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Hair Color Ideas, Hot Shades, and Products

Looking for hair color ideas? Here you’ll find the latest color trends, products and advice that will leave you inspired and excited to change up your look!

  • chocolate spice burgundy hair color

    23 Vibrant Shades of Burgundy Hair Color

    Go ahead and grab a glass of red with your hair colorist and choose from these 20 stunning wine-inspired shades of burgundy hair color!
  • blonde-curly-hair

    22 Smoking Hot Platinum Blonde Shades to Try

    Looking for that bombshell look? Step it up a notch and become one of those bold bombshell platinum blondes who keep turning heads everywhere. If you’re game, we’ve got just the list for you!
  • bright-blonde-hair

    30 Bombshell Blonde Highlights To Add To Your Bucket List

    Step out of your comfort zone and amp up your look with some blonde highlights. Here, you will find the perfect shade for your hair color!
  • Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

    41 Rose Gold Hair Ideas That Will Change Your Life

    Rose gold hair is ALL the rage right now, and we can definitely see why. Anyone can pull off this surprisingly versatile (and ridiculously gorgeous) hair color trend. Take a peep at our favorite rose gold hair ideas picked just for you!
  • 33 Balayage Hair Color Ideas for 2017

    Get caught up in the hair painting craze that's run rampant across the world! Suitable for a variety of hair colors and hair types, the low-maintenance hair coloring technique known as 'balayage' is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. Check out our collection of balayage hair color ideas to inspire your next look!
  • strawberrry-blonde-hair

    22 Yummy Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors to Try Today

    Are you torn between being a blonde or being a redhead? You don’t have to choose! Get inspired by these blonde and copper swirled hair coloring effects.
  • wavy-purple-hair

    Purple Hair: The Best Shades of Purple Hair in 2017

    Purple hair is IN, ladies! As one of the only fashion colors that can truly flatter any skin tone, purple hair colors are fashionable, beautiful, and easier to achieve than you might think...
  • 22 Gorgeous Shades of Blonde Hair

    Blonde hair is all the craze right now. If you’re in the mood for some hair coloring, you might want to consider going blonde! If you need some ideas or inspiration, check out our list of the most gorgeous shades of blonde hair to rock this season.
  • The 23 Hottest Ombre Hair Color Ideas You’ll Ever See

    Take the blah out of your hair with a new ombre hair color! There are tons of different ombre options to choose from. We complied a list of the very best colors of the season. Whether you prefer bold, soft, natural, or colorful ombre colors, you’ll find a color that suits your preferences right here!
  • silver-hair

    Silver Hair Color Ideas

    From white hot platinum to smokey dark grey, the silver hair color trend is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. Dive on in and see which of these sexy shades suits you best!
  • Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

    30 Fabulous Ideas for Dark Brown Hair With Highlights

    Calling all ladies with dark brown hair! You can add gorgeous highlights to your hair to create a multi-dimensional masterpiece. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this!
  • 24 Smokin’ Hot Red Hair Color Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

    Color us very red! Pretty much anyone can pull off being a redhead. It’s only a matter of choosing the right shade of red to match your skin and eyes. We’re here to help you with that!
  • 28 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas You’ll Really Go Wild For!

    Everyone is going WILD for rainbow hair colors, and it's easy to understand why! Whether you go bold and vivid or soft and subtle, this color trend is hands down the coolest way to have hair that is truly unique to you.
  • Soft Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

    Switch Up Your Look: Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights

    Wanna spice up your style? Trying brown hair with caramel highlights will do the trick. These looks will have you calling your colorist today!
  • dimensional red auburn color

    27 Auburn Hair Color Ideas We Adore!

    From deep reddish browns to warm gingers, the variety of auburn hair colors at your disposal is endless! This collection of auburn hues is sure to inspire you to go red.
  • Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

    35 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas You’ll Really Love

    There's brown hair, and then there's chocolate brown hair. These decadent shades of chocolate brown are as rich and luscious as it gets!
  • Men's Hair Color Ideas

