Rihanna Hairstyles

Ahhh the lovely Rihanna. One of our favorite hair chameleons! From her golden pixie cut to her fiery red bob to her bombshell brunette curls, Rihanna’s hair is a constant inspiration. Lucky for you, we’ve got the inside scoop on all the expert tips to help you recreate each of her iconic looks. Try one or try them all!

  • rihanna pixie haircut

    Spice up your look with this super chic pixie cut by Rihanna! Very few celebrities are able to pull off a cute pixie cut, but Rihanna does it flawlessly. Come see how she does it!

  • Rihanna red hair

    A celebrity rocking hair that’s redder than the red carpet is a rare sight, so that’s why we'll never forget Rihanna’s fiery-hot red hair debut. Come check out how to steal the look!

  • rihanna punk hair

    Go punk with this super fierce and edgy cut by Rihanna! Only a few celebrities are able to completely embrace their inner punk, but Rihanna is the only one who does it flawlessly. Come see how she manages to pull it off!

  • rihanna hair

    If you’re jonesing for a new look, what better way to get one than to draw some inspiration from a fabulous trendsetter: Rihanna? She has a new, exciting, and bold hairstyle for us to copy. Come see it and find out how to steal the look!

  • The deep side part is a rare look on the red carpet, so we‘re bound to notice a celebrity rocking one! The latest celeb to step out with a deep side part is Rihanna, and it was so perfectly tamed that we just had to try to recreate the look for ourselves.

  • rihanna hairstyle

    The tousled look is not going anytime anywhere soon. We continue to see tousled manes on the red carpet, but Rihanna’s sexy “come hither” tousled hairstyle is our favorite one of all time. Find out how to copy the look for yourself!

  • rihanna curly hair

    The red carpet is usually chock full of beautiful curly hairstyles, but Rihanna’s on-stage perfect head of bouncy curls turned heads because they were… well, perfect. You can totally achieve her level of perfection by learning how to master those curls here!

  • Rihanna hairstyles

    Rihanna – the lady of a thousand hairstyles – just stepped out with a sultry fringe hairstyle, and we absolutely love it! In fact, we love it so much that we came up with a way to pull off the same style. Come see how!

  • rihanna long hair

    Glossy waves are coming back in style. Celebrities are sporting them left and right, but Rihanna’s glossy, sleek, and elegant waves won our hearts over. We were determined to make our waves as perfect and glossy as hers, and we succeeded in doing so! Come see how!