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Exquisite Shades of Blue Black Hair: Which One Suits You Best?

A dark black hue with a hint of blue is not only mysterious, but very flattering. It’s a great way to show your daring side with every turn of your head catching the light and exposing your bluish hue! Check out these exquisitely different ways to showcase anywhere from bold to soft blue black hair.

  • Blue Shine

    The exotic shine of ocean blue over jet black hair paired with a simple bob haircut makes a bold statement!

    Blue Black Hair

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Soft pale skin with little pink undertones look great in this hue. Hair that is straight in texture and medium to thick in density wear this classic bob best.


    Remember to keep your blue hue bright longer, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Try Pravana’s Pure Light Shampoo. It’s blue/violet base will support your blue with every wash.

  • Blue Stripes

    A bold blue highlight placed to peak out of your black or brunette hair will draw attention in any crowd!

    Blue Stripes Layered Style

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Medium to light skin tones that look great in blues and teals wear this color best. For this cute asymmetrical pixie,  hair that is medium to fine and straight to wavy creates a perfect style!


    When styling your hair, you can choose to have your blue stripes be bolder by simply changing your part! Try splitting hair in the middle of your blue highlights and sweeping it off to the other side for a night out on the town.

  • Long and Lovely

    Adding a slight blue hue to your hair creates a nice shine indoors, and gives some fun and interest when stepping out into the sun.

    Long and Lovely Blue Black Hair

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    For this slight blue, a medium complexion suits it best. Hair that is medium to thick and wavy to straight will hold this blunt fringe and soft wave style best.


    When creating this soft wave in your hair, try using a curling wand instead of a traditional iron.  Wrap hair around the barrel starting halfway down the section. Hold ends close, but not directly on iron. Let each wave cool before running fingers through or using a paddle brush to comb out.

  • Short and Sweet

    A sassy haircut paired with a soft, blue black hair color looks fun and professional.

    Short and Sweet Sassy Cut

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Medium to light skin tones with naturally darker hair look stunning in this blue black. Straight, medium to thick hair creates a perfect canvas for this textured short cut.


    Keep your shine amped up! Rinse hair with cool water to close the cuticle layer and add a shine enhancing oil to your routine.  Try Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine. It is super lightweight and has small bits of mica to reflect light.

  • Perfect Party Hair

    The messy sexy style perfected! This loosely pulled up look with the perfect amount of bits hanging down paired with jet blue black hair color will have everyone noticing you when you walk in the room.

    Perfect Party Hair

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Fair skin tones that look great in deep purples and blues wear this blue black hair color perfectly. Hair that is straight (or dried straight) will twist up into this sexy updo effortlessly.


    After drying hair, pull hair back into a loose ponytail. Pull out bits to frame your face, then wrap the rest of the hair around ponytail base and secure with pins. Make sure it’s secure, but it doesn’t look perfect. Finish off with a shine-infused hairspray.

  • Blue Vixen

    Fine blue highlights through this jet black base color give a brighter blue effect and increase the va va voom factor!

    Blue Vixen Lovely Long Style Fine Blue Highlights

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Fair to medium skin tones that look stunning in greys, teals and dark blues have this color covered! Thick, straight to wavy hair helps create a full look to show off this amazing color.


    When going for blue highlights, remember that your colorist will first have to lighten your strands to a pale blonde before overlaying with blue. Ask for recommendations to see if your dark hair can handle the process before jumping in!

  • Up and Away!

    Mountains of texture and dark blue hues make a bold statement for any daring lady! The perfect amount of height, curl and blue make this look to “dye” for.

    Up and Away Beautiful Full Style with Volume

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Light to medium skin tones work well with this beautiful blue black shade. Thick, wavy to curly hair creates a base for this look to reach new heights.


    To achieve massive height, start with a volumizing foam through your crown and top of head. Blow dry hair upside down and direct it in the opposite direction of where your finished style will be. Flip head over and separate into small sections to create backcombing. You can use a brush or comb for this step. Smooth hair over backcombing and spray with a hard hold hairspray to finish the look.

  • Simplicity is Key

    Sometimes the old rule of less is more still holds true. A slight blue hue to jet black hair compliments this cropped pixie stunningly.

    Simplicity Is Key Cute Smooth Dark Hairstyle

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Soft pale skin tones with lighter eyes make this color pop! Hair that is straight and medium to thick make styling this pixie cut a breeze.


    Want a different look? Try using a texture cream, such as Pravana’s Twist, to push strands up into a faux hawk or spiky look!

  • Natural with a Pinch of Indigo

    Give naturally black hair a soft glow of indigo. Indoors it looks shiny and healthy, but once you step out into the sun, it shows your wild side!

    Natural With Pinch of Indigo

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Medium skin tones that look great in deep shades of grey, violet and indigo are a perfect match for this color. Hair that is naturally curly and medium to thick wears this look best.


    Keeping your curls and color hydrated is very important. Using a weekly at-home conditioning treatment will give you shine, moisture and manageability. Try Pravana’s Nevo 60 Sec Deep Treat. In only one minute, your locks will be nourished and happy!

  • Straight and Sleek

    One of the best ways to show off shiny, blue toned color is to wear it straight and sleek. Walking into the wind also gives you a great blown away look (and keeps hair out of your lip gloss too!).

    Straight and Sleek Long Blue Black Hair With Bangs

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Light to medium skin tones look best in this hue, while hair that is naturally straight and medium to thick achieves this look effortlessly.


    If your hair needs a little help, go ahead and use a flat iron. Just remember to turn the heat down (nothing over 390 degrees) and use a heat protecting spray. Small sections and slow, even tension is best for your hair.

  • Bright Ocean Teal

    Create a splash with bold panels of an ocean teal through blue black hair this season. This hue is eye catching and daring, but not for the faint of heart or hair!

    Bright Ocean Teal Pretty Short Look

    Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

    Pale skin tones with cool undertones carry this bold color well.  To achieve this asymmetrical cut, fine to medium strands that are naturally straight are cut to show off a delicate face.


    Bright colors are the hardest to maintain. The more you can refrain from washing, the better! Ask your stylist for their recommendations on a dry shampoo to use on days you don’t wash. My favorites are Pravana’s Fresh for volume, or Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair for sleeker looks.

    Blue black hair ranges from bold and bright, to soft and subtle. Pick your hue and get an appointment with your stylist now!  Remember though, it is a commitment that is not easily removed from your tresses.