    20 Spectacular Men’s Hair Color Ideas to Try This Season

    Most men seek hair colors that make them look rugged and sexy. If that’s what you’re looking for, we've got just the list for you!
  • Light Brown Haircolor with Warm Highlights

    15 Light Brown Hair Colors That Will Take Your Breath Away

    Who says brown hair is boring? Cruise over to this list of stunning shades of light brown hair to get color-inspired.
  • Beachy Blonde Hair Color with Lowlights

    30 Gorgeous Summer Hair Colors that Scream “Summer 2016”

    What better way to kick off summer than to get a new hair color? If you need some inspiration, look no further than this list!
  • The Ultimate List of Caramel Brown Hair Ideas

    The Ultimate List of Caramel Brown Hair Ideas

    Nothing screams 'sexy' louder than a caramel brown hair color does. Let's give one of these colors a try!
  • Long Ombre Hair Ideas

    10 Long Ombre Hair Ideas That Are Swoon-Worthy

    Here's a round-up of all new and exciting long ombré hair ideas for the season!
  • Short Brown Haircolor for Summer with Accent Highlights

    Kick Off Summer: 20 Bombshell Hair Colors to Try

    Revitalize your look with these 20 summer-ready hair colors!
  • 15 Blond Hair Color Inspirations For Black Women

    Do blondes really have more fun? Let’s put this old saying to the test with this exciting new blond hair color!
  • 7 No-Fail Ways to Prevent Your Summer Hair Color From Fading

    Summer is upon us and extra precautions must be made to protect that gorgeous summer hair color. Be proactive and fight the fade with these easy, no-fail tips!
  • Blonde Ombre Hair

    Blonde Ombre Hair to Give You That Bombshell Look

    The ombre' trend isn’t going anywhere, but we keep finding new awesome shades to try. Allow us to introduce the blonde edition!
  • short blonde hair

    20 Fun and Spunky Short Blonde Hair Ideas

    Blonde should never be boring, so peep these 20 amazing short blonde hair ideas to give your style new life!
  • honey blonde

    Color Me Sweet: 15 Fantastic Honey Blonde Hair Colors

    Everyone knows that blondes are sweet, but what if we told you that you could get an extra serving of sweetness with a certain shade of blonde hair? Honey blonde hair is beautiful, rich, and golden, just like honey! Let’s channel your inner sweetheart with one of the fantastic honey blonde hair color shades here!
  • lowlights

    Lowlights: 13 Hair Colors That Will Make You Want Lowlights

    Lowlights are a great way to add more color and depth to your tresses. Check out all the beautiful lowlight color ideas we have in store for you!
  • Ecaille Hair Color

    Ecaille Hair Color 101: All About This New Trend

    Step aside, ombre hair: the ecaille hair color trend is the “it” hair color trend of 2015! Find out what it is and draw some inspiration for your next hair color here.
  • How Often Should You REALLY Color Your Hair?

    In a world of highlights and lowlights, it can be tough to know how often you should actually color your hair. The truth is, it's different for everyone! See what the experts advise...
  • 10 Exquisitely Creative Hair Color Ideas

    No longer relegated to the coifs of regal punk rockers, creative color is all the rage! Get color-inspired today with one of these wildly creative hair hues
  • 5 Ways To Revitalize Fading Hair Color

    5 Ways To Revitalize Fading Hair Color

    FIght the fade with these simple tips to boost your fading hair color.
  • Winter Hair Colors

    20 Enchanting Winter Hair Colors You Must Try

    You need the right hair hue in order to add some excitement to the upcoming bleak winter days. Let us help you find the perfect color!
  • Long Brown Hairstyles

    20 Iconic Long Brown Hairstyles To Try

    Hey all you brunette divas with locks falling to you shoulder and below! Are you looking for a stunning hairstyle? You got it! Check out our latest finds here and rock that rich brown hair color.
  • Short Ombre Hair

    Dare to Flair: Short Ombre Hair

    It’s back and better than ever! Ombre' hair is all the rage right now, and what better way to rock it than with short hair?
  • 5 Fabulous Ways To Style Your Ombre Weave

    You can't go wrong with ombre! We'll show you how the experts do it so you can take your look to the next level.
  • Peekaboo Highlights

    Peekaboo Highlights: The Perfect Way to Zest up Your Tresses

    Add some mystery to your hair with some fun and daring peekaboo highlights!
  • Hair Colors Fall 2014

    HOT Hair Alert: New Hair Colors Throughout Fall!

