Rihanna’s Perfect Bouncy Curls: How Does She Do It?

Curls as glorious as the ones that Rihanna wears are truly swoon-worthy. They may even induce a serious case of hair envy. There’s no need to turn green with jealousy over these fabulous ringlets, though. Why? Because you can achieve the same look yourself with a little finesse.

Of course, you’ll need a great haircut as a base for this head of voluminous curls. Says celebrity hairstylist Vasken Demirjian, “[Rihanna’s] haircut must be well calculated. [Haircuts] should be more like sculpting — it’s about what not to cut and what to leave long.”

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Get Rihanna’s Curly Look in 4 Easy Steps

Once you’ve got a well sculpted cut, it’s time to get curling. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to glorious Rihanna curls in no time.

Step 1: “Just like everything great, the most important element is in the prep work,” notes Demirjian. He says to start with a great shampoo, such as Keratase’s “Bain Oleo-Curl”, a daily curl nourishing shampoo. Follow up with a deep conditioner. It’ll really help amp up the shine and health factor.

Step 2: Following your shampoo and conditioner, Demirjian says to “use appropriate shaping and setting products to keep the form of the curls.” Try L’Oreal Paris “EverStyle Alcohol-Free Curl Activating Mousse” or “Studio Line Springing Curls Mousse.”

Step 3: Next, Demirjian suggests setting pin curls all over your head and using a heat lamp or hairdryer on low heat/blow settings to slowly dry. “Once the entire head is dry, then remove the pins slowly without undoing the curls.” Use your fingers and shape as you remove. “Not overdoing it is the key,” he says. “The movement must be natural and the overuse of sprays can affect the bouncy feel.”

Step 4: Once the curls have been released, try not to mess with your hair too much and avoid moisture. This will keep the curls from falling throughout the day. Demirjian explains that finger tips carry oil, which transfers to hair and can weigh it down, minimizing the bounce factor.

Worried that pin curls aren’t for you? Try a heat-based styling tool, instead. Once hair is dry, use a 5/8-inch barrel curling iron or wand and, starting from the bottom layer of your hair, curl 1-inch sections until your whole head is complete.

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