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Taylor Swift

  • Taylor Swift Hair Tutorials - Vintage Updo

    A Taylor Swift-Inspired Vintage Updo You Can’t Miss

    Have no idea how to create a vintage updo? Check out this sleek vintage updo on Taylor Swift and learn how to copy the look here!
  • Taylor Swift Blowout Tutorial

    Big Hair, Don’t Care: Copy Taylor Swift’s Voluminous Blowout

    Thanks to Taylor (and a few other bold celebrities), big hair is back. So here's how you can keep up with the crowd and copy her gorgeously voluminous blowout!
  • Taylor Swift Ponytail

    Channel Your Inner Doll With This Taylor Swift Ponytail

    Taylor Swift is quite fond of this ponytail, and so are we! Let's see if you can pull it off as well as she does with this tutorial.
  • Taylor Swift Curls Tutorial

    Get Taylor Swift’s Signature Curls in 5 Easy Steps

    Many celebrities are known for their signature hairstyles. Taylor Swift is one of them. Her perfect curls are instantly recognizable, and you can achieve the same look with our easy tutorial!
  • Taylor Swift Straight Hair Tutorial

    Get Super Shiny, Taylor Swift Straight Hair in 4 Simple Steps

    There’s straight hair, and then there’s really straight hair. If you’re gunning for the latter, just check out this tutorial on how to get super straight and shiny hair just like Taylor Swift’s.
  • Feeling Sexy? Try This Taylor Swift Wind-Swept Wavy Hairstyle

    Ready to get hair envy from others? Well, then check out our newest Taylor Swift hair tutorial! This time, it’s her wind-swept waves that we’re completely head-over-heels in love with!
  • Taylor Swift High Bun Hair Tutorial

    Steal The Look: Taylor Swift’s Head-Turning High Bun

    We loved Taylor Swift’s high bun so much that we found a great way to recreate it. If you have “rocking a high bun” on your hair bucket list, go ahead and cross it off because we have a tutorial right here!
  • Taylor Swift hairstyles

    Can You Rock This Taylor Swift-Inspired Glossy Hairstyle?

    Some people would agree that Taylor Swift is best known for her glamorous vintage hairstyles. Sometimes the beautiful singer looks like she stepped straight out of the 1940s. That’s why this Taylor Swift-inspired glossy vintage hairstyle is as real as it can get.
  • Taylor Swift hair

    The Half Up, Half Down ‘Do Taylor Swift Style [a Tutorial]

    Like always, Taylor Swift recently outshone everyone on the red carpet with her glamorous half up, half down updo. Find out how to recreate the look here (and outshine everyone else at the next party you attend!).
  • Taylor Swift hairstyle

    Steal the Show With Taylor Swift’s 1920s-Inspired VMAs Hairstyle

    Miley Cyrus might have garnered all the attention at the 2013 VMAs with her bizarre performance, but Taylor Swift still managed to capture our attention with her beautifully classic 1920s-inspired hairdo. Since everyone was fixated on Miley, we doubt a lot of people noticed it as much as we did. Let’s change that! Take a gander at Taylor’s beautiful VMA hairstyle and find out how to recreate the look!