    Out with the summer hair colors and in with the fall hair colors! If you’re ready to switch up your hair color to a richer and more autumn-friendly hue, you came to the right place. We've gathered a list of must-have hair colors to rock this fall.
  • A Redhead’s Guide to Having a Great Hair Season This Fall

    Rock fall like a true redhead, ladies, because it’s your season! Grab this guide and start rocking fall with flawless red hair!
  • 4 Different Things You Can Do to Warm Up Your Blonde Hair for Fall

    Blonde hair for fall? That can be a bit tricky, since blonde hair is so…summery. If you’re not sure how to “autumn-ize” your blonde hair, here are four ideas for you!
  • Blonde Hair with Lowlights

    Some Hairspiration: Blonde Hair With Lowlights

    Get inspired with these ideas for blonde hair with lowlights and transform your hair with long-lasting, vibrant color.
  • Long Blonde Hair

    11 Long Blonde Hair Ideas – Bombshell Alert!

    We all have our favorite blonde: a friend, celebrity, or maybe it’s YOU! We have put together our top 11 favorite long blonde ideas to inspire your next bombshell look.
  • Caramel Highlights

    The 15 Most Delectable Caramel Highlights You’ll Ever See

    Caramel highlights? Yes, please! Add a hint of rich sweetness to your hair with an absolutely delectable shade of caramel. Take a look at our collection of stunning caramel highlights and add some oomph to your tresses today!
  • hair coloring ideas

    22 Hair Coloring Ideas to “Dye” For Right Now

    Feeling a bit blue and want to update your look for next season? Well, you should try a new hair color! We have just the thing for you. Check out our list of 22 new and exciting hair color ideas to try this year!
  • copper hair

    10 Shades of Copper Hair That Will Color You Red Hot

    If you’re jonesing to add some oomph to your hair, then look no further than red hot hair! Copper hair is the very definition of boldness, feistiness, and striking beauty. If you’re brave enough to go red, then our list of 10 to-die-for copper hair colors is just the thing you need!
  • dark hair

    17 Rich and Vibrant Dark Hair Colors Guaranteed to Turn Heads

    We have lots and lots of eye candy for you! Dark hair never fails to add a whole lot of richness, sexiness, and sultriness to your look. Go ahead and ogle all the drop-dead gorgeous dark hair colors we have up our sleeve. You know you want to!
  • blue black hair

    Exquisite Shades of Blue Black Hair: Which One Suits You Best?

    Blue black hair is probably one of the most intense hair colors you’ll ever see. It’s bold, sleek, edgy, and classy. Feast your eyes on this collection of the most exquisite shades of blue black hair we’ve ever seen!
  • red highlights

    11 Hot Red Highlights to Add to Your Hair Bucket List

    Know what’s rare? Red hair. Know what’s even rarer? Red highlights. Any lady can rock red highlights; the trick is finding the right shade! If you’re wondering what shade would work best with your hair and skin color, look no further than our list of 11 super sexy red highlights!
  • hair highlights

    Add Zest to Your Look With Hair Highlights

    What better way to add pizzazz to your look than with hair highlights? Even better, you can highlight your hair with one of the hottest colors of this season. Come check out all the awesome looks you can rock with highlights!
  • 3 Ways To Battle Brassy Blonde Hair

    Are your blonde tresses sporting a not-so-hot, brassy hue? Check out these tips to fight the battle of the blonde!
  • brown hair

    16 Rich and Luscious Shades of Brown Hair to Consider

    Brown hair usually gets a lot of bad rap for being “drabber” and “duller” than its more lively cousins – blonde hair and red hair. Well, with this collection of gorgeous and vibrant hues of brown hair, you’ll never see brown hair the same way again!
  • Brunette Hair Hues That Are Anything But Boring

