hair hues.

Light Brown
light brown brunette hair hues

Caramel Brown
caramel brown brunette hair hues

Dark Ash Brown
dark ash brown brunette hair hues

Medium Brown
medium brown brunette hair hues

Mahogany Brown
mahogany brown brunette hair hues

Dark Brown
dark brown brunette hair hues

Black Brown
black brown brunette hair hues

Keep in mind, these are just basic brunette hues. There are literally tons of shades between them! For more beautiful brown hair inspiration, check out our 5 Ways To Boost Brown Hair blog post as well as the Stunning Hair and Eye Color Combinations post.

If you are considering converting to brown or simply trying a new shade of brown, discuss your best options with a trusted colorist before you make the jump. Remember, your skin tone, hair texture, hair cut AND hair color all work in unison to create your unique and beautiful look.

Which shade of brunette are you OR which brunette shade would you like to try?