The Perfect Deep Side Part, Rihanna-Style

Rihanna tends to go one of two routes when it comes to her hair choices, and both roads are equally traversed. Route one: super funky and spunky. Route two: ultra glamorous and chic. The style we’re dishing on today is a combination of both. While the glossy, frizz-free curls allude to her beguiling hair tendencies, the super deep side part keeps things “Rihanna cool.”

“This style gives a sexy, glamorous feel while still maintaining that effortless, natural look,” notes Kimberly Clarke of HaloCouture Hair Extensions. “I love this because she looks gorgeous without looking like she took hours to achieve it.”

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Get Rihanna’s Look: Curl, Part and Gloss

Whether or not you’re rocking long and luscious locks like Rihanna, you can pull off a similar look. If you’re currently sporting a cropped ‘do but are craving a little length, use hair extensions to maximize both volume and length. Kimberly Clarke says that HaloCouture Hair Extensions “only take seconds to apply and look amazing, without damaging your natural hair.”

Curl: Divide hair into 2-inch sections and curl with a 1-1/2 inch professional grade curling iron. After curling each section, gently remove the hair from the curling iron and let it set. Don’t stretch the hair with your fingers or brush the curl. Repeat until all hair is curled.

Part: “Part hair about 3 inches from the center,” says Clarke. Use the tip of BrushLove’s Hair Art Rat Tail Comb to get a defined, straight part. Next, Clarke says to “gently tease” at the part with your rat comb in order “to give extra height.” You can also gently run your fingers through your curls and style them as desired.

Gloss: To seal the deal — and your cuticle — Clarke says to “use a weightless finishing spray.” This will give hair a glossy sheen like Rihanna has and will help keep hair in place throughout the day, sans frizz. She recommends Enjoy Shine Spray, an alcohol-free product that nixes frizz, adds a ton of shine and makes hair look smooth and soft.

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