    These gorgeous brunette shades are anything but boring. We love the rich, shiny chocolate and caramel colored tresses that are always in style!
  • Color Me Pretty: 4 Ways to Get Temporary, Vivid Highlights

    The whole vibrantly colored highlights trend has always been a look we've loved. Still, committing to such a bold hair move requires some serious bravery! If you don't have the guts to go permanent, all of these hair tricks allow you to put on a fresh new hue (or two) and take it off at the end of the day!
  • 6 Very Dark Hair Colors You Must Try

    Calling all brunette bombshells! Do something fun with your hair and go from “ho-hum” to “HOT!” with one of these eye-catching dark colors.
  • Is Your Hair Color Aging You?

    We wear clothes, makeup, and attitudes to stay looking young for as long as possible -- but are we being aged in an area we least expect?
  • 6 Surprising Tips For Longer Lasting Hair Color

    How do you ensure your hair color investment lasts as long as humanly possible? We consulted a couple of topnotch experts to find out...
  • HOT Fall Hair Color Trend Alert!

    Can't decide how to transition that summer hair color into fall? Hair color extraordinaire Rita Hazen has the simple (and gorgeous!) solution...
  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Colored My Hair

    Once you start coloring your hair, it's hard to look back. Here's a few things you should know before jumping on the dying bandwagon...
  • ‘A-List’ Hair Color – Easier to Achieve Than You Might Think!

    What does it mean to achieve 'A-list' quality hair color? It might be simpler than you think! Allow international Balayage expert Jack Howard to explain...
  • What Do You Think of These Brightly Colored Hair Ideas? Creative or Weird?

    Bright pops of hair color seem to be all over the place these days, and we want to know what you think of this colorful trend! Creative or weird?
  • Top Summer Hair Colors for Teens

    Express your summer-lovin' self through the beauty and creativity of color with these inspirational (and parent approved!) hair color ideas.
  • The DIY Hair Coloring Secrets You Need to Know

    Sometimes a trip to the salon just can't fit into your calendar or your budget. Fortunately, we have the expert scoop on a few inside tricks to DIY hair color to get you through!
  • Stunning Ways to Highlight Your Hair

    Turn a few heads, show some personality and play up your best features with these stunning hair highlighting ideas.
  • Read This Before Coloring Your Hair Again…

    Choosing the right hair color is beyond important to your overall style! Check out this expert advice and avoid the most common color mistakes.
  • Can’t Decide Between a Light or Dark Hair Color? Try a Honey Brown!

    Oh honey! Check out the details on this super sweet color trend and how it can work for you...
  • Fantastically Funky (Yet Corporate Appropriate) Hair Color Ideas

    Are you craving a little bit of crazy when it comes to your hair color? We have some fantastically funky hair color ideas to really warm your style up for summer!
  • 4 Eyebrow And Hair Color Matching Rules You Need To Know

    Do your eyebrows need to match your hair color? Should they be lighter? Darker? We have the expert answers to these color conundrums and more.
  • New Trend Alert! Hair Shadowing: Have You Seen It?

    Jump on the temporary hair color bandwagon with a fabulous new product that you first heard about HERE!
  • How To Go Natural With Gray Hair

    Ever considered going natural with your gray hair but don't know how to start? We can help!
  • Get The Look: Pretty Pastel Hair Colors For Spring

    Hair colors are soft and feminine with a touch of pastel these days. Spruce up your spring look with one of these colorful yet subtle hues.
  • And The Hottest Hair Color In Hollywood Right Now Is…

    Hollywood hair color has taken on a new 'glow'. We have the scoop on the hair hue that is taking the red carpets by storm!
  • Which Of These Country Music Stars Wears Blonde Best? [POLL]

    Three blonde bombshells are ruling the country music scene. But which wears blonde the best? Cast your vote!
  • Our Absolute Best Hair Color Tips For Spring

    Spruce up your hairstyle for spring with these great hair color tips!
  • Lindsay Lohan Goes (Back to) Red – So Can You!

