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Blonde Hair Color Ideas, Tips and More

If they say blondes have more fun… who wouldn’t want that? Whether you are looking to go blonde or spice up your blonde, here you will find some great ideas for your next shade.

  • 22 Gorgeous Shades of Blonde Hair

    Being a blonde doesn’t just mean you get to rock that “hot blonde” attitude, it also gives you options! Don’t be afraid to mix up your blonde a bit and throw in some subtle lowlights or even a contrasting color. With any of the looks shown in this article, you will be sure to turn heads and make all the brunettes jealous!

  • blonde-curly-hair

    22 Smoking Hot Platinum Blonde Shades to Try

    Here’s some eye candy for ya! Channel your inner Jean Harlow with a full head of vivid platinum blonde hair. Find out which shades are hot (or cool) right now!

  • bright-blonde-hair

    21 Bombshell Blonde Highlights To Add To Your Bucket List

    Get some vibrant blonde highlights to amp up your look this season!

  • strawberrry-blonde-hair

    22 Yummy Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors to Try Today

    Strawberry blonde is arguably one of the prettiest hair colors a woman could ever rock. If you’re looking for a new hair color to try (or if you’re in dire need of some eye candy), check out our list of the prettiest shades of strawberry blonde hair we’ve ever seen!

  • 15 Blond Hair Color Inspirations For Black Women

    Do blondes really have more fun? Let’s put this old saying to the test with this exciting new blond hair color!

  • short blonde hair

    20 Fun and Spunky Short Blonde Hair Ideas

    Blonde should never be boring, so peep these 20 amazing short blonde hair ideas to give your style new life!

  • honey blonde

    Color Me Sweet: 15 Fantastic Honey Blonde Hair Colors

    Nothing screams ‘sweetheart’ more than honey blonde hair does! Just look at America’s favorite sweethearts: Beyonce, Gisele, Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansson, for instance. They all effortlessly rocked the honey blonde hair color like nobody’s business while looking like total sweethearts. If you’re feeling a little sweet, check out 15 fantastic shades of honey blonde right here!

  • 4 Different Things You Can Do to Warm Up Your Blonde Hair for Fall

    It’s this time of the year! Ditch your super light, summery blonde hair color and gear up your tresses for autumn. That means warming your blonde up to a beautiful golden hue. We have four ways for you to do this flawlessly!

  • Blonde Hair with Lowlights

    Some Hairspiration: Blonde Hair With Lowlights

    Blonde hair is always stunning, but if you want to go the extra mile, ask for lowlights! Not only do they add interest your look, they also look simply beautiful. If you want some ideas for blonde hair with lowlights, look no further than our greatest finds!

  • Long Blonde Hair

    11 Long Blonde Hair Ideas – Bombshell Alert!

    We all have our favorite blonde: a friend, celebrity, or maybe it’s YOU! We have put together our top 11 favorite long blonde ideas to inspire your next bombshell look.

  • 3 Ways To Battle Brassy Blonde Hair

    Are your blonde tresses sporting a not-so-hot, brassy hue? Check out these tips to fight the battle of the blonde!

  • Three Easy Ways To Boost Blonde Hair

    Make your blonde hair pop with it's natural or highlighted colo with these tricks.

  • Dark champagne color blonde hair

    Dark Blonde Hair Colors

    Pictures and tips on using dark blonde hair color and the many shades available.