    Lindsay Lohan has us red hair-inspired with her recent transition back to a fiery hue. You can go red too with these expert tips.
  • Do You Make These Home Hair Color Mistakes?

    Home hair colorers beware! Read these tips and common mistakes before your next home hair coloring session.
  • Celebrities Embrace Organic Hair Dye – Should You?

    What does 'organic' hair dye really mean for you and your tresses? Learn more here...
  • The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Disguising Roots

    Frustrated with those pesky roots? Check out these tips to tide you over until your next salon visit.
  • A New Hair Color Means A New YOU In 2012

    Kick off your new year the right way with a new hair hue.
  • 2012 Hair Color Trend – Graylights

    Gone are the days are covering up grays... Present are the days of graylighting!
  • An Interview With Jack Howard – International Hair Colorist & Balayage Expert

    Learn the secrets behind the coveted Balayage hair color technique with tips from expert colorist Jack Howard.
  • Peekaboo Hair Highlights

    Caramel, blonde, pink, blue? Add some fun your hair color this winter with the peekaboo highlight trend!
  • Hot Color Blocked Hair Ideas For Fall & Beyond

    Color blocking or paneling hair is a HOT trend right now. This technique uses bold or neutral colors to create a dimensional hair look that is gorgeous and high fashion.
  • Halloween Hair Color Tips And Guidelines

    Thinking of coloring your hair for Halloween? Beware of the risk! Learn more with these great tips and guidelines.
  • Blue – Not Your Ordinary Hair Highlight

    Spice up your hair color with one of these lovely shades of blue!
  • Easy Tips To Conserve New Hair Color

    Protect your investment and conserve your hair color with these 7 easy tips.
  • We Like This Hair Color Trend “Berry” Much…

    For those of you that still haven't settled on your winter color yet in hopes of finding something a little...different, then we may have the hue for you!
  • Stunning Hair And Eye Color Combinations

    While the two primary factors in determining what hair color best suits you are your skin tone and your natural hair color, eye color also plays a role. Just like eye makeup can enhance your eye color, your hair hue can do the same. Check out these stunning hair/eye color combinations for ideas on what you can do with your hair to make your eyes pop!
  • Three Easy Ways To Boost Blonde Hair

    Make your blonde hair pop with it's natural or highlighted colo with these tricks.
  • Celebrity Stylists Give the Scoop on Fall 2011 Hair Color Trends

    Cooler temperatures are just around the corner and we have fall hair color on our minds! To get you the inside scoop on hot fall color trends, we asked our favorite celebrity stylists and revered beauty experts their thoughts on what hues to add to your ‘do at the turn of the season…
  • 5 Ways To Boost Brown Hair

    Keep your brunette hair looking beautiful, healthy and vibrant with these five tips.
  • Tips For Going Back To Your Natural Hair Color

    We are seeing more and more ladies and gents (celebrities included) choosing to go back to their natural hair hues.
  • Hair Color Trend – Pretty in Pastels

  • Fight The Fade!

    Tips For Conserving Your Hair Color One of the greatest things you can do to change up your look is to color your hair!  There are so many fun colors and highlight options to experiment with and show your best self.  However, there are few things worse than gleefully leaving the salon with fabulous (and Keep reading...
  • How To Rock Red Hair

    Considering switching to red hair? Here is what you need to know...
  • Gray Hair Woes

    Does smoking cause gray hair? Will plucking my grays make more grow in their place? Get the gray hair facts here!
  • Dark champagne color blonde hair

    Dark Blonde Hair Colors

    Pictures and tips on using dark blonde hair color and the many shades available.
  • Red Lowlights: How To Use Rich And Dark Shades

    Learn how to add more rich and dark colored shades using red as lowlights.
  • nikki hilton with brunette hair

    3 Brunette Hair Color Ideas You Should Consider

    We profile three celebrities with gorgeous brunette hair as well as offer several tips to keeping your brunette hair color vibrant and healthy.
  • Hair Color Chart: Shades of Blonde, Brunette, Red & Black

    Take a look at these charts to find the exact hair color you're